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NAZALI Tax & Legal: Providing Clients Consultancy Services in Different Areas of Law


“Our core objective is to establish a long term relationship with our clients that are based on trust and to provide the most competent service in the most accurate manner.”

The law exists to protect the general safety of citizens, to ensure that their rights are not violated and to bring justice by preventing any abuse that might come from other people, organizational bodies or institutions. However, the field of law is very intricate and often intimidating to a layman. Law firms exist with the sole purpose of guiding these laymen around the treacherous world of law and helping them achieve justice in the end.

NAZALI Tax & Legal is a law firm focusing on providing services to its clients in a very wide area of law with lawyers who have been working as public servants at different levels of the state for many years. The lawyers employed at NAZALI are qualified and well experienced especially in the fields of tax law, commercial law, company restructuring, white-collar crimes, social security law, administrative law, competition law, and the capital law market. NAZALI provides both national and international clients with consultancy services in 26 areas of law.

NAZALI is based in Turkey and is currently working on expanding its offices overseas in Moscow, Casablanca, Kiev, Amsterdam and London.

In Conversation with Ersin Nazali, NAZALI Tax and Legal Managing Partner

Can you tell us about the journey of your company to date?

We started out five years ago with five people. Our team now consists of 160 professionals. We have five offices in Turkey located in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, and Denizli. Recently, we have established our overseas offices in Russia and Morocco. We are planning to open offices in London and Amsterdam soon.

How do maintain a strong relationship with your clients?

Our core objective is to establish a long term relationship with our clients that are based on trust and to provide the most competent service in the most accurate manner. Good service, sound business advice, and prompt responses are the key fundamentals of our firm and it is what keeps us apart from our competitors.

More importantly, effective communication is essential in all relationships, particularly relationships with our clients, and we care about interpersonal bonds: trust, care, rapport, and familiarity. Our philosophy is quality in delivery, timely response, and business-minded approach to both, our national and international clients.

Clients are spending less, demanding more, and expecting greater value. Today, clients have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a firm to meet their legal needs. How do you deal with such demand conditions?

NAZALI provides services by combining its innovative and dynamic business approach with expertise and experience under a different point of view by understanding the needs of its clients. Since NAZALI offers a truly comprehensive service to its clients with experts from both legal and financial disciplines, we have developed rational strategies by virtue of interdepartmental communication. We adopt an effective and solution-oriented approach to provide the most accurate and proficient advice to our clients in the fastest way, hence, differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

How do you deal with changing legal paradigms?

We follow-up with the Official Gazette daily, and discuss the changing laws internally and set meetings within the departments. In order to keep our clients informed about the latest developments, we regularly summarize the changes in the legislation in our internal publications. If it is needed, we also communicate with regulatory and governmental bodies and institutions.

Technology has transformed the practice of law. Which are some of the technologies that have helped you to improve your services?

Even though the amount of paperwork involved in the total volume of documents is high in legal processes, NAZALI has chosen the digital transformation initiative. We use online legal search tools, cloud-based software for file storage to manage data confidentiality, synchronization of data to increase the efficiency of our work and the platforms in which each hour spent by our advisors are elaborated to ensure transparency and accountability. With the ease of digitization and automation technologies, client inquiries can be addressed quicker at our firm.

How do you market your services?

We make considerable efforts to increase the satisfaction of our clients because satisfied clients are known to display higher levels of loyalty; therefore, our services are big promoter of the NAZALI brand and image. We believe in the strength of cross-selling, that is to say, satisfied clients in one type of service would like to receive services in other disciplines as well once they encounter with our manner of work. We also publish articles, brochures and circulars proving the competency of our professionals in their area of specialization.

The Visionary Leader – Ersin Nazali

Ersin Nazali worked as a tax inspector for nine years under the Tax Inspection Board where he gained knowledge in the fields of tax and corporate law. In August 2012, he moved to the private sector and founded the tax department in one of the biggest law firms where he worked as a tax consultant and attorney. At the end of 2014, Mr. Nazali founded NAZALI Tax and Legal with his colleagues where he is a Managing Partner. He has been listed as one of the leading tax advisors and attorneys in Turkey by Legal 500 (in the years between 2013 to 2018) and International Tax Review (in the years between 2014 to 2018).

“We adopt an effective and solution-oriented approach to provide the most accurate and proficient advice to our clients in the fastest way, hence differentiating ourselves from our competitors.”