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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2019

Pioneers in Providing the Complete Digital Solution: QBurst


QBurst is known for its full-stack development package. With focus teams for every layer of the application, from fluidly responsive screens to powerful data crunching engines and analytical subsystems, QBurst delivers a rock-solid solution.On the cloud or otherwise, it builds resilient systems meshing the various components together with suitable middleware. For businesses that prefer everything under one roof, the company offers design, usability, and other complementary services along with custom application development.

Married to technology, QBurst is a digital transformation partner to world-renowned brands as well as local startups. Its experience equips the company to consistently deliver applications that hit the mark.


Healthcare: Patient care and self-enablement solutions will distinguish healthcare providers in a highly competitive landscape. QBurst helps forward-looking organizations bring out such solutions through effective use of social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies.

Retail: The company helps to drive brand engagement and loyalty in a crowded market. Clients can get actionable inputs from clients’ big data to improve the omnichannel experience of their customers.

Education: While eLearning platforms and mobile apps add to the convenience of self-paced learning, gamification can boost engagement. The right choice of technology and tools will help clients drive better outcomes from online learning solutions.

Engineering: Automating repetitive tasks and integrating engineering software with other enterprise systems can drive operational efficiency in engineering and construction companies. QBurst helps engineers improve productivity with custom plug-ins and app integrations.

Financial Services: Advancements in social and mobile technologies are reshaping customer expectations. To stay competitive, financial institutions need to tap into newer methods of customer engagement and service that rely on merging mobility with big data analytics.

Manufacturing: From mere mechanized production floors, manufacturers are shifting to smart factories that can align output with demand while maintaining operational efficiency. QBurst helpsto establish connected manufacturing through seamless integration with its IoT platform.

Renewables: Renewable energy resources are replacing traditional sources but the challenges preventing widespread adoption are many. QBurst enables energy firms to sustain themselves using a combination of IoT, big data analytics, and other digital technologies.

Trademark Services

Mobile: QBurst has been helping businesses go mobile ever since the first generation of iPhones hit the market. Its expertise covers all major platforms and development tools including iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Ionic.

Cloud: As consultation and implementation partner, QBurst helpsclients with when and how to make the transition, be it to the Amazon cloud, Google Apps suite or Salesforce platform. Installed and configured, it can continue to manage and maintain cloud infrastructure with technical support and remote monitoring services.

Data: Clients can glean knowledge from business data using advanced analytical techniques and business intelligence tools. QBurst clean, store, and process structured and unstructured data. It helps to analyze data to deliver actionable insights.

Web: QBurst develops web applications ranging from eCommerce stores and content management systems to highly available and secure enterprise applications. As consultants, it can suggest innovative, cost-effective solutions and implement them for clients.

DevOps: It helps to explore how continuous integration, containerization, and orchestration can lead to a timely software release. DevOps is critical to ROI, which is influenced as much by application life cycle as by design and agile development.

Microsoft: As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, QBurst builds Microsoft-powered applications to suit clients’ unique business needs. Its solutions include web applications using ASP.NET framework, cloud solutions on Azure, content sharing, and collaboration through SharePoint, business analytics with BI, and apps customized for the Windows platform.

Design: Designs translate ideas into beautiful interfaces where customers interact with a brand. Focusing on usability guidelines, it builds intuitive user interfaces for websites, enterprise applications, and mobile apps.

Quality Assurance and Testing: At QBurst, quality assurance goes beyond functional testing and extends to cover usability, vulnerability, and performance. QBurst can be contacted for thorough verification of clients’ app before they put it on the market.

Meet the Leader

Prathapan Sethu, Chief Executive Officer: In his role as the CEO of QBurst, Prathapan provides overall leadership and direction for all aspects of the company’s business including strategy, software development, and global delivery models. He has been at the helm of QBurst’s operations ever since its inception in 2004. Among his key accomplishments is the development and expansion of QBurst’s business across six countries. He built the organization from the ground up, providing innovative solutions, uncompromising quality, and best-in-class service to its clientele.

“Insight-driven healthcare or gamified learning, our engineers will use the best of technology and tools to tackle your specific problem.”