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August Edition 2022

Delivering top-notch M&A solutions, unmatched by others in the Industry: Moriah Consulting


In the competitive world we live in today, businesses need to strive to be competent. One of the ways in which they can expand their services and boost growth is by mergers and acquisitions. However, this process can be quite cumbersome and needs to be dealt with utmost care and efficiency. The right M&A advisory firm acts as a consultant, guide, and coach for its clients and helps them throughout the process of mergers and acquisitions and the services often also leverage all aspects of inorganic growth in an organization which helps in increasing the market share. Today, though there are numerous M&A advisory firms, Moriah Consulting stands apart from the rest due to its efficiency and productivity.

Moriah Consulting is an M&A advisory firm at its core. The company seeks to provide its clients with an experience that is unmatched by many in the industry. Moriah was founded in late 2019 as a way to provide the partners with a platform to serve clients and achieve personal freedom from their corporate careers. The firm has since evolved from inception into a cornerstone in the M&A industry with the goal of providing founders a turn-key solution to sell their company. Their clients are a diverse set of founders and CEO's who are seeking a fast and well executed transaction. Moriah Consulting is industry and revenue agnostic the firm is capable of handling many different variables and situations.

Services offered by Moriah Consulting

Full Service Advisory

Moriah’s full service advisory services are for founders who are looking for white glove service and the ability to know that the process of selling their company is being managed by professionals. Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible with Moriah's team helping you grow and getting in the trenches to make things happen.

The firm is focused on providing M&A Advisory services to a wide range of clients across the globe and a multitude of industries. Moriah derive its value from their team's experience and knowledge. Moriah has had clients in SaaS, Distribution, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, and Fintech. Their capability to service such a wide array of business owners comes from a system of values and Moriah’s streamlined business process. Moriah’s deal making team is focused on driving the valuation of their clients as high as possible using data and storytelling in their valuation reports to achieve collective goals. Moriah believe that this method increase their success rate with potential buyers. Moriah would be happy to have an exploratory meeting to learn more about your company and offer a proposal on how to get your business sold.

Most M&A Advisors and Business Brokers work on two models:

Spray Method Brokers

This is the lowest quality service provider to use for selling your company. These brokers generally will slap a flat fee between 5-10%, and do limited work on the deal. Generally this will include low quality offering materials, no valuation, and limited, if any, curated buyer outreach. As a founder this low quality service will not help close your deal and often leads you to their next type of advisor several months later than you initially planned.

Full Service Advisors

This category of service provider is prepared to take your company to market professionally. The Full Service Advisor generally charges a retainer and a success fee.  This cost generally comes with a valuation, offering documents, and a highly researched prospective buyer list. These advisors can often sell your business very quickly and for higher valuations, but the only issue is the cost to get into the process is often very expensive, typically over $20,000 for the retainer. Moriah Consulting is able to undercut this industry and provide excellent service for a fraction of the cost because they maintain low overhead through a small office of professionals that are able to focus on each client.

Listing and Target Management

This is for deals that need less attention and consideration, perhaps a project you would like to transfer to the next people who see its true potential. However your need for service is less present and the interest in selling quickly less of an importance.

Moriah’s clients who choose this route typically are not profitable, lacking financial resources, or simply testing the waters. This doesn't include many of the components that help deals close, but it gives founders a chance to move on.

Industry & Market Research

Moriah's Insights are based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies that draw raw information and data from public & paid data sources, network firms, and clientele. Moriah has the tools and capabilities to help organizations identify and validate growth plans. Their research is non-biased and focused on quantitative analysis. Helping organizations create plans focused on technology and future development, Moriah can project where innovations in your industry are developing and how your organization can capitalize. Moriah prides itself in substantive reviews. When it comes to evaluating if your organization is receiving a fair deal, let one of their experts analyze the structure and synergies.

While Moriah does utilize cutting edge Industry and Market data tools, they have  the practical experience in Energy, Construction, Hospitality, and Private Wealth. Their research is built on the realities of the market with a focus on current trends.

Startup Accelerator

Moriah has found that the current market of services for new entrepreneurs is not conducive to growth with high upfront fees and no guarantee of success for anyone but the service provider and their billing department. Moriah is changing that with their partnership model. Targeting the right start-ups.

Hunter Allemande, Managing Partner

“Our clients are a diverse set of founders and CEO's who are seeking a fast and well executed transaction. Moriah Consulting is industry and revenue agnostic the firm is capable of handling many different variables and situations.”