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Promoting business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology: Celerant Technology


We know who our customer is and we’re a company standing firm with our point of view.” – Ralph Lauren

Celerant Technology is a privately held Corporation, providing high quality, advanced retail management software systems to retail organizations. Celerant CEO, Ian Goldman, comes from a retail management software background and founded Celerant Technology to build an entirely new type of retail system from the ground-up. The software that resulted uses Java technology to solve data integration issues with an all-in-one system, seamlessly integrating all areas of retail, in real-time.

Celerant Technology is atypical when it comes to comparing it to other enterprise-solution companies. Its approach is more individually focused rather than mass-produced. In addition to traditional planning, implementation, training and support services, Celerant provides a range of customized services designed to serve the more complex retail enterprises. These services include custom development, integration with ERP and legacy systems, and integration with alternative points of presence. Celerant Technology’s headquarters are located in Staten Island, New York with satellite offices in Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

‘Control your entire operation right at your fingertips’, says Ian Goldman

Celerant Command Retail Software: Celerant Command Retail is a real-time POS retail management system that manages all areas of a retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, multi-channel/E/M-commerce/kiosk, data mining, and more, in a single integrated system. Celerant Technology provides a multi-channel retail software solution within one system. All retail channels are integrated, seamlessly, with one centralized database, providing real-time visibility throughout the enterprise. The POS software at the retail store(s), E/M-Commerce site, mail/phone order and catalog, and warehouse are integrated within one, real-time system, eliminating the need to re-enter data and online orders.

Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of each retail business, giving them the tools to take Command of their success. For an in-depth look into the capabilities and features of Celerant Retail Software, fill out the demo request form at the top of the page. After doing so, you will be able to view over 35 videos of our software in action, as well as schedule a live demonstration with one of our sales representatives.

Stratus Retail: Stratus Retail is the premier multichannel retail software by Celerant Technology. Stratus allows retailers the freedom to run their business in real-time, with a customizable retail platform. Point of sale, inventory, E-Commerce, mobile applications, and more are managed through a single system. Easily manage all of your retail channels with one flexible solution.

Stratus Retail POS is the most flexible, powerful and advanced tool on the market, with full access to all functions, including inventory, transfers, and receiving. This mobile point of sale solution can be accessed from any device with a web browser including tablets and smartphones, as well as traditional legacy hardware. Transactions are completed in real-time and are available at once, throughout the entire enterprise. Stratus Retail is enabled with functionality that works with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices to secure your data at the point of entry, so that sensitive cardholder information never appears in your system’s memory. Celerant also offers a data tokenization option to further secure payment data sent between a merchant and their bank.

Vendor Catalog Integrations in Stratus Retail were developed to provide retailers with an easier way to order inventory while reducing errors and increasing efficiency. With integrations to vendor catalogs, your staff can take advantage of browsing multiple catalogs and select the items they need, whether they are working on the sales floor or in the back office.

The Client Spectrum

Celerant offers a multichannel, retail software solution for numerous retail industries, including apparel, footwear, sporting goods, furniture, specialty, gifts, convenience and more. With over 450 clients primarily within the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, its retail system provides an all-in-one solution for retailers selling via brick and mortar stores and on the web. From the various retail industries that it serves, the big clients include Chinese Laundry, CATO, Teavana, Jeffrey and many more.

The Happy Client; CATO

Cato, a leading specialty retailer of women’s fashions and accessories, has made its debut into the world of online shopping with the launch of its first ever ecommerce site:  To cater to 21st century demands, Cato needed to create a highly sophisticated ecommerce solution that tied in existing inventory management systems, branding and service into a customer facing order management software – all within a tight eight month timeline. After a thorough selection process, Cato chose to partner with Celerant Technology, the leading mid-market retail technology provider, over larger competition due to their ability to offer a complete, customized solution within such an aggressive timeline.

“We are thrilled to enter the world of ecommerce,” says John Cato, Cato’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This significant milestone fully rounds out our services and offerings, along with our 1,100 Cato stores. Now our customers have the opportunity to access our fashions and accessories at any time from the comfort of their own devices.”

In keeping with Cato’s tradition and brand, Celerant was determined to create a website that enables customers to receive the same levels of service and products that they are accustomed to in each and every store. Celerant Technology succeeded in the challenging task of integrating all their existing components and systems, and on the timeline necessary to fulfill Cato’s vision.

“Our extensive, customizable software provides retailers with sophisticated tools to manage every area of their business operation as efficiently as possible.”