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Providing the Highest Level of Security & the Best Product in the Market to Protect Against Ransomware: Storgrid


“With Storgrid, organizations can support mobile users and manage file sharing without losing control”

In today’s distributed enterprise the need to share information has gone beyond what traditional systems can provide. Enterprise users have gotten used to the ease of cloud file sync and share (FSS) consumer-grade applications such as Dropbox, and are looking for a simple, easy way to share files in their business environment. Enterprise IT, on the other hand, are concerned with controlling where data is sent, how it is shared and how secure it is both in-transit and when stored in the cloud. Recent breaches into public consumer cloud services have proven those concerns to be justified, and the only solution is creating a secure, easy-to-use alternative.

Founded in 2011, Storgrid is a torchbearer, providing a secure software platform for creating enterprise file synchronizing and sharing (EFSS) solutions that protect information when employees use mobile devices or distribute files. Storgrid bases fill the privacy need of the employees in the company while at the same time establishing a total grip of data traffic inside and outside the company.

The Advent of Storgrid
With consumerization of IT, enterprises are plunging into the Bring Your Own Device revolution in order to bring flexibility and innovation to business operations, while enhancing employee satisfaction. Dubbed as BYOD, the sole idea is simple but the reality is much more complex and expensive than companies may realize. Without doubt, securing the data traffic that originates from any location and flows anywhere is the biggest challenge that led to the beginning of Storgrid. This is the truth in the age of mobility, where a mobile workforce plays the role of data custodians on account of BYOD practice. The variety of devices with multiple operating systems running on several mobile networks is a real nightmare for CIOs and IT managers. The scenarios like a loss or theft of a mobile device, or exit of an employee from the organization acts as a genesis of several security concerns. Unlike hosted alternatives, the Storgrid software-based platform uses existing infrastructure for superior return on investment (ROI). Storgrid’s software has been developed over the last decade and has been launched to the market in 2011. Storgrid has 6 software releases per year with smaller software updates in between. Storgrid has been founded in The Netherlands and has its main offices in Hong Kong and Santa Clara, California.

Market and current domain positioning of the Company
Storgrid is positioned as the EFSS Company including collaborative sharing and full encryption (ABE, attribute Based encryption, in transit encryption and end to end encryption). As part of the extensive Beylex family (e.g. Enhanced Big Data analyses, Social Mobile and roaming, Enterprise resource planning) Storgrid is experienced in various domains and is on top of developments. As a member of the international encryption standard Board, the company is a leading player for BYOD solutions like secure file sharing.

Storgrid Offerings
Here are few of the many solutions developed by Storgrid:

Secure enterprise files sharing – Storgrid protects company’s confidential, private, and sensitive information. When files are shared through Storgrid, files remain on the company’s IT infrastructure and recipients receive email invitations to access information through Storgrid’s secure desktop and mobile clients or SSL/TLS web interface.

Mobile device sync – Storgrid keeps files synchronized across a user’s desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones for convenience. Information is updated to every connected device accessed by a user the next time a network connection is available, without any manual intervention by the user.

Distributed workforce
support – Storgrid simplifies the delivery of IT resources to remote branch offices (ROBOs), work from home employees and a mobile workforce staff. Integrated secure file sharing, multiple device sync, and BYOD file access allows employees and staff to experience continuous access to the information they need to work productively, regardless of their physical location, time of day, or access device.

Extended workgroup collaboration – Storgrid supports broad collaboration between disparate groups such as employees, vendors, customers; channel partners, contractors, and others provided access privileges without compromising information security or data protection. Trusted individuals such as managers, employees or IT staff maintain total control over which individuals can view, update or delete workgroup files to protect against unauthorized sharing of information.

Why choose Storgrid over its competitors
Storgrid has developed a multilingual platform through which employees can perform real time operations such as read, write, share, and edit files and documents. In an effort to make the suite collaborative, the company has incorporated SmartOffice from Artifex. Though the files are created by using SmartOffice, data leakage is prevented as the files are stored in the Storgrid client. The platform lends security and control over data flow to the individual users through various in-built encryption features. The need for encrypting the data is buoyed because of regulatory measures as well as the surge in ransomware and other cyber attacks orchestrated, offshore. Storgrid harnesses zero knowledge encryption methodology to safeguard data on the server side, the client side, and in the transit mode. On top of that it is extremely user friendly and can be implemented (on or off premise) in few hours. No extensive investments in hardware or a change in IT infrastructure is needed. For users nothing changes only new easy ways to use features.

Pro Customer products
The Company serves sectors like large banks, law firms, government agencies like intelligence departments, engineering companies. The product is working well with these customers. They are immensely satisfied as it is flexible and user friendly. The encryption technology is regarded as the best in the current market.

 Know the Key Executive

Frank M Lenarduzzi, Chief Commercial Officer – Frank is a long term IT professional with specialization in Enterprise solutions. Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) is an executive-level role, with the holder being responsible for the commercial strategy and the development of an organization.

 “We are used across the globe in profit and non-profit sectors. Our customer show case illustrates the added value of Storgrid in their organization.”