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November Monthly Special 2021

Lumeon – Transforming Care Delivery into Efficient, Well-Coordinated Digital Experiences


As new technologies and innovations arise, technological strides in the medical and healthcare industry increase in pace as well. The emergence of digital healthcare solutions has enabled hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to greatly enhance the delivery of medical services and products to their patients. From aiding medical professionals in detecting serious diseases at its earliest stage to reducing medical errors to collaborating on a medical case, digital healthcare software solutions have allowed for these and more. Looking from a business perspective, digital healthcare systems help users improve their profitability exponentially, thus driving their business growth.

Lumeon is a digital health company leveraging Care Journey Orchestration (CJO) to take a fresh approach to healthcare delivery. It is transforming care delivery processes into seamlessly orchestrated, personalized, virtualized care centered on each patient’s needs. With Lumeon, care delivery becomes frictionless, efficient, and effective, ensuring the best standard of safe care is delivered every time. Lumeon’s award-winning platform transforms EHR data into an operational plan of care, engaging, and guiding consumers and care teams, alike, along the way. It extends and automates healthcare to wherever the consumer is, whether at the care setting, home, work, or on the move.

Cutting-Edge Digital Healthcare Services Offered

Care Orchestration Platform: Lumeon transforms fragmented, manual processes into connected, personalized digital care experiences. It helps you ensure the delivery of the right care, for every patient, every time. At the heart of Lumeon’s platform is its powerful, programmable orchestration engine, allowing you to launch precision care journeys in record time. The best care is delivered by care teams that collaborate across the care continuum, but information silos and technology fragmentation lead to repetition, burnout and risk. Lumeon enables care teams to work at the top of their licenses by automating repetitive documentation and personalizing the care journey. The company acts as an agility layer to supplement limited orchestration capabilities in the EHR and amplify your investment to reduce costs and increase revenues for sustainable care.

Digital Engagement Platform: Continuous digital patient engagement is at the core of Lumeon care pathways, designed to enable patients to play an active role in shaping their care journey and stay in touch with their entire care team. Lumeon’s platform steps up to connect the dots, orchestrating and automating the patient journey in real-time, connecting patients, and care teams with meaningful action plans. The company’s philosophy is to gather as much patient-generated data as possible, while providing them with clear expectations about their pathway and its key milestones, providing maximum convenience and delivering timely educational content. The platform can then use the data generated to provide decision support to care teams in order to adjust the care plan as required.

Care Coordination: Despite the prevalence of EHRs, care teams are still lacking the ability to simply coordinate care activity throughout time.​ Today, care coordination remains a manually intensive task, often suffering from information gaps, poor transitions and handoffs and inconsistent follow-up.​ Lumeon enables care teams to focus on delivering optimally coordinated care, according to an evidence-based pathway, dynamically tailored to the needs of each patient.​ Presenting a ‘helicopter’ view of the entire care pathway for each care team member, Lumeon tracks patient status across key milestones, with the ability to zoom in to view key patient data as required. The platform will automatically perform low-risk tasks and chase required information across the spectrum of care providers. It enables care managers to easily track progress, view upcoming actions, expedite tasks and troubleshoot problems if escalated by the pathway logic. ​​

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of Lumeon

Robbie Hughes is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lumeon. An engineer by training, he started the company after first-hand experience of the impact that fragmented care delivery processes have on patient experience. Taking a step back to develop a fresh approach, he built the award-winning care journey orchestration platform to connect care teams, patients and technology across the care continuum. The platform enables healthcare providers to automate and orchestrate end-to-end processes by creating their own unique care journeys.

Under Robbie’s leadership, Lumeon has grown to an enterprise-level solution, currently in use by 65 major healthcare providers across the US and Europe managing over six million patient lives. Under his leadership, Lumeon has grown from his boardroom with a business funded by individual clients, to an enterprise-level solution that is currently in use by 65 major healthcare organizations and growing.

“As providers adapt to a ‘new normal’ in healthcare, Lumeon’s care orchestration platform enables scalable, personalized care for every patient, driving quality, engagement, and transforming the economics of care delivery.”