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iMerit – Enriching the data that powers algorithms in Machine Learning and Computer Vision


The applied science of computer vision is expanding into multiple fields. From AI development to machine learning, it plays a significant role in helping the machines identify the different types of objects in their natural environment. From simple home tasks to recognizing human faces, detecting the objects in an autonomous vehicle, or combating with enemies in war, computer vision the only technology giving an edge to AI-enabled devices to work efficiently. The application of computer vision in artificial intelligence is becoming unlimited and now expanded into emerging fields like automotive, healthcare, retail, robotics, agriculture, autonomous flying like drones and manufacturing, etc.

iMerit is one such firm that works with customers to enrich and label their data and to achieve the best results from their algorithms. The company's work powers advanced algorithms in machine learning, computer vision, natural language understanding, e-commerce, augmented reality, and data analytics. The firm works on data for transformative technologies such as advancing cancer cell research, optimizing crop yields, and training driverless cars to understand their environment. The firm aims to provide high-quality tech-enabled data services that leverage human intelligence to power algorithms in Machine Learning and Computer Vision while creating positive social and economic change.

Core Values of iMerit

Integrity: Fairness and honesty in every action, being ethical beyond doubt in any situation

Respect for Individual: Listen to and treat everyone fairly and encourage people to learn, share and grow

Quality Focus: High degree of commitment to client quality

Dependable: Delivering on commitment, being resilient and trustworthy

Flexible: iMerit's cross-trained teams and custom tasking platform allow your project to scale as your needs evolve

Impact: iMerit creates positive social and economic change through employment in underprivileged communities

A leader in delivering cost-effective projects

iMerit's customers can focus on the algorithms that drive Machine Learning processes inside their company. At the same time, the iMerit team of trained specialists handles all data enrichment work associated with large volumes of unstructured data. With an advanced workforce and multi-variant tooling, iMerit produces output accuracy above 98%. iMerit is recognized as the leader in delivering cost-effective, quality projects on time and budget.

Leading solutions and services delivered by iMerit

Computer Vision Services: Depending on their clients' accuracy needs, iMerit identifies objects using polygons or bounding boxes. Its Computer Vision tools can also be configured for edge-sharing and parent-child constraints, multi-frame sequences, and large images like aerial photos. Computer Vision tools can also be configured for an edge-sharing and parent-child constraints, for multi-frame sequences, and large images. An image can be segmented entirely into its component objects and annotated. This highly detailed work requires image experts who work from the Centers of Excellence for Computer Vision. One can track objects such as vehicles through video, including occluded sections, by correlating frames back and forth using Computer Vision.

Natural Language Processing Data Services: iMerit works on language data across genres, domains, modalities, levels of structure, and languages. They have annotated over 20 million natural language processing data points at 97% accuracy. Their work includes named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and salience, for companies in finance, law, health care, and e-commerce. One can verify grammatical components to train or improve your algorithms. The company provides human nuance by extracting and classifying relevant named entities in varieties of text sources such as product listings, articles, tweets, and customer feedback. Also, it helps to improve customer trust and safety with guaranteed SLAs to ensure swift actionable insight.

E-commerce content Services: iMerit's clients rely on its data experts to handle their e-commerce content needs from extraction and enrichment to moderation, categorization, and transcription, ensuring rich and accurate searchable catalogs. The firm gathers all the relevant information about your listing so that the product has a comprehensive description. Product data matching can quickly bring your listing up to speed versus the competition. It helps to build the right searchable tags for your data from images or listings, using standard or non-standard taxonomies, to cover a range of themes and emotions that the customer can search.

Customer Services: iMerit helps its clients with projects that require them to extend their digital workforce. The company designs and executes tailored customer service solutions for customers worldwide, 24/7, and across continents. The areas of expertise include verification, customer on-boarding, and technical support in domains like finance, field services, and eCommerce. The customer service team also provides learning management systems, content, and mobile app support.

The pre-eminent leader behind the glory of iMerit

Radha Basu is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of iMerit. Ms. Radha built her career for 20 years at HP, eventually heading Enterprise Solutions. She took public on NASDAQ as its CEO. She launched Anudip with Dipak Basu, before starting iMerit.

"Our vision is to bring a diverse talent pool from underserved backgrounds into the digital workforce."