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Improving the quality of healthcare through better education: Medvarsity Online Ltd.

thesiliconreview-gerald-jaideep-ceo-medvarsity-online-ltd-2017The study of healthcare encompasses a variety of areas including health-related, behavioral, and social sciences, and it is of paramount importance to widen the scope of healthcare education in order to make essential healthcare universally accessible to individuals and facilities. As the healthcare sector is growing at an extremely fast pace, there will be a greater requirement of professionals trained in healthcare and hospital management in the near future. But unfortunately, leaving home, family, and work to attend training courses in urban centers large enough to have training facilities or universities is not a viable option for many potential and currently practicing health professionals.

To deal with this challenge, Medvarsity Online Ltd. was founded. Medvarsity is India’s first and largest online healthcare training company with over 35,000 medical professionals trained and certified. Its partnerships with leading universities globally enable the company to present the best courses and faculty to students and help them meet their learning goals. With over 7000 active learners on its platform and course accreditation by leading global partners, Medvarsity has over 50 clinical practice locations with over 20,000 hours of content.

Delivering the best education and training online

Medvarsity’s courses are delivered online and through contact programs across multiple locations in India and outreach students across Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. The courses are specially designed by experts in the healthcare industry. “We have one of the largest networks of clinical practice locations in India. What enables us to present the best courses and faculty to our students while helping them meet their learning goals is our association with our international Accreditation Partners and other leading global universities”, the company said.

Medvarsity has over 40 courses in the clinical & management areas for doctors, nurses & general management personnel. The courses cover categories like Diabetes, Emergency Medicine, Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle Medicine, MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management, Cardiology & more with the content being up-to-date and with the latest information. For certain courses, the students also get an opportunity to get practically trained with the best of doctors in the best of hospitals to implement what they learnt.

Bringing innovations in medical studies

Medvarsity is the only established entity in the online medical education space. While the non-medical online education space is filled with multiple players (Simplilearn, Udacity, Unacademy, etc), the healthcare segment has seen limited traction because of the requirement to provide students with clinical exposure. Medvarsity’s existing partnerships with Apollo Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospitals, MaxCure and others provide the students with a plethora of locations and partners to choose from for their clinical practice.

Medvarsity has constantly been a pioneer in leveraging technology to offer the latest courses to its customers. It was one of the first training companies to embrace online training as a core differentiator since its incorporation in 2000. Over the period of time it had a large number of innovations that had dramatic impact on online medical education, like the introduction of a 360 degree learning management system (students, parents & faculty) to the industry. Similarly, its Live Virtual Classes see participants from over 30 countries. Its mobile first LMS and website handles 60% of its traffic from mobile internet users and therefore directly impacting learning on the move. Over the next few months the company is also introducing augmented reality and virtual reality training, a first in the region.

The roadmap ahead

Medvarsity will continue to invest in courses aligned to subjects that have an impact in India’s NCD burden. Over 60% of the deaths due to Non Communicable Diseases can be prevented by better education at the medical level and also at individual care-giver’s level. In addition to its focus on NCD, it is expanding its non-clinical healthcare courses and its catalog of management courses. Medvarsity is working on its mission to impact the quality of healthcare in India which can be achieved by improving the skill level of our primary healthcare providers but also training every single person who is engaged in the service and delivery of healthcare. This includes caregivers, administrators, marketers and promoters in the healthcare ecosystem.

Let’s hear what their clients had to say

Medvarsity’s client base has been providing reviews on its website, Learning Management System, Social Media platforms & more regarding their journey & experience with the company. Its Referral campaign is another living proof of on the positive impact of the learning experience on its students.

“I had attended the contact program for 2D echocardiography held in July 2017. I now understand the concept and technique much better than before. I would like to thank Dr. Venkatesh for outstanding job. I will surely recommend this training to my colleagues and friends.” – Dr. MPN Prasad (2D Echocardiography).

“It was a great experience with some top class doctors and I want to thank Medvarsity to give me the opportunity to work in Apollo under them.” – Dr. Faiz Azeemuddin (Fellowship in Paediatrics).

“Experience at medvarsity was amazing. I have completed 3 courses now and I am very happy to have chosen medvarsity for my academic improvement. All the staffs respond instantly to our queries. I will be more than happy to recommend it to my colleagues and friends.” – Dr. Vaibhav Suresh (Diploma in Family Medicine).

Knowing the leader behind Medvarsity, CEO Gerald Jaideep

Mr. Gerald Jaideep is the Chief Executive Officer of Medvarsity Online Ltd. Prior to this, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited since November 2014. A startup specialist, he has worked for most of his 21-year career in the startup sector. Apart from being a startup evangelist, Mr. Jaideep has also worked with established companies like Logica PLC (a CGI Company), Erehwon Innovation Consulting Pvt. Ltd, NIIT and Elementk/Skillsoft.

“We work in the healthcare segment and specifically work on improving the quality of healthcare in India, through better education. We intend to reduce the mortality rate and improve the quality of primary care, by ensuring that more and more of our citizen doctors have access to the best training and education that’s available.”