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Providing Solutions for Building Trusted Digital Relationships with Customers: Gigya

thesiliconreview-patrick-salyer-ceo-gigya-18Founded in 2006, Gigya is the Leader in Customer Identity Management. Gigya helps companies turn unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. More than 700 of the world’s leading enterprises, including 50% of the comScore top 100 US web properties, rely on Gigya to build identity-driven relationships with over 1.1 Billion customers while powering scalable, secure, privacy compliant customer identity management.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Gigya is privately held and has raised more than $100m in capital from several leading venture capital firms including Benchmark Capital, Mayfield, Intel Capital, Adobe Ventures and Stanford University. Gigya leads the customer identity and access management (CIAM) market according to recent reports from both Gartner and KuppingerCole.

Customer Data Management for the Enterprise

The solutions and proven implementation methodologies of SAP Customer Data Cloud help today's most successful brands build trusted relationships with 1.3 billion consumers.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya comprises three integrated cloud-based products with features designed to optimize the experience across the entire omnichannel customer journey and drive new business value. With its technology, your business can:

  • Securely identify and engage customers across channels and devices, deliver more relevant customer experiences based on first-party data, and protect your customers and your business with advanced security and privacy features.
  • Centrally manage your customers’ preferences and consent settings throughout their full lifecycle while putting them in control of their own data. Build trust with customers and comply with global consumer privacy and data protection laws and regulations.
  • Build customer profiles from permission-based customer data and seamlessly orchestrate them across every application and service in your technology stack. Govern customer accounts and technology platforms from a central location and gain access to advanced analytics and reporting features to drive better customer segmentation and personalization.

But, the value of the SAP Customer Data Cloud doesn’t end with Gigya’s products. With hundreds of large-scale deployments under Gigya’s belts across a variety of industries, its customer-obsessed implementation experts understand the challenges you face in today’s connected, always-on marketplace and are dedicated to driving your long-term success. As the trend toward putting permission-based customer data at the center of digital marketing, sales and service strategy continues to grow, the SAP Customer Data Cloud is on the vanguard of shaping a new customer journey based on transparency, consistency and real value.

Case Study

Softonic Scales to Millions of Users with Gigya

The Challenge

Despite being a consumer-facing technology company, stakeholders at Softonic were faced with a challenge that’s still surprisingly common in today’s digital marketplace: the user registration system on their website was rudimentary, and thus they had no way of collecting more than just basic information about the people downloading software. Softonic had two major goals in fixing this problem: to go down a path of higher user engagement and to understand more about their users. After attempting an in-house development project, Softonic realized that, for an effective customer identity solution, it was crucial to collect and store customer data comprehensively. As Softonic began evaluating different CIAM vendors, scalability was a major component of the selection process, in order to handle millions of user engagements every month.

The Solution

Other CIAM solutions considered by Softonic were not easily scalable, so Gigya emerged as a clear winner to be Softonic’s sole CIAM provider. “We felt going with a best-of-breed provider to store its huge amount of identities was crucial,” said Softonic COO Mike Weller. “When we did a competitor analysis, Gigya was clearly on top as best in the business.”

Within just a few months of selecting Gigya, Softonic began the process of importing 20 million users from their previous in-house email database into Gigya’s Profile Management repository. As Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) and identity storage features were rolled out across Softonic’s websites in 60 countries and 12 languages, Gigya essentially became Softonic’s entire email acquisition scheme. In the new registration system, all user data goes through Gigya, making it easy for Softonic to track their users. With Gigya’s Social Login feature, Softonic’s customers can log in seamlessly with their Facebook or Google accounts, and Softonic uses acquired social data to derive clues about how to best micro-target their customers.

The data Softonic acquires from its users reflects the type of downloadable content they’re looking for - whether software or an app - further solutions, or email and web push notifications. All data is stored and managed in Gigya’s Profile Management database, creating a single source of truth for all user profiles. For example, if a registered user visits Softonic’s website and downloads a product from a specific category, that category gets pushed to Gigya and is reflected in that customer’s profile. Even if a customer only browses a category without downloading anything, that category is still pushed to their profile so Softonic can personalize their experience going forward.

As for third-party applications in Softonic’s technology stack, Gigya is integrated tightly with Bronto — Softonic’s email service provider — to send personalized content to their customers. Softonic also has future plans to integrate Gigya with the OneSignal web push platform, which will send alerts directly to users, enabling deeper engagement with those users as they browse the website.

Meet the Key Executive

Patrick Salyer, CEO: Patrick joined Gigya in 2007 and has led the company's vision, strategy and operations. Before joining Gigya, Patrick co-founded a social applications company and served as a consultant for L.E.K. Consulting, a strategy consulting firm. Patrick holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Patrick’s grandfather was an entrepreneur and has always been the influential person for Patrick. A part of his legacy is a document he wrote in the 1950s outlining his nine steps to a successful life and business and Patrick have this document on his desk, and it's a big source of inspiration for him.

“To build trust with customers and remain in compliance with regional privacy regulations, your business needs a centralized way to manage your customers’ preference and consent settings. And for that, we have the answer.”