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Organizations are under immense pressure to meet the demand for experienced and skilled technology professionals. The demand has never been higher, and it isn’t easy to source the right talent. Data scientists, DevOps professionals, and Cyber Security Specialists are a few roles in the long list of critical tech skills that are in short supply. Organizations are expanding their search geographically because there is a shortage of local tech talents. This gives the company an opportunity to find highly-skilled talents not just within another state or region but also on a broader global scale. Tech companies must also speed up their hiring process to avoid rival businesses from snapping their talents.

Technical innovation is on the rise, and it is hard to predict the type of disruption organizations might face next. To overcome such challenges, HIRECLOUT, a leading tech recruiting and staffing agency, founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, is obsessed with helping organizations in their quest to find the right talent to help them scale. HIRECLOUT provides three main services: Retained Executive Search for the hiring of CTOs, CIOs, COO, VP of Engineering, VP of Product, and other critical, urgent roles. Contingent Tech Recruiting services for hiring Software Engineers, DevOps, Robotics & Computer Vision Engineers, Data Scientists, etc. and Staffing for Contract/Temp assignments in all technical areas. They are all about building relationships that elevate, scale, and deliver!

Avetis Antaplyan is the Founder and CEO of HIRECLOUT. He spoke more about the company in an exclusive interview with the silicon review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. How efficient is your hiring and retention strategy? How do you manage wrong hiring?

When companies allow us to do it our way, our process has led to a 90%+ success rate. The senior-level Software Engineers, Product Managers, DevOps Engineers, etc. end up making such a big impact that they grow into Directors, VPs, CTOs, CPOs by helping those companies grow.

Q. How do you help your clients make sure they hire only the right people?

For us, there is no short-term option. Our goal is to come in and create a long-term impact, so the companies and candidates we work with always end up better. By following our thorough retention-focused process, we make sure that not only do our candidates do the job but do it well and grow.

Q. If you want to snatch top candidates, you need to hire fast. Do you manage a list of candidates who already went through screening and ready for hiring?

Absolutely, we rarely start a search from scratch. We have a very vast network of candidates who have already been screened, vetted, and tested. Additionally, we make a point to meet and build relationships with our candidates, so when we get a new assignment, we can deliver a great candidate within two to four weeks. We also help our clients develop a more efficient interviewing process without rushing or taking any short cuts.

Q. How do the technology executives you place manage to blend into the culture of the organization and make an impact?

It all goes back to the HIRECLOUT process, which includes getting to know the company thoroughly in the very beginning. When we take on an assignment, we don’t just ask questions about the job, but we really focus on the company culture, soft skills, and growth plans. We are all about the “right people, right seats, and right structure.” Once we know the company well, we can then focus on the job. Even when we turn our focus to filling the job, our overarching goal is on solving business and technical problems and success criteria, not just job descriptions and keywords.

Q. How efficient is your staff augmentation technique? How confident are you about a temporary staff bringing positive results to an organization?

Our staff augmentation model has also proven to add tremendous value to our client companies. Most of our Contractors/Consultants end up being renewed several times and sometimes even asked to convert as permanent employees. Even in a contract/temp project, we focus on long term success.

Q. Modern recruitment technology offers the promise to advance and make hiring easier and more effective. Do you adopt new technologies to improve your service efficiency?

Yes, we are constantly developing better technologies and techniques so that we can add even more value to our client companies. However, technology is not the solution, it is one of many tools that we use. Our thorough, proven process and our ability to understand company culture, business, and peoples’ motivations and their why is what make us unique. Technology constantly changes, but our commitment to our clients and excellence does not. 

Q. How do you keep your service levels high?

We keep our service great by keeping our standards high and by turning down the wrong type of business. If companies don’t allow us to implement our process, we end up not being as effective, so why even play in that space? Instead, we work with companies that allow us to provide our service using our proven process and partner with us to make sure our goals are aligned, and we are all rowing in the right direction.

Q. What are your plans for the future development of your company?

We have plans to expand into other markets such as Seattle, Salt Lake/Provo, Austin, and New York, as well as offering additional Recruiting services for Marketing, Accounting, and Finance.

Meet the leaders behind the success of HIRECLOUT

Avetis Antaplyan and Jeffrey Mitchell are accomplished business executives who have helped build and scale hundreds of companies and have placed tens of thousands of candidates all over Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, WA.  

“We are obsessed with matching the right people with the right companies, with long-term impact in mind for all sides.”