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NFINIT – A full-stack technology services company


While founding a company, building and maintaining backend services from scratch is a tiresome process. Most of the startups and new companies in the market come to solve a specific problem or achieve a goal. But they are generally very limited in resources and funding. They can’t afford to waste their precious time and effort in managing every aspect of the business. Especially backend services like storing user data, payment solutions, hosting service, and managing security can be outsourced.

With this idea, comes the Managed cloud service. It works by outsourcing daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and enhance your business operations. With fixed monthly pricing, hiring a cloud managed services provider is often less expensive than an in-house team.

Managed cloud services allow businesses toleverage the power of cloud computing without the need of becoming an expert in everything. It allows new business in the market to use the expertise of the best engineers and product already working in the core functionally. Not every new company can achieve this level of expertise within months or even years of research.

The companies have only two options; either to set up their team to manage every function of their frontend, backend, and other resources or to simply pass on the burden t managed cloud service provider who can take care of almost everything for anominal fee. One of the best examples is Amazon Web Services. Although it is one of the most popular ones, the prices are no very cheap for all thebusiness. There are many other Managed cloud services provides who have been in the market for many years but not present worldwide.

As enterprises seek to accelerate cloud adoption to realize the flexibility, agility, and cost savings of the cloud, their needs evolve. Traditional managed service providers are unable to keep pace with the rapidly growing cloud ecosystem and shifting customer needs, leading to the evolution of next-generation cloud service providers. They go well beyond offering traditional managed services, like migrations and day-to-day support, by delivering expert cloud guidance, customizable services, and multi-cloud technologies.

NFINIT is one of the very old and trusted managed cloud services provide. Found in 1989, it has remained trusted and popular with the name American Internet Services (AIS). Although the company decided to change its name to NFINIT for better Global appeal. The core management and the working principle remains the same.

The new brand reflects the evolution of the company into a full-stack technology services provider offering a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions and cloud platforms.

“As a company, we have been growing and progressing to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients in today’s fast-paced digital world. Modernizing our brand was necessary to better showcase who we are, what we offer, and how we represent ourselves to our clients,” said Matt Thoene, CEO. “Our new brand not only highlights the company’s expansion, but matches our culture and values, and is centered on the passionate and innovative people that make up NFINIT.”

NFINIT is the next chapter in the company’s story. The rebrand represents the building of an impressive legacy over the last three decades and underscores the commitment to focus on providing future-proof solutions to clients nationwide.


NFINIT is a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud, connectivity, co-location, and technology services. As a full-stack technology services company, NFINIT maintains a consultative approach that ensures a complete understanding of clients’ unique challenges and requirements to help place their workloads in the most optimal environment. NFINIT’s mission is to provide best in breed technology solutions combined with the highest level of subject matter expertise and support to fulfill its clients’ technology roadmaps.

Cloud Migrations with Limitless Possibilities

For years, NFINIT has been helping businesses of all sizes with their cloud migrations, reducing IT costs, and increasing operational efficiencies in the process. They take a consultative approach to help companies migrate to the cloud, developing custom migration plans that support implementations across both multiple platforms, and enabling your business to stay dynamic as technology needs change.

Their experienced team helps develop the migration strategy that makes sense for you, right-sizing an environment based on your requirements and ensuring the development of a future-proof solution, so you can realize the full value of your IT infrastructure. They leverage its expertise to simplify the migration process and handle ongoing support and management, allowing you to redeploy key internal resources and focus on growing your business.

Infrastructure Optimization with NFINIT

NFINIT takes a consultative approach to assessing the current state of your infrastructure and recommend optimizations that improve efficiencies and position your company to adapt to changing needs. With solutions designed to support complex compliance needs and regulatory requirements, they leverage extensive expertise to help companies consolidate and optimize their mission-critical infrastructure, saving them significant money in the process.

Meet the CEO

Matt Thoene has over 16 years of professional experience in global Fortune 50 Telecommunications corporations as well as Internet and Technology startups. He has been deeply involved in the sales engineering process and operations management across data center, network, and managed services. Previously, Matt directed the engineering and network services team for the global IT services and recruitment company aap3, responsible for setting the business strategy, priorities, and timelines for the U.S. Market.

Before aap3, Matt led AT&T’s Design Engineering team on the formation and launch of the AT&T National Engineering Design Center where they went from zero staff and zero customers to fully operational in six days. During his 8 year tenure with the company, he continued to exceed expectations and placed focus on customer service, notably bringing together engineers and clients in productive and effective working relationships. Matt received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from San Diego State University in 1991, majoring in Economics.

“Our mission is to provide innovative and trusted enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions that enable clients to focus on their core business.”