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Revolutionizing Equipment Fleet Operations: Tenna


A dot on a map will show you the location of your stuff, but Tenna will tell you if your stuff is in use, scheduled for another job, needs maintenance and more.

Tenna is a construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. Going beyond tracking, Tenna blends cutting-edge technology with more than 100 years of construction experience to help companies know more, control more, and make more.

Tenna’s mission is to develop great products and services that provide valuable, innovative solutions for the construction industry. It strives to simplify the complicated.

Tenna: Synopsis

How it All Started

In 2014, Austin Conti and Jose Cueva met in North Carolina. Working for The Conti Group, Austin was the Superintendent and Jose a Project Engineer of a $67M project for the NCDOT reconstructing 3.8 miles of road and building a new 65-foot high bridge over water. They both were there on assignment (out-of-staters) and as a result, were housemates as well as co-workers. They quickly realized that there was a gap between what they needed on the job versus what could be found across the jobsite and what was available within their sizable equipment fleet at any given time. Thus, the idea was sparked to create a construction technology platform to revolutionize equipment fleet operations.

Total Construction Equipment Fleet Management

Heavy Equipment Tracking: Your capital-intensive heavy equipment is at the core of your operations. Bulldozers, graders, cranes and loaders are critical to getting jobs completed and monitoring their hours, assignments, location and maintenance is essential for keeping your projects moving. Tenna’s GPS tracking hardware captures all the information you need to know about your heavy equipment, stores it in the Cloud and interprets it for you on One Platform, giving you visibility across your entire mixed fleet in a central location.

How Heavy Equipment Tracking Works: Tenna uses cellular and GPS technology to track your heavy equipment so you have complete visibility over your many widespread assets. Be alerted as construction equipment enters or leaves a site, when machinery needs maintenance, or other telematics insights.

Just install Tenna’s asset tracking devices to your equipment to stay connected and informed. You can attach its GPS tracking devices to vehicles or equipment or plug into the onboard diagnostic ports to collect location updates, usage and more. Tenna’s Bluetooth tracking system collects location data when in range with its app on your smart device.

Manage Your Equipment: A dot on a map will show you the location of your stuff, but Tenna will tell you if your stuff is in use, scheduled for another job, needs maintenance and more. This data enables you to make better decisions.

Tenna’s heavy equipment GPS trackers automatically collect telematics such as hours, miles, location and maintenance data in real-time giving you control over your equipment fleet.

With Tenna, you find more efficiency and value from your most important machinery.

Fleet Tracking

Real-Time Updates on Your Fleet's Movements: Your fleet of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are a major investment.

Tenna’s family of GPS tracking devices are designed to keep you compliant and your fleet moving, by giving you complete visibility into where your vehicles are, how they’re operating, and what needs maintenance.

How It Works: Tenna provides several GPS fleet trackers and solutions coupled with its One Platform to give you the information you need to safely operate and maintain your fleet.

Tenna’s Our Internet of Things (IoT) fleet tracking devices use GPS asset tracking technology to capture your critical fleet data in real time and store it in your Tenna fleet tracking system.

Tenna uses cellular data plans — like a cellphone or tablet — to track, locate and log your fleet information. It leverages wireless networks that deliver critical telematics information, no matter where vehicles travel.

High-Tech Made Easy: Tenna makes it easy to stay on top of your fleet. Its devices plug into your vehicles’ onboard diagnostics ports and/or use JBUS connection cables to automatically transmit to Tenna for effortless fleet tracking.

You or your drivers can use Tenna’s asset management app to review logs, hours of service, vehicle records, location, Real Time Data when assets are running, maintenance needs and status, submit DVIR inspections and more.

Monitor as your vehicle travels between job sites with Real Time Data, trips and advanced map functionality and get updates on engine operations, performance and speed, hard braking, sharp acceleration and idling at the street-view level with Driver Scorecards.

Midsized Equipment Tracking

Track Valuable Equipment on the Go: Every day, your crews use valuable equipment — light towers, generators, pumps and more — that are important for your projects and costly to replace. When these assets are lost, late or damaged, your projects get delayed and you are forced to invest in replacements and lose valuable time.

Tenna’s solution helps you monitor your important mid-sized equipment and your entire mixed asset suite.

How It Works: Tenna’s equipment tracking devices coupled with its powerful asset management app lets you find more insight and efficiency from your equipment.

Install Tenna’s GPS or Bluetooth units on machinery that gets spread out and easily misplaced. Use battery- powered units on assets that don’t have their own power sources for automated tracking.

Besides, Tenna trackers connect to its cloud-based platform for one integrated asset tracking system. The app works in the field with your crews’ smart devices.

You get consolidated data on your mid-sized equipment so you can find more productivity.

The Right Tracking Device: Tenna provides a range of asset tracking devices and equipment tracking solutions for any of your mid-sized assets.

Tenna’s GPS trackers, cellular trackers, or Bluetooth asset trackers communicate autonomously to its asset management software. Choose models with extra long-life batteries or those powered by the sun or your equipment.

With Tenna’s cloud-based asset software, you can store unlimited photos, add assignees, and even find where your equipment is on a satellite map.


Tracking Solutions for Small Tools

Needed Every Day Easily Misplaced: In your yard and on your jobsites, you have hundreds — maybe even thousands — of small tools and assets, ranging from chainsaws to power drills, compressors to jackhammers and surveying and testing equipment. Tenna is aware that this one cost center gets out of control because these assets easily go missing.

With Tenna’s equipment tracking app you can scan a QR code or read a Bluetooth Beacon signal to know when an asset is handled or hauled. Don’t let items get misplaced or left behind — take control.

How It Works: Tenna integrates your assets into one easy-to-use cloud-based asset tracking system. Tenna helps you better manage small assets and tools so they’re available when you need them.

Tenna’s QR code labels and Bluetooth (BLE) trackers are ideal for smaller items. Every tag or tracker has a unique ID code – simply attach one to each of your assets.

When you scan the QR code or a BLE with a smartphone, Tenna instantly updates the equipment location, date and time, and who scanned it. You can also add photos to document the tool’s condition and maintenance needs. Construction consumables such as inventory and construction materials are easy to manage with QR codes on the Tenna App.

Your asset info is stored on Tenna’s single platform, along with your data for mid-sized and heavy equipment, so you can find all your asset data easily.

The Right Tracking Device: Not all your mixed assets need GPS tracking. For small assets and tools, Tenna recommend its QR code and Bluetooth Beacon technologies. Why? Because, the company believes that you need the right sized tracking solution – one that fits on the asset and is cost effective.

Tenna provides a variety of small equipment and tools asset tracking devices and equipment management solutions to track all your hand-held tools and other small assets.

Leadership | Tenna

Austin Conti: Austin, co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tenna.

Jose Cueva: Jose, co-founder, serves as the Vice President (Product) of Tenna.

Tenna’s family of GPS tracking devices are designed to keep you compliant and your fleet moving, by giving you complete visibility into where your vehicles are, how they’re operating, and what needs maintenance.