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Reshaping the Enterprise and Optimizing the Customer Journey with: Apptium Technologies, LLC.


"Winner of 2016 Pipeline Innovation Awards. The global recognition for the brightest ideas.”

Established in the year 2014, APPTIUM is a leading Solutions Provider in the Commerce and Customer Journey Capitalized serving Telecom, Media, Entertainment, High Tech and Financial Services clients globally. The company is an expert in delivering business-driven technology solutions. It helps clients gain competitive advantage by using Internet-based technologies to make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities and threats, strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and reduce information technology costs.

Apptium in the Market
APPTIUM combines innovative software and services with deep business knowledge to accelerate implementation of integrated customer management by the world’s leading digital service providers. By delivering a comprehensive portfolio of software and services that spans the customer lifecycle, APPTIUM enables service companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience, which results in stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Its Value Proposition affords the ability for APPTIUM to build on a solid business model as a strong foundation in economically difficult times. APPTIUM’s success factors include support for new digital products in the market fueled by Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) sustainable development and application lifecycle management, high revenue and earnings contributions in a new market with direct distribution in North America, Europe and APAC.

The Customer Journey Solution
APPTIUM helps its Client Partners gain competitive advantage by using technology to make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities and threats; strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners; improve productivity; and reduce information technology costs.

The companys’ business-driven technology solutions enable these benefits by developing, integrating, automating, and extending business processes, technology infrastructure and software applications end-to-end within an organization and with key partners, suppliers, and customers. This provides real-time access to critical business applications and information and a scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective technology infrastructure for APPTIUM’s client partners.

Now and Next
Now, the company has reached a tipping point where cognitive computing, big data analytics, cloud computing, and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming businesses around the globe including those outside the technology sector. APPTIUM is well positioned to address these focus areas with its Customer Experience Platform (CxP), Service Experience Platform (SxP) and Analytics Experience Platform (AxP), all of which bring forward newer web technologies, support for Big Data / Analytics, Decision Management and Cognitive Computing.

The Client Dimension
APPTIUM’s solutions serve the Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment, High Tech and Commerce Enterprise sectors.The companys’ clients span across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Some of their largest client partners include the largest Cable Operator in North America, a National Service Provider in Canada, a Multi-National Operator headquartered in APAC region and other Global 2000 Enterprises.Success story: Next Gen Agent Desktop (Telecommunications).

Business Challenge: Today, call center operators need access to information from multiple, complex, non-integrated systems, and be highly skilled, traversing multiple processes and touch points in order to efficiently handle customer service calls. With high attrition rates, the cost of training new staff and maintain a consistent customer experience is a challenge. Anational telecom service provider in Australia was faced with a challenge to improve call center efficiency by reducing call handling times and increase first contact resolution rates, for a superior customer experience.

Solutions: The solution enabled agents to make informed decisions to troubleshoot issues quickly by providing all the necessary information in a highly efficient and user-friendly web interface. The care operators are able to focus on interacting with the customer, as the solution automatically performs customer validation and initial fault diagnostics; so that when the operator picks up the call he/she has immediate insight into the customer, service used, and the issue – resulting in significantly improved customer perception and sense of customer intimacy throughout the interaction.

Business Value: The solution resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, with over 60% reduction in average call handle times, over 80% improvement in first contact resolution. Significant cost savings are being realized with reduced training requirements by one month, because of the intuitive simplified user interface.

Meet the Master Trio

Rick Kapani, Founder and CEO: Rick is charged with aligning technology development and corporate strategy to enable Apptium to anticipate, shape, and lead major market transitions. He brings business acumen, people management skills and strategic vision in his leadership role. He helps direct technology and operational innovation across the company and oversees strategic partnerships, and the cultivation of world-class technical talent. Rick carries over 20 years of Technology and Telecommunications experience, which has been widely recognized for his creative mindset and visionary leadership.

Dinesh Pandurangan, CTO: Dinesh is an accomplished motivator of technical and professional staff, with fifteen years of experience in telecommunications networking, services, and management. He has excellent people development skills and a strong knowledge of technology life-cycle management, consistently improving the bottom line of all products he delivers.

Binish Patel, VP and Head of Solution Services: Binish brings more than 13 years of success in providing leading organizations with solutions to help solve complex business challenges. He has proven capabilities in developing high-level customer relationships and is adept at understanding clients’ critical issues, which helps him to provide rapid, high value and high quality customer experience solutions.

“Our Goal is to continue to be routinely recognized by our partners, trade and industry authorities and most importantly, our clients as a Leading Solutions and Value Provider.”