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Match2One – Making programmatic advertising accessible, transparent, and high-performing as possible for customers


Programmatic technology, in short, is the automated process of buying digital media, often through a process called real-time bidding. The overall efficiency of digital advertising has greatly improved with the ability to measure how a campaign is running throughout that entire campaign. Real-time measurement, mentioned earlier, allows advertisers the ability to track their campaign and make adjustments and optimizations as needed. Optimizing ensures that each campaign is running at total efficiency, reaching only those ideal targeting customers, while using the budget effectively.

 Programmatic buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive. Advertisers now have a more granular look into their advertising campaigns by paying for impressions individually and using a dashboard to strategically manage their ad campaigns. With traditional advertising, media inventory was bought and sold manually. Programmatic technology offers a layer of transparency that marketers and advertisers can’t get from traditional advertising. Through programmatic advertising, advertisers can see exactly what sites their advertisements are reaching, the type of customer looking at their ad, and any costs associated with the advertisement in real time. Because of this, making optimizations and quick changes on the fly are able to take place in a much more efficient and educated way.

Match2One is one such firm that helps you find new customers online, by placing ads across 1000's of relevant websites in front of people who are likely to become your next customer. With high performance, easy to use and premium support, Match2One helps you all the way. Its platform will automatically learn about your online audience where to find new customers online, and target people who have visited your site. Match2One’s optimization engine will automatically make intelligent choices for you. The company’s international team of experts has joined forces to give you an advertising platform that allows you to create smart campaigns without prior knowledge. Match2One’s AI optimization automates your campaigns and delivers high results that improve over time and are displayed in visual reports.

Innovative marketing strategies and solutions offered by Match2One

Prospecting Ads: It helps you find new customers for your business. Match2One's AI, Clara, collects user-data and creates and optimization plan based on what type of people are most likely to be interested in what you're offering. During the learning phase, the goal is to teach the AI which tactics will work best for your particular campaign. This is done through broad targeting to gain insights on which websites and visitors are most likely to generate conversions for you. The optimization phase is focused on continuous improvements and optimizations of your campaigns, measured against your campaign goals. This is done through the AI, without human intervention.

Retargeting Ads: It helps you win back the customers that have slipped away. Match2One's Clara AI collects information about users that visit your website and then shows specific ads to those who haven’t made a decision. Retargeting has proven to be a powerful way to ensure no potential customer is left behind. It’s a strategy that the firm believes all digital advertisers should take advantage of. This will help you find new customers prospecting, and get back customers that have visited before Retargeting, but left your site before converting. In this way, you’ll cover both the top and bottom of your online Sales Funnel.

Banner Maker Tool: With Match2One’s Banner Maker tool you can easily build engaging display ads for your Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns. No need to be skilled in design: as long as you know what you like, they will guide you through the rest. By saving money on expensive creative design services you can work more cost-effectively, and allocate more of your budget to acquiring new customers. Match2One is a one-stop-shop: you can create, publish and track ads without leaving the platform. Showing the right messages to the right people is what Match2One is all about. Track the success of your campaign with a transparent reporting and insights then optimize for even better results. You can easily test different variations of your ads to learn what messaging, call to actions, or colour schemes work the best for your campaign.

The passionate leader behind the success of Match2One

Mikael Kreuger is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Match2One. With over 10 years of leadership and marketing experience, he has held senior roles within blue-chip multinationals, growth, and scale-up stage start-ups with a proven track-record in driving high-performance products and teams across multiple disciplines and verticals.

“We are a programmatic advertising platform creating AI-driven campaigns to generate more conversions.”