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Meet the FedEx of Worldwide Job Posting Delivery: eQuest


Its network reaches thousands of career sites in more than 183 countries”

 Searching and recruiting talented people has never been easy. Your recruitment journey usually begins with exposing your company’s open job positions to the right career sites; while at the same time trying to maximize your company’s job advertising costs. But how do you know which career sites are the best performers – based on your exact needs? Well, eQuest provides the majority of the Global Fortune 500 with the answers to these kinds of questions. It creates cost effective job posting strategies that get your jobs in front of the right people, at the right career sites; and they will even do the delivery for you.

Since 1994, eQuest has provided domestic and international job posting delivery for thousands of customers worldwide. eQuest can reach anywhere a job can be posted; colleges, universities, social media, niche job boards, alumni sites, as well as all the major career sites. They even make sure your job performance and costs stay in line by tracking each candidate; from the initial view at the job location – all the way to the hire. It also provides job board negotiating services, OFCCP/Diversity support, outreach career sites and even a network of free job boards. eQuest on average performs over 250 million deliveries per year and is he largest and one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry.

From a revenue perspective, the company positions itself via a multitude of crossover income streams. These include direct customers, channel marketing through its many premiere relationships with ERP’s and ATS firms, licensing its software, and providing middleware and “behind the scenes” services to job boards and many other third party customers worldwide.

“To be competitive in the global marketplace, eQuest needs to drive continuous innovation in its products and services. It is important to have a clear vision of where the company is going, as it will define and set the context for the role innovation will play in enabling profitable growth”. Bob Jaworski, Vice President of Global Alliances, eQuest.

The Unique Factor

  • Unsurpassed Global Reach: The company can reach any destination where a job can be posted.
  • 80 Billion Data Points: Can help make accurate performance predictions prior to spending precious budgets on Internet advertising.
  • 1 Billion: job deliveries in the last 48 months

eQuest Services

Job Delivery Partners: eQuest is the preferred job delivery resource for global HCM leaders like Oracle/Taleo, Workday, IBM/Kenexa, SAP/Success factors, iCIMS, Ceridian, and many others.

Auto-Post: New feature provides a complete hands-off job posting approach.

Job Board Representation: eQuest’s Media Division consists of a team of experienced representatives that understand the unique dynamics of Internet advertising on a global scale. This knowledge, coupled with eQuest’s exhaustive inventory of job board performance measurements (Big Data) at their fingertips, is a combination no other company can claim.

 eQuest Compliance(for Federal Contractors)

 Single one-stop job posting solution: eQuest Compliance Services provide a single, one-stop job posting solution, ensuring the jobs are properly posted to the appropriate state and local employment offices, as well as veteran, women, minority, disability, LGBT and other diversity-based facilities required by the OFCCP.

 The 50-mile radius principle: eQuest will automatically deliver your job to local career site destinations within a 50-mile radius of the job location. These locations include community based organizations, associations, colleges, universities, vocational centers rehabilitation centers.

Reporting and documentation: eQuest provides complete, highly detailed reporting documentation that clearly verifies each component of the job listings, by state and local locations. Reports are available in an easy-to-read format for sorting and categorization. All processes of the job delivery are verified by date of posting, including the certified delivery tracking number provided by each State. Each job is tracked by job requisition number, job title, and location; a common requirement during an OFCCP and EEO audit. These reports are available online 24/7 or through eQuest Compliance Division.

The Client Spectrum
eQuest focuses on doing business with Enterprise Global Fortune 1000 companies in all sectors of the market. However, it also provides services in the SMB space through its many direct contracts and licensing arrangements. Their big clients include Siemens, Starwood,  American Airlines, Best Buy, Starbucks and Daimler Benz.

Meet the Master

Andy Lampe, Director of Technology:
Andy is a rare combination of corporate executive and computer scientist that understands how to build applications that are focused on driving revenue and increasing customer engagement. For the past 17 years his primary focus has been in the human capital management space. He has built or has had a large hand in building some of the largest and most successful software solutions in the HCM market place. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

“We enable companies to easily reach talented candidates locally, regionally, domestically, and internationally.”