30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2021

Incentius – Driving Business Growth by Delivering Innovative, Cloud-Enabled Business Intelligent Technologies for Your Enterprise


Historically, professional services have been invoiced on a billable-hours basis. More recently, however, many professional service providers have moved to a fixed price or subscription-based pricing model. A professional service is an intangible product that a contractor or product vendor sells to help a customer manage a specific part of their business. Because professional service providers have specialized knowledge about niche areas of interest, such as law, marketing or accounting, they allow the customer to focus on core business concerns. Unlike a consultant, who may only be responsible for providing advice, a professional service provider may also be responsibility for the end result.

Incentius is a new age technology company that creates innovative cloud-enabled business intelligent solutions and out-of-the-box platforms for organizations and start-ups using secure and scalable technologies. The company helps organizations create enterprise software, web applications, and support on-going product development. Its experienced team of software developers, analysts, and designers focused on developing quality software products with the modern intuitive user interface.

Market-Leading Business Intelligent Solutions Offered

Data Transformation and Analytics: Source, transform, collate, feed, and extract insights through visualization to drive real business innovation. Maximize ROI by leveraging existing BI and integration ecosystem to drive new value. Users can enable data analytics within your enterprise through visual interactive dashboards built on HTML, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel, or any other BI Platform. Ingest data from CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, digital marketing data, legacy systems, and Excel spread sheets to create and run AI/ML/Forecasting models.

Besides, users can also deploy a virtual analytics team to handle all things analytics from data collation, cleansing, analytics, reporting enabled on standard tools like Alteryx, Excel, Talend, Data360, PowerBI, Python, etc. Assess BI Architecture, tech ecosystem, model and data pipeline design using industry, business, data and latest technology benchmarks.

Product Engineering: Use the latest technology, cloud services and design paradigms to craft solutions to handle complex business processes and workflows. Great UI/UX design, focus on automation and scalable architecture ensures products with amazing usability and functionality. The company’s quick understanding of business, technology, and architecture has a competitive advantage to scramble to your MVP and then on to a stable product without wasting valuable time. Transition your manual business workflows, models and management systems into web-based, cloud-native, distributed application architecture. Users can upgrade cloud-based solutions and can add modern features, capabilities and security to legacy systems that can't be rewritten due to complexity, tech, or budget reasons.

Users can deploy interfaces with intuitive UI/UX secured through role based access control, accessible on multiple devices, with multi-language capability and advanced UI controls. Integrate advanced analytics and reporting on your solution with prediction and modeling capabilities, geospatial interfaces and contextual drilldowns. Deploy cloud-native or dockerized solutions using automated CI/CD, real-time backups, author infrastructure-as-code and advanced monitoring across AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds. Design enterprise-ready solutions by integrating with payment gateways, web services, single sign-on, and Omni-channel communication interfaces.

Data Lakes: Ingest, cleanse, transform, master and store data from varied data sources using cloud-native scalable yet cost-effective technology. Deploy cloud-based scalable data lakes on the AWS Athena, Spectrum, or Azure Data Lake Service platforms. Develop small scale data warehouses on traditional databases like PostGres, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, or SQL Server. Integrated Customer MDM with address standardization, fuzzy matching, and rules based golden record creation and data stewarding interfaces. Deliver ingested data, KPIs and metrics to downstream analytics tools, reporting engines and feed into machine-learning and artificial intelligence data pipelines. Provides configuration-based data ingestion framework to quickly on-board new data sources, profile them and integrate into reporting layers.

 “Our constant focus on researching new technologies allows our clients to be always ahead of the competitive curve.”