April Special 2021

Lawson Legal – An Experienced Perth law firm, comprising criminal defence lawyers, specializing exclusively in criminal law and serious traffic matters


Whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty to criminal charges getting legal advice and representation from an experienced criminal lawyer can change the outcome of your case. An experienced criminal law firm knows how and when it is appropriate to make a public interest submission to the prosecution arguing (on public interest grounds) why the charge against their client ought to be discontinued. This is a most positive outcome because the charge falls away without the need for a trial. Public interest submissions should be drafted in a particular way and address specific criteria.

Lawson Legal is a specialized boutique Perth-based criminal law firm representing all Commonwealth and State criminal law matters. Its team includes legal practitioners, paralegals, support staff and consults with numerous professionals to better service individual client needs. The firm represents clients during trials, as well as sentencings, direction hearings, and bail applications. This includes matters heard at all levels of the criminal justice system in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts. The firm represents witnesses at the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), the Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia (CCC) and the Coroner’s Court of Western Australia.

Best Criminal Law Solutions provided by Lawson Legal

Assault: Assaults in Western Australia are taken very seriously, irrespective on how minor the incident is. Depending upon the facts of the assault, different penalties will apply. The severity of the assault will determine the charge that is preferred against a person. There are several categories of assault consisting of common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm (AOBH) and grievous bodily harm (GBH). As experts in criminal law, Lawson Legal depends on its in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to defend its clients. Whether you’re seeking representation or advice as a victim or the accused, it is the assault lawyers you can depend on.

Traffic Offences: When you are involved in a major motor vehicle accident, it is likely that an investigation will follow.  This will be to determine whether any death or injury, if applicable, was caused by dangerous driving, neglect or driving without the due care. Before arrest or giving a statement, the firm strongly recommends seeking legal advice and guidance from trained professionals. This will help ensure that the situation does not escalate unnecessarily, saving you time, energy and unnecessary stress.  Lawson Legal is a team of traffic lawyers boasting a wealth of experience. They have assisted and helped scores of clients navigate through the minefield of traffic law offences. Lawson Legal represents clients charged with all serious traffic violations, including: reckless driving, dangerous driving, and careless driving.

Bail Applications: Once the accused has been charged with a criminal offence or a serious traffic matter, they must be brought before a bail granting authority as soon as possible. The bail granting authority can be a police officer in charge of a police station, two justices of the peace, or a judicial officer (justice, judge, or magistrate). Lawson Legal will provide a free initial consultation with one of its experienced criminal lawyers.

The Burgeoning Leader Behind the Triumph of Lawson Legal

Richard Lawson is the principal defence lawyer. Mr Richard Lawson, studied criminology and worked within the criminal justice system in Canada for 10 years. Richard was responsible for managing offenders (adults and juveniles) in group homes, secure psychiatric facilities and halfway houses.

In 1992, Richard began his studies in criminal law in Perth, Western Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), followed by a Master of Laws (LLM), at The University of Western Australia. During this academic period of six years, Richard was self-employed as an academic legal consultant responsible for formulating and lecturing various law courses at tertiary institutions within the greater Perth area. Upon being admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Perth, Richard initially practiced as a State prosecutor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia. He was employed in that position for four and a half years before establishing a Perth-based criminal law firm as a defence lawyer.

Richard Lawson is now an experienced defence lawyer, practicing criminal law in Perth and regional Western Australia. He has conducted numerous criminal trials and sentencing hearings in the Supreme, District, and Magistrates Courts of Western Australia. With over 25 years of legal experience, Richard is a highly-regarded Perth criminal lawyer. He has a solid reputation and track record within the criminal justice system, developed from his rigorous training in law.

“We specialize exclusively in criminal law and serious traffic matters. We represent clients during trials, as well as sentencings, direction hearings, and bail applications.”