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Offering one stop assurance and outsourcing solutions for organizations to take care of all their non core activities: Pro-TEAM Solutions Private Limited

thesiliconreview-ca-jayaram-d-r-founder-director-pro-team-solutions-private-limited-2017Emerging IT innovations, tightening environmental regulations and decreasing market share are dramatically changing the commercial and industrial landscape. If an organization is not ready for the shift, it could be left behind. This is where management consultants come in to help them deal with these changes by giving them advice on all matters related to the governance of the organization right from acquiring new tools to overseeing manpower development. In today’s global competitive environment, management consultants play a critical role in shaping the economics and creating value for the public and private sector. And Pro-TEAM Solutions Private Limited is one such management consulting company that ensures the smooth functioning of an organization while maximizing the use of financial and human resources.

Pro-TEAM Solutions has its head office in Bangalore with branches in all the major cities in India. With its PAN India presence & delivery capabilities, Pro-TEAM positions itself as a single largest service provider to cater to all NON-CORE functional needs for its customers. Today Pro-TEAM Solutions is preferred by many of the industries due to its “Business objective” driven approach in managing the services, ensuring timely delivery and bringing accountability. The company takes ownership of the process it is involved in and is flexible enough to ensure logical conclusion of each activity and the end objective of the assignment are achieved.

Establishment of Pro-TEAM as a management consultancy

After qualifying as a CA in 2002, CEO Jayaram started focusing on internal controls implementation and process improvement activities along with major MNC organizations. In the year 2014, he ventured out into a corporate set up with a brand name, Pro-TEAM Solutions, and its tag line, “TOGETHER WE DELIVER”.  He firmly believes that teams together with strong bonding can deliver anything on the earth, and taking the team along in a service industry is a very important aspect of organizational growth. He has established ownership at each every senior person level in order to ensure overall delivery and self monitored working.

We have the CEO, Jayaram with us. Let’s hear it from him

Can you tell us about how your company is positioned in the recent market scenario?

Pro-TEAM is functioning in a very unique space where it hardly has any major competitors. Though there are a few other companies in the specific industry segments, but Pro-TEAM leads in the race when it comes to overall service offerings. Currently, it has been recognized as one of the leading service providers in the segments like Retail showroom audits, Fixed Assets managements services, Site accounting & stores managements, C forms collections and receivables management, etc. Its PAN India execution capability sets it apart from all other competitors who mostly provide services in few states only.

Can you provide brief information on your service/ product offerings? How do they benefit your clients?

Pro-TEAM’s services are classified based on the customer’s functional verticals.

Consulting Services

Accounts, Finance & Payroll – Offers an end to end outsourcing model with both on site and off site model.

Receivables Management – Ensures timely collection which is a very important task for every organization.

Assets & Inventory Management – It’s a complete solution to manage the fixed assets, starting from capitalization.

Industry Specific offerings – Manages all types of showroom audits with different scope and coverage, Stock audits.

BPO Services

Voice Process Outsourcing – Each company reaches out to its customers generally through calling. Pro-TEAM serves its customers with top-notch call center services and helps maximize customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 phone answering services.

Non-Voice Process Outsourcing – With its well established infrastructure and trained resources, Pro-TEAM manages the data processing services for our class effectively. Non voice process outsourcing covers - Data entry services, Data transcription, Mortgage document processing, Title deeds processing, Document scanning etc.

IT Services

Pro-TEAM provides unique services in e-commerce development, developing web and mobile applications, and digital marketing. It enables its clients to craft their websites to increase its marketability and rank across various search engines.

How do your services benefit your customers?

Pro-TEAM offers outsourcing & audit services with a specialized focus on Implementation of Internal controls, AP & AR process outsourcing, Inventory audits & compliance services. It believes in investing lot of time in understanding the customer requirements completely and offers customized solutions by deploying appropriate resources. With its exposure to multiple industry verticals, Pro-TEAM has a large pool of hands-on experienced team and Standard Operating Practice (SOP) to be able to deliver and implement best practices for its customers.

What are your present and future focus areas?

Currently our focus is to be a first choice for support service needs for all retail / Manufacture / project and other service industries and to be available locally in all major cities to provide services to our customers.

Knowing the leader behind Pro-TEAM, CA Jayaram D R

CA Jayaram D. R. is the Founder & Director of Pro-TEAM Solutions private limited. Jayaram is a Chartered Accountant who qualified in his first attempt in 2002. As the CEO of Pro-TEAM, he is driving a large team of professionals & providing various service offerings across India to multiple industry verticals.

With his leadership skills and strong relationship network of clients, he has established Pro-TEAM as the preferred service provider for various industry verticals with a consistent multiplied revenue growth. During this journey, Mr. Jayaram’s hard work and efforts were recognized by various institutions by multiple awards. Some of them are Best SME Award in professional sector by KSMBOA at Bangalore, 2015. Indian Achiever award – Indian Achievers Form at New Delhi, 2016. The Entrepreneur Award – Franchise India at New Delhi, 2016. And, Emerging entrepreneur Award – The rising leadership awards at Goa, 2017. Mr. Jayaram says that he has been fortunate that he has got a great team of committed individuals as part of his core team, who are committed, dedicated and can delivery anything together.


“With our consistent, committed & high quality delivery capability we intend to be a single largest solution provider / implementation partner for our customers to achieve their business goals.”