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Lupin – A place where pharmaceutical-based innovation meets a milestone


The pharmaceutical industry is setting up new trends in the field of pharmacy and Biological sciences. The firm's main aim is to discover and develop new drugs and bring them into the market. The pharmaceutical industry aims to bring in discoveries such as vaccines, pills, and other generic medicines. It mainly deals with medications and medical devices. They do hold patenting rights on certain medications; they also perform efficient drug testing, drug safety tests, and marketing of the newly formulated drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in the field of Life Sciences. One such pioneer pharmaceutical industry that is leading with an example is Lupin. It was founded in the year 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta. The primary purpose of starting the firm was to fight life-threatening, infectious diseases with affordable and high-quality drugs of the highest social priority, inimitable commitment, and passion. The organization is one of the fastest-growing Generic pharmaceutical companies around the world. The name 'Lupin' was inspired by the flower Lupin known to nourish the soil it grows in and which is also tolerant of infertile soils and is capable of changing the barren and poor climatic condition.

Research at Lupin

Generic pharmaceutical and API Research: Lupin's Generic Pharmaceutical Research team has demonstrated a stellar performance with a record number of ANDA filings in the US and other advanced markets from its global R&D hub in Pune, India. With the commissioning of the new R & D building at Pune, India, Lupin can boast one of the most advanced pharmaceutical product development & pilot plant facilities for oral, ophthalmic, dermatology, and inhalation product development. This facility will be leading future innovations aimed at creating a highly differentiated global pipeline of complex generics. Lupin's generic pipeline is focused on identifying and developing high entry barrier products with complexities linked with the delivery system, device compatibility, and clinical trial requirement.

Advanced Drug Delivery Research (ADDR): Lupin operates in highly competitive, demanding, dynamic, and diverse markets, in which they need to continuously distinguish themselves from their peers and competitions through differentiated products. They consider Research in advanced drug delivery technologies as the cradle for ideas and innovations to develop high entry barrier products in inhalation, injectable, ophthalmic and oral space. Such technologies and products with a high degree of complexities not only act as a key differentiator but also serve as growth drivers for the company and, at the same time, transform the patient experience.

Products Manufactured by Lupin

Lupin is recognized as one of the world's largest manufacturers of Tuberculosis drugs. The firm has significant market share across multiple therapy areas such as Cardiovascular (pills and statins), Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatric, Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastro-Intestinal (GI), Anti-Infective (AI) and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Global formulation

Lupin has a deep-rooted commitment to drive cutting-edge Research and build world-class capabilities in manufacturing, supply chain, and commercialization to meet the pressing needs in medical care. The firm believes in commitment to embrace superior quality, unyielding integrity, and strict compliance across business operations.

The firm has established a well-balanced global business in both advanced and developing markets. Their investments are well-calibrated towards developing meaningful Generic products, Complex Generics, and Specialty. Their inherent strength of entrepreneurship, agility, and innovation are the key differentiators that lead us towards the next growth orbit. The firm has its manufacturing units spread across India, the US, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil.

The stalwart behind the supremacy of Lupin

Vinita Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of Lupin. She is also the Chairperson of Lupin Inc. (LI) and its subsidiary Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc. (LPI). She has not only been responsible for setting up LPI in the US and Europe. She has also been instrumental in formulating and executing strategies that have helped Lupin become a global pharma major. Under her leadership, Lupin has become one of the largest and fastest-growing generics players in the US.

Ms. Vinita received the Hall of Fame Award for The Most Powerful Business Women, 2017 by Business Today. She, along with her brother Nilesh Gupta, also won the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 2016 edition of Forbes India Leadership Awards. She has been named one of the 30 most influential Indian Business Women by Business Today as well as 'Outstanding Woman Business Leader of the Year' by CNBC India Business Leadership Awards in 2016. Vinita also won the Ernst & Young 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' in India in 2015; the Ernst & Young U.S. 2012 Family Business Award of Excellence and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 the Health Services and Technology for Maryland, US. She is a pharmacy graduate from the University of Mumbai and holds an MBA from J L Kellogg Graduate School of Management, USA.

"Embedded in Lupin is a formula for growth which fuels creativity, performance, and innovation."