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Redapt – An end-to-end technology solutions provider that brings clarity to a dynamic technical environment


Its application might be a tough concept to grasp, but the idea of multi-cloud computing is a simple one. It's the choice of a business to distribute its assets, redundancies, software, applications, and anything it deems worthy not on one cloud-hosting environment, but rather across several. At its surface, this concept might seem to be rubbing against the grain a bit. For security purposes alone, having all your company's proverbial eggs in one basket appears the best way to keep your information from suffering leakage. Plus, many cloud-hosting companies will offer perks and discounts when your company uses their services in totality.

Redapt is one such firm that helps companies accelerate their business through innovation. Leveraging AI, machine learning, IoT, modern applications, and infrastructure, the firm creates a hybrid and multi-cloud solutions tailored to the way your teams work. By embracing intelligent cloud technologies, your people can create new experiences for customers and prospects, multiply efficiencies, and uncover competitive advantages. Not just another vendor, Redapt partnerships run deep to unleash innovation and explore new digital heights. The firm builds a framework to withstand any change or unexpected challenge so you can focus on your business' continued health, create strategies for further growth, and weather any storm.

Products offered by Redapt

Datacenter Infrastructure: The data center is the backbone of your business. To develop and deliver innovation for your customers, you need a sound data center infrastructure to handle all of your needs. From design to delivery, Redapt helps you develop the right data center infrastructure to increase your productivity and efficiency, scale with your needs, and ensure your data remains secure. The firm brings about a change in the technical environment by investing in modern data centers, companies large and small that can leverage the power of the cloud to save money, streamline workflow, increase productivity, maximize data capital, and fully transform into a digital enterprise.

Advanced Engineering Services: Every business has different needs when it comes to advanced engineering services. The firm helps you implement new technologies with best practices, so your team can quickly leverage new features and benefits. The company has a team of expert engineers to guide you through the design and configuration process of emerging datacenter technologies. Redapt will provide you with expert advice on specific projects or overall engineering services to ensure you invest in data center solutions that deliver expected outcomes with confidence.

DevOps Automation: DevOps automation can revolutionize how your organization develops, tests, and deploys new products and services. The firm can help transform the way your developers and IT services work together to increase efficiencies and build more resilient applications significantly. The firm helps you better understand what the technology is and how it can help your organization.

Public Cloud Implementation: Public cloud solutions significantly increase the agility of your organization without the need for data centers and infrastructure. Redapt works with you to find and put to work the right public cloud service. The firm believes in providing an all-encompassing public cloud implementation framework.

Cloud-Native Apps: Cloud-native apps provide your organization with the ability to harness the agility and scalability of cloud resources. They develop cloud-native apps or refactor legacy apps while injecting security and compliance requirements. The firm helps your organization have all the tools they need in the cloud and see which of your current apps will work in the cloud so your organization can quickly enjoy its benefits. The firm also ensures your applications make it to the cloud safely and securely.

IT Asset Disposition: Deploying new datacenter infrastructure and cloud migrations are exciting milestones, but they often result in a final challenge. The process of decommissioning legacy data center assets is tedious and full of data security risk.  Fortunately, there is a better way to dispose of data center assets and eliminate the risk of exposing sensitive data. Partner with Redapt and they will take care of the decommissioning task and help you recover its remaining value. Their expert team will help you to uninstall datacenter hardware and remove it from your facility efficiently.

The formidable leader

Rick Cantu is the Co-Founder, President, and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Redapt. Mr. Rick is a key contributor to our vision, business strategy, product development, marketing approach, and global operations.

"We will help you build a framework to withstand any change or unexpected challenge so you can focus on the continued health of your business."