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Setting the Standard for the Cryotherapy Industry: iCRYO, a Dominant Domestic Wellness Brand, Eyes International Expansion


“Currently, iCRYO has over 150 locations in development across the United States.”

iCRYO, a Texas-based wellness company, provides retail health and beauty services, including body sculpting, intravenous nutraceuticals, cryo-facials, infrared sauna, and compression therapy. It operates across the United States.

To highlight and further understand what iCRYO stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with Kyle Jones, who serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Below is an excerpt.

Q. Tell us what inspired the creation of iCRYO.

My passion and vision to provide true wellness and recovery services to the masses are what launched what we know now as the iCRYO franchise model. Being proactive in your journey to a good quality of life, opposed to being reactive, is the intent of iCRYO's focus. I founded iCRYO in 2015 after my previous years of working in the physical therapy field. I found my passion in health and wellness after pursuing my college career as a football player and graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Business Management. I was one of the first to access cryotherapy in the U.S. in 2012 and realized the astounding health benefits that cryotherapy could help people if only available in a commercial setting. Helping someone feel better is one of the most internally rewarding feelings any human being could ask for.

Q. How do you think iCRYO is disrupting the market with its franchise system, given that cryotherapy is rapidly becoming popular with the masses?

iCRYO is by far the leader in the cryotherapy industry. There are very few legitimate cryotherapy franchise opportunities globally, and we at iCRYO currently have over 150 locations in development across the United States. Comfortably, we will close out 2021 with over 30 opened locations across six states and between 300 to 500 locations in development with an additional country on our development schedule. There could be another cryotherapy company that might have more open storefronts than we do, but the power of our branding is what sets us apart from the so-called competitors. No one in the industry has the branding power that iCRYO does. We will maintain the brand quality and strength as we grow in different parts of the world.

Q. ‘iCRYO is pioneering the success of entrepreneurs that need a turn-key solution.’ Would you like to elaborate on this a bit more?

With iCRYO being an industry leader in the health and wellness space, this has enabled us to be one of the pioneers in providing a successful turn-key franchise model to the hungry entrepreneur to bring something unique to their communities.

iCRYO provides a comprehensive cryotherapy training program to prepare you for the operation of your franchise. This training includes classroom-style cryotherapy and franchise training, operations and management training, pre-open training onsite at your location, and ongoing world-class support. With over 25 years of experience, our construction management team will oversee your project from start to finish. In addition, our team has access to the resources needed to help with executing deals to your advantage.

Our goal is to launch your cryotherapy business with residual income established successfully. iCRYO's turn-key franchise program also offers strong marketing support with thorough pre-opening strategies and post-opening and ongoing advertising support. In addition, we are proactive with establishing your business within your area through social media, public relations, and community engagement.

iCRYO offers whole body cryotherapy, cryotherapy facials, infrared sauna, compression therapy, body sculpting, IV infusion, and various other recovery services. We provide ongoing equipment and service training to all our center locations. We have multiple systems in place that ensure safety for our guests and employees.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking into wellness and recovery services than ever before. That means more and more people are looking to own a wellness and recovery business. Even more granular, more and more people are looking for a business model that is somewhat bulletproof and can withstand a global issue like the previous pandemic shutdown. iCRYO was one of the few business models that did not shut down during the COVID-19 crisis and excelled through 2020. In addition, we saw massive success in our franchise model in 2020, making iCRYO a very attractive business venture for any entrepreneur.

Q. How do you strive to maintain an open culture with team values in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing their creative ideas and opinions?

The culture of iCRYO is genuinely one of the separators that current franchisees have expressed to us on why they chose iCRYO over a competitor. When my father, Bill Jones, and I founded iCRYO, we established the ‘open culture’ by using a ‘coaching approach’ and instilling in every employee that we are all one team that collaborates daily to create more solutions, not more problems. We have an elite father-son duo and firm approach to ensure that the core values of ‘family first’ are instilled in every facet of the brand. The iCRYO franchise community is just that, a family. My father and I have been former franchisees in a previous business, so we understand what it's like to be in the franchisee's shoes. At iCRYO, we have created the Franchisee Advisory Committee (FAC) built with seven of the top talented franchisees in the organization. The FAC communicates monthly to ensure things are correctly being voiced, heard, and acted on from the home office to the field and vice versa. Communication, collaboration, and round table discussions are among the main reasons iCRYO is leading the industry.

Q. From your perspective, how is the industry you serve currently evolving? And what are the trends in the different categories?

The health and wellness industry is evolving in two specific ways: technology and the administration of services. The advancement in technology has been the trendsetter of how services in our industry continue to develop and grow. The improvements behind each modality will directly correlate with how the modalities will be administered over these next few years.

Q. Will iCRYO be expanding, bringing on any new services that we should be aware of?

Yes, absolutely. As for expanding, iCRYO has the business model for developing roughly over 1,000 locations in North America and another over 500 locations internationally. In addition, we have our eyes on several international countries and will secure our first international franchise this year. iCRYO will continue expanding and enhancing our current cryotherapy, body sculpting, and IV therapy services. In addition, we will make many advancements to ensure iCRYO stays cutting edge and in front of the pack as an industry leader in health and wellness. This year, we have launched two new services into our business model: Zerobody Dry Float Bed and Photobiomodulation therapy.

Q. What plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

At iCRYO, we will continue to elevate the lifestyle of our team members and guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient recovery and wellness services while raising the bar in the health and wellness industry. In addition, we will continue to push the innovative branding of iCRYO, invest in the newest technology out there, and do everything possible to reach new guests and improve the quality of their life.

About | Kyle Jones

As COO and Co-founder of iCRYO, Kyle Jones oversees all center operations, including center set up, grand openings, training, and customer service for iCRYO. He found his passion in health and wellness after pursuing his college career as a football player and graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Business Management. Kyle is a 2x National Powerlifting Champion with NASA and USAPL while perfecting his craft in nutrition and achieving his pro card in the body building industry. During his journey, Kyle was introduced to cryotherapy and recognized it as the next booming industry. Kyle was one of the first to access cryotherapy in the U.S. in 2012, and he decided to open his first center in October 2015. Kyle developed and trained a staff that pioneered this revolutionary service and created a globally recognized brand that would disrupt the marketplace in health and wellness.

“Communication, collaboration, and round table discussions are among the main reasons iCRYO is leading the industry.”