September Special Edition 2021

Moburst is Redefining Mobile Growth and Digital Marketing


It’s not enough to be familiar with the difference between the iOS and Android market shares. In-depth insight on the mobile industry is crucial to your app’s success. Moburst can make sure to keep you updated on mobile trends that are most relevant to you.

Founded in 2013, Moburst is a full-service app marketing agency that helps hit the KPIs and achieve unparalleled mobile growth. The company has helped hundreds of companies to overachieve their mobile growth goals, from some of the world’s biggest brands such as Google, Samsung and Dunkin’, to new startups on the block.

The NY-headquartered company has a wealth of experience in helping brands of all sizes conquer the mobile arena. Its key to success as an app marketing agency is combining a data-driven approach with a creative outlook. It helps the clients hit their mobile marketing campaign KPIs in the most cost-effective and innovative way to get users to convert with a low CPI. The company's mobile app marketing services include: App Store Optimization, Media Buying, Creative Production, Mobile Strategy and more. Each team works together to create a seamless client experience and powerful mobile marketing campaigns.

Moburst empowers companies to take on different challenges on a daily basis, keeping up with the dynamic nature of the ever evolving world of mobile. Through building a strong mobile customer journey, the company helps master the toughest challenge of all – understanding your audience. Moburst tailors a unique mobile strategy fit for a brand, be it through an app, a responsive website, mobile campaigns, app consulting, partnerships, new monetization models, and more.

Mobile users are constantly looking for new apps and with over 3 million to choose from, App Store Optimization (ASO) has become more important than ever. Moburst uses its vast experience and understanding of both app stores to formulate a unique method for boosting app discoverability. Its first-in-class technology and dedicated experts are here to get an app to the top.

"Moburst's proven track record of expertise in ASO not only helped us achieve our app store optimization goals in the short-term, but has positioned us for future long-term success as well," said Darius Moravcik, Chief Marketing Officer of

Excelling With Media Technologies

Moburst can surpass KPIs with its unique method of ‘Brandformance’, a combination of brand awareness and accurate performance. Whether or not you have an app, with its extensive experience and unparalleled purchasing power, Moburst knows exactly how to maximize the budget and deliver high-quality customers.

The company's team of media experts works in conjunction with its in-house media-buy productivity tools and API integrations. They use algorithms to automate the optimization processes for every campaign, enabling us to utilize budgets more effectively. Clients can see their campaign stats in real-time on their complimentary customer dashboard. They operate with a level of transparency that allows the clients to see exactly where their media budget is going and the returns they are bringing in.

Working with Discovery

Discovery came to Moburst looking for ASO expertise with an objective of improving discoverability for competitive keywords and phrases in app stores, as well as bolstering conversion rates. Achieving better top 50 placements, increased keyword rankings, and growing organic downloads were among the main KPIs Moburst set out to meet with a comprehensive mobile campaign that did not disappoint.

Taking a holistic approach Moburst deployed a strategy from a variety of angles. This involved ongoing A/B testing of both visual and textual app store assets, including screenshots and preview videos.  Additionally, through extensive keyword research Moburst was able to successfully map the search landscape. Furthermore, they introduced metadata description iterations monthly, all as part of a continual optimization effort based on app store algorithm responses.

Through leveraging the industry’s most advanced technologies Moburst successfully:

  • achieved 365% growth in top 50 rankings
  • got 4,600 new keywords ranked in app store queries
  • transformed 226 previously unranked keywords into #1 search results
  • grew organic downloads by 61%
  • delivered combined total of nearly $5 million USD in ASO value!

"Moburst's level of expertise and willingness to share information speaks to how keen they were to educate us. They truly had our best interests at heart, even if it was a detriment to their business," said Tamara Ratliff, Director of Digital Marketing, Discovery.

The Visionary

Gilad Bechar, Founder & CEO

At the helm, Gilad is responsible for leading the development and execution of Moburst’s long-term strategy and all executive management matters affecting the company. An entrepreneur at heart, Gilad holds a wide range of experience in the field of mobile marketing and products—a reason why he is frequently asked to serve as a mentor to rising startups at Tel-Aviv University, The Microsoft Accelerator, The Technion, Unit 8200 and for strategic Moburst clients. Prior to Moburst, Gilad has held executive positions at prominent mobile companies, including: CEO and Partner at Mobilano, an Israeli mobile ad network, CMO for Callapp, a TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist startup that was chosen as one of the six most promising mobile startups worldwide, Vice President of Media at OnTheMob, an Israeli mobile agency, and Mobile Marketing and New-Media Academic Director at Tel-Aviv University.

"Moburst empowers companies to take on different challenges on a daily basis, keeping up with the dynamic nature of the ever evolving world of mobile."