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Redefining Security for cloud-native apps & infrastructure – Aqua Security


“Aqua aims to provide organizations with a trusted, fast, and scalable security solution.”

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. One such firm which is pioneer in AI and cloud-native app is Aqua Security.

Aqua Security provides scalable security for the complete development-to-development lifecycle of containerized applications. The firm enables companies to use containers for their many benefits without compromising their application and data security. Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their container-based and cloud-native applications from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security.

Aqua’s Container Security Platform provides full visibility into container activity, allowing organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks, providing transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

Solutions redefined by Aqua security

Aqua provides full Dev-to-prod security across the entire CI/CD pipeline and runtime environment, giving their customers end-to-end visibility and protecting the applications against attacks.

Automate DevSecOps

“Shift Left” is one such security system which was added early into the DevOps pipeline, accelerating application delivery and removing obstacles to digital transformation.

Modernize Security

Ensure the flow of “good code” with application-aware controls while automatically detecting and preventing suspicious application activity.

Compliance & Auditing

Enforce regulatory compliance with granular container-level controls and reporting, across the entire cloud-native app lifecycle.

Serverless Containers & Functions

Extend security to serverless containers and functions, enabling elastic and secure deployment for services such as AWS Fargate and Lambda.

Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud

Enable secure cloud migration, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments, with persistent controls that travel with your workloads.

Securosis Container Security Guide

The definitive cookbook for securing containerized applications, from understanding the risks to mitigating them - by the experts at Securosis.

Full Lifecycle Cloud-Native Security Platform

Leverages Modern SDLC to Improve Security: the company secure applications before they are deployed, mitigating risk, enforcing immutability and easily detecting and blocking anomalies based on the application context.

Designed for Scale and Performance: the firm built the AI platform for the growing needs of the world's largest enterprises. It can scan thousands of images daily, and protect clusters with thousands of nodes, with a minimal performance impact.

Built for Multi-Tenant Environments

Manage multiple team deployments or multiple customer tenancies using a central console. Maintain separation of data and access, ensuring complete isolation between tenants.

Aqua security products

Cloud VM Security and Compliance

Automate the security of VMs in your private, public and hybrid cloud environments, using a policy-driven approach with single-pane-of-glass visibility across containers, serverless, and VM-based workloads. Scan VMs for vulnerabilities and malware, apply File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), track user activity, and prevent VM configuration drift.

Vulnerability Management

Aqua scans VMs, container images and serverless functions for known vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, configuration and permission issues, malware and open-source licensing. Based on a constantly updated stream of aggregate sources (CVEs, vendor advisories, and proprietary research), we ensure up-to-date, broad coverage while minimizing false positives that often occur when using only a single source.

Any of the parameters can be used to create custom image assurance policies that prevent artifacts from being built, progressed in the CI pipeline, or run in production.

Runtime Protection

Aqua prevents untrusted code from running and ensures that VMs, containers, and functions remain immutable, preventing any changes to running workloads compared with their originating images.

You can monitor and control activity in real-time, based on custom policies and machine-learned behavioral profiles. Alert on or block suspicious activities and processes without killing or pausing workloads, ensuring business continuity for your critical applications.

Secrets Management

Aqua securely delivers secrets to containers at runtime, encrypted in transit and at rest, loading them in memory with no persistence on disk, where they are only visible to the container that needs them. Integrate with your existing enterprise vaults, such as HashiCorp, CyberArk, AWS KMS or Azure Vault, and transparently update, revoke, and rotate secrets with no need to restart containers. They also give you visibility into which secrets are being used, and in which running containers.

The leader behind the success of Aqua Security

Dror Davidoff is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Aqua security.

“The adoption of cloud-native technologies provides an opportunity for security to be redefined, addressing the chronic cybersecurity skills gap through automation.”