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Nulogy – Improving customers’ business outcomes in extremely challenging supply chain environments


Today's marketplace is increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Many consumer brands rely on their external manufacturing and packaging partners to help bring products to market more quickly and cost-effectively. But many of these supply chain ecosystems cannot collaborate effectively and are shackled by ERPs' limitations. Supply chains are the lifelines of businesses across the globe. They connect all of the processes required between the manufacture and the final product delivery to a consumer. So, in a nutshell, they are vital to nearly every economic system out there. However, these complicated business organisms need constant management and attention to stay healthy and competitive. Luckily for us, the benefits of supply chain management and the software suites designed to convey these advantages are widely available.

Nulogy is an award-winning provider of agile supply chain software solutions, with operations in North America and the United Kingdom. The world's leading consumer brands and their contract packagers and manufacturers leverage Nulogy's solutions for increased agility and resilience in their external supply chains. Its platform is designed to optimize contract packaging and manufacturing operations while enhancing collaboration between consumer brands and their external supply chain providers. By eliminating friction and bottlenecks through digital transformation, the company allows consumer brands and their supply chain partners to unleash innovation, creativity, and agility in their external supply chains. Nulogy's platform drives out waste globally by reducing costs, improving product quality and safety, and ensuring a more sustainable supply chain.

Why Nulogy

In today's external supply chain world, there's more reliance on strategic outsourced partners. That comes with challenges and risks. You lose visibility into production and product customization necessary to meet the demand of your retail customers. Nulogy enables better tracking, order management, and product customization for your external contract packaging providers, all while building trust and optimal partnerships. This puts you in a better place to satisfy the needs of your retail customers.

Whether you're a 3PL, a retail packaging manufacturer, contract manufacturer, or contract packager, as a strategic partner to your CPG brand customers, you understand the changing landscape that your customers face every day. Brand customers need suppliers to meet regional, seasonal, and retailer-specific requirements for products and promotions with confidence, speed, and agility. Your contract packaging and contract manufacturing operations need to handle fast changeovers, complex scheduling needs, accurate tracking of inventory and materials, and rapid order changes without sacrificing quality. Nulogy's solutions are designed specifically to manage the complexities of your contract packaging and contract manufacturing operations going beyond WMS and ERP solutions. Help your customers reduce excess inventory, penalties, high shipping rates, and overtime rates due to tight delivery deadlines and retailers' specific packaging needs.

Award-winning solutions furnished by Nulogy

Nulogy for brands: Nulogy illuminates your external supply chain's black box and enables you to work better and smarter with your external manufacturers and packagers. Pre-empt order issues by automating alerts for at-risk orders, helping to ensure on-time, in-full fulfillment, and avoiding related costs such as late penalties, expedited shipping, and materials write-offs. By gaining visibility into quantity and lot codes of raw materials and finished goods, you can improve the movement and usage of materials throughout your supply chain to reduce potential shortages and write-offs, helping achieve waste reduction goals.

Nulogy for Manufacturers: Forward-looking manufacturers understand the importance of being agile and responsive to serve customers better and grow their business in a fast-changing landscape. To stay ahead of the curve, you need the tools to track their production and shop floor digitally, shed outdated manual processes, and empowers their operations with precise, reliable data. Evolve production tracking beyond spreadsheets and tribal knowledge. With Nulogy, unlock visibility into inventory throughout the production process and throughput of the production line. Respond with agility to customer requests by leveraging tools that help you better plan for customer demand, adjust to rush orders, and proactively provide real-time updates to customers.

Nulogy for contract packagers: Consumer brands are increasingly relying on external suppliers for production. As a result, contract packagers are well-positioned for growth with the right tools. To serve these brands, suppliers have to manage the complexity of short-order runs, reduced lead times, rising labor costs, and increased regulatory requirements. Nulogy gives contract packagers the ability to run streamlined operations that can handle complex orders with ease, driving higher quality and service levels. Effortlessly generate production schedules and plan production using up-to-date information on the bill of materials, pricing, and production steps.

Meet the mastermind behind the triumph of Nulogy

Jason Tham is the brand ambassador and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nulogy. He is focused on corporate development, executive leadership, and understanding Nulogy's clients' evolving landscape. He is also on Nulogy's board and speaks throughout the industry on the agile supply chain. Jason draws from his experience in the continuous improvement and packaging groups at Kellogg's highly automated production facility, and in R&D, manufacturing and quality at Magna International. Jason graduated with a BSc (Hons) with a Management Sciences option from the University of Waterloo.

“We provide the intelligence to identify trouble spots, improve on-time in-full costs, and define standard lead times across all brands and product types.”