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It’s Not Just About IQ-build all your Quotients with SpieQ!: SpieQ Edutainment

thesiliconreview-er-manmeet-singh-nayyar-founder-ceo-spieq-edutainment-2017This is a generation of young millennials and they want everything to be very interesting and fun. Even in the arena of education, the young millennials are looking for an idea that learning can be fun, and fun can promote learning. And this is where the next character of the tale, Edutainment comes into the play. Keeping learning as the key element, edutainment is the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. Children across the world are really gaining the interest towards this learning process and this whole process is turning out to be one successful idea.

To be a part of this catapulting edutainment industry, with a vision to build a growth platform for India, a new player entered the arena. With more than 17 years of professional experience, the Indo-Canadian business leader, Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar with a belief in “Education for All” started SpieQ Edutainment in 2016.

About the Edutainment leader, SpieQ (

SpieQ is an Edutainment business initiative by Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd. that aims to provide Holistic Development to children by focusing on all quotients of human personality viz. Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional quotients.

Through its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based kits and 21st Century Value Education solutions, SpieQ is providing resources to the children of today to become resilient, innovative, flexible and self sustainable and develop robust interpersonal wellness system for becoming successful in their careers and life.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, SpieQ has its global sales offices across Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, San Francisco and Toronto.

About the Initiator, Arsym (

Arsym is a team of old stagers that wish to build a global growth platform and has successfully running business lines in the fields of Business Consulting, Application Development, Marketing Process Outsourcing and Big Data Relationship Analytics with worldwide operations since 2011.

The team comprises of talent from IIT-K, IIT-D, MICA and Chartered Accountants & Lawyers. Their advisory board includes Former Deans of USC, FMS and SPJIMR, Member of Planning Commission of India and accomplished Industrialists. Their Consultants support both Indian and Global brands including Mahindra Group, Raymonds, HP, Adobe, NIIT, Macleods, Havells, ITDC and Reliance.

Solving the problems in Education Space

SpieQ is for the children of today who have a world of possibilities to look forward to tomorrow.

SpieQ feels that there are plenty of problems that act as barriers for parents in raising their kids.

  • School curriculum is not engaging and focusing only on IQ based scores.
  • Holistic development and Value Education is not available to children in a defined way.
  • Emphasis on Experiential Learning is missing from core education.
  • Parents and children don’t have a platform to engage in meaningful activities together.
  • Time spent by children on digital platforms is engaging but unproductive.
  • Existing toys and digital games do not offer great learning.

To fill the void, SpieQ Edutainment is providing a bundle of class-apart products and services.

SpieQ has a community, which is empowered with Gamification, connects students across the globe sharing ideas. By Joining the SpieQ community, children can have access to Nucleo Game Adventures, Dr. Dragon’s Lab, Infinity School Kits and Thunderwings Makers Clan.

Nucleo Game Adventures: It contains carefully crafted DIY toys and activities based on a Science theme. These are connected together in an immersive story which also has tasks based on each quotient (SQ, PQ, IQ, and EQ).

Infinity School Kits: It is aimed at better explaining children the concepts in academic curriculum by giving them hands-on experiential learning with activities crafted from their curriculum books.

Thunderwings Makers Clan: This offers focused workshops for children in schools/residential communities/malls and clubs that help them build hobbies in creating advanced scientific instruments for utility and fun.

Dr. Dragon’s Lab: It is an online portal with a wide range of science raw material assembled through SpieQ’s e-waste arm, providing the cost effective resources to make science based toys and activities from scratch eliminating students’ worries about where to find resources for their next science project.

Shaping the future path overcoming all the hurdles

Start-ups never grow without overcoming challenges and for SpieQ the challenge was to create an innovative value proposition for Holistic Development of children. It needed cross functional intelligent team members across science, arts, design, education and management backgrounds and build synergies amongst them.

Demonetization was another challenge for SpieQ. The business environment in India faced an overall economic slowdown due to government policies of Demonetization in Nov’2016 that still has its ripple effects for Start-ups. However, the desire to bring science education from lab to doorsteps of both urban and rural India in a cost effective manner has always kept SpieQ on the track.

SpieQ is sure, that with time it will be the most preferred community, connecting global children and evolving the dimensions and pace of learning beyond IQ and school curriculum. SpieQ is committed to Scientific Social Responsibility and has incubated this culture across its stakeholders with its values of – Inclusive Education, Women Empowerment, Holistic Development, Global Innovation and Responsibility.

SpieQ’s projections for 2018 is an engaged student customer base of 0.12 Million that should cross more than 1 Million by 2022.

Meet the Chief

Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar is the visionary spearheading SpieQ Edutainment. He is the Founder & CEO of Arsym Consulting. He has vast experience in leading senior management roles with Fortune 50 & other large Global Companies.

Mr. Nayyar is an active philanthropist; he drives RACE BHARAT, a global conclave uniting Corporate, NGOs, Educationalists and Researchers to help build a brighter India by working on the core fundamentals of modern development – Re Engineering, Analytics, CSR and Education. (

Mr. Nayyar is a B.E. (Gold Medalist), M.S. (Computer Engineering) from University of Southern California, holds a Global MBA from S.P. Jain School of Global Management and a PGP (Digital Marketing Strategy) from Columbia Business School.

“We believe that children are more than score cards and every child has some hidden talent. We should be able to make children get holistic development and enhance all the quotients of their life to make them happy and succeed.”