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Focused on Decentralizing Wealth and Shifting Great Customer Service Jobs from Large Cities to Smaller Communities Worldwide: Officium Labs


“Our roadmap is to continue to design incredible customer experiences using the most innovative techniques available.”

Talent management is the most pressing issue in customer service and the customer experience (CX) today. In other words, the recruiting, selection, and nurturing of the great, and potentially great, employees who make the difference to the actual customers is vital.

For a long time, companies made decisions based on what was best for the business, not what was best for customers. Well, those days are long gone. With the abundance of social media platforms and digital communication channels in place, customers can now amplify and publicize their feedback about a business for millions to see. Not to forget, reputation matters more than we think.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Officium Labs— a global collection of industry leaders and experts that are building the future of CX. Put simply, the company helps brands deliver great customer experiences.

Jonathan Shroyer, who serves as the CEO of the company, co-founded Officium Labs with Scott McCabe in 2019. Since its launch, Officium has accelerated rapidly, reaching profitability in the first 20 months with over $8 million in gross revenue.

Mr. Shroyer spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

When we looked at the CX market, we saw a lot of great companies solving important CX problems and opportunities, but we didn’t see many attempting to leverage CX to maximize lifetime customer value and revenue completely.”

According to a NewVoiceMedia report, poor customer service is costing companies $339 billion a year. “To fill this gap, we founded Officium Labs intending to help companies regain the $339 billion a year they are losing and, in the process, upgrade the customer experience across the globe by 2030.”

NewVoiceMedia is a UK-based company that builds cloud-based contact center solutions.


ServiceStackTM: An Incredible Game Changer

ServiceStackTM is a framework for building an outstanding customer service operation that includes best practices, a technology platform, and a network of human capital. The ServiceStackTM concept helps Officium clients provide world-class service to their customers and generate measurable ROI.

“We help service leaders to both generate and protect revenue through our unique ServiceStack™ approach. By correlating the impacts of great service to the effects on the organizations’ financial performance, we are able to demonstrate the strategic role CX plays. The bottom line is that a happy customer spends more, stays loyal longer, and helps to bring new customers your way.”

“I invented the ServiceStackTM to help companies realize the immense value of their customer experience and journey. The goal was to help people think differently about the power of their service experience.”
A few ServiceStackTM client wins include WFM saves 24 percent in BPO spend, White Glove MVP protects $5M, Agent AI Assist decreases BPO spend by 25 percent, Connect Burst scaled 100 resources in a few weeks to meet volume demand, CXAAS transformation drives 55 percent increase in customer satisfaction, to name a few.

TalentPlace: Connecting On-Demand Talent with Companies Needing CX Staff

Talentplace is a decentralized network of people and currencies, creating a remote workforce model that improves work-life balance and shifts wealth from large cities to new communities worldwide. Many have called it “the uber of customer service” due to its real-time capabilities and flexible nature. “Our TalentPlace capability is certainly a differentiating factor.

We connect great people with great brands in such a way that both can have an incredible experience. Meaning, we have helped dozens of organizations improve their customer interactions, enhance the workplace environment, and produce significant ROI associated back to customer experience improvements.”

Staying Ahead in the Changing Industry

When it comes to emerging trends, Officium Labs is well ahead of the curve. “We were experts in remote and decentralized work since the origin of the company in 2019. Besides, we have infused the organization with a solid cultural foundation, as represented by our over 100 eNPS score in February 2021. A staff of this dedicated can accomplish remarkable things, no matter what surprising challenges the future may hold for us.

Officium Labs has just passed $9M in revenue, taken its first official step toward offering cryptocurrency, and filled two critical positions in its executive cabinet. The company has more amazing things coming up right around the corner.

Our roadmap is to continue to design incredible customer experiences using the most innovative techniques available. CX will continue to be the competitive differentiator for organizations in the foreseeable future. We will continue to find ways for our clients to win and stay on the cutting-edge experience design.

Jonathan Shroyer: A Relentlessly Reliable Leader

Jonathan Shroyer has been a customer service professional and leader for over 22 years, leading large teams at established companies such as Microsoft, Monster, Symantec, Autodesk, and startups like Postmates, Kabam, and Forte Labs. A thought leader in the industry, Jonathan can often be found speaking at CX conferences, participating in podcasts, and writing about his passion—the future of customer service and the CX marketplace.

Jonathan firmly believes customers are the heart of every company and that the longevity of a company is directly tied to its customer satisfaction. His leadership and consulting ethos is built upon five key business principles: people do business with people, loyal and engaged customers build the company, communication makes things happen, adoption and usage deliver real value, and increasing customers success is a company’s lifeblood.

Jonathan is based in Palo Alto, California, with his wife, Kristen. They both enjoy traveling immensely and have lived in more than 30 places and visited over 20 countries.

“I invented the ServiceStackTM to help companies realize the immense value of their customer experience and journey. The goal was to help people think differently about the power of their service experience.”