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Safe-T Data: Providing ultimate cyber security solutions for the enterprise market

“Incorporated in 2013, Gartner Cool Vendor 2015 awardee – Safe-T enables organizations to benefit from enhanced productivity, efficiency, heightened security, and improved regulatory compliance.”

Looking for a data security solution which will ensure security in your corporate data related transactions? Then look no further than Safe-TTM Data. A provider of secure data exchange and access solutions, the company’s offerings have gained immense popularity among the various industries they serve, including financial, healthcare, government and manufacturing organizations, over the years.

The brain child of Amir Mizhar, a well-known Cyber-security entrepreneur, Safe-TTM Data was set up after Amir spent many years working at leading enterprises in the USA developing data exchange solutions and learnt about the industry’s pain-points in the process. He decided to put his knowledge and expertise to task and built a successful data security solution in the market, with the assistance of an excellent team of people with experience is sales, product, security, cyber and more.

“In the initial 18 months of the company’s life, we focused on the Israeli market, battle testing the platform, driving out competition and gaining the most prestigious clients in various sectors – government, finance, healthcare, insurance, industrial, and more. Today, we have matured not just as a company, but also as a team, such that at the end of 2014, we were successfully able to launch our North America operation and recruit a seasoned sales team from leading vendors such as Axway and Accellion, as well as the head of MFT at JPMC”, said Amir.

Array of products and services offered
The product range of Safe-T is classified into Safe-T Box and Safe-T RSAccess

Safe-T Box- it enables organizations to broker, control and secure data exchange of any type and size between people, applications, cloud solutions and businesses. Built on the industry’s widest range of pre-configured application and cloud connectors and powered by an automated security policy enforcement engine, Safe-T Box is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of data exchange Patterns for enterprises of all types including to and from the Cloud.

Safe-T Box offers multiple innovative solutions:

  • Cloud Access Security Broker: Utilize cloud storage and services while maintaining full visibility, governance and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.
  • Secure File sync and share: Secure enterprise collaboration solutions, enabling users to safely share files from any device (desktop, mobile, web) and from any location.
  • Secure managed file transfer: Securely transfer sensitive files into and outside the organization with a secure, user-friendly file upload and FTP replacement solution.
  • Secure Data Exchange Network: Transfer any file type and size securely to remote branches, business partners, and customers with an intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Secure email: Send encrypted emails of any size and type to registered or ad-hoc recipients, providing a simple, easy to use, fully auditable alternative to PGP.

Safe-T’s RSAccess- Secure Data Access is a disruptive and breakthrough secure reverse-access solution that is designed to overcome the challenges of today’s DMZ networks and network segmentation, prevent criminal access to applications, application hacking, and protect classified networks within the enterprise infrastructure. RSAccess is protocol and application agnostic, allowing it to be easily and quickly integrated into any organization’s network.
Safe-T offers the following RSAccess disruptive secure access solutions:

  • RSAccess Application Access Proxy (AAP)- reduce costs and complexity of secure part­ner access into corporate data and applications
  • RSAccess Front-end (FE)- enable secure reverse-access to any applica­tion without opening any ports in the firewall
  • RSAccess Network Gateway (NGW)- trans­fer files and application data between network segments without opening ports in the firewall
  • RSAccess Cloud- Secure reverse-access to entire organizations’ data centers with a one-of-a-kind cloud security service

Safe-T Box & RSAccess: Carrying a unique approach
Safe-T Data offers many differentiating factors that set it apart from its competitors:

Safe-T Box’s differentiators are –

  • Only solution that unifies and supports all data exchange scenarios
  • Only solution with no open ports in the firewall
  • Only solution that seamlessly integrates with Outlook, iOS & Android
  • Best-of-breed policy enforcement and workflow engine
  • The only data exchange platform featuring a Secure Vault
  • Most agile integration into organizations’ networks and systems
  • Only On-prem and Cloud solution.
  • Only platform to virtualize, Secure and Govern Box, Drop Box, Google Drive and OneDrive

RSAccess differentiators are –

  • Protocol and application agnostic
  • Offers robust authentication options for all types of users
  • Removes the need to distribute SSL certificates for partners
  • Performs SSL decryption in a secure zone, while removing any SSL keys from the DMZ
  • Ensures there is no need to deploy DMZ components which can be hacked and utilized to access the network
  • Removes the need to open ports in the firewall, thus preventing port and OS scanning attack vectors
  • Scales across massive communities

A preferred choice among customers
It takes years for a company to become the most trusted amongst their clientele. Safe-T succeeded to attain this position in an industry notorious for cynical claims of Security.

Safe-T’s Safe-T Box addresses the following pain points –

  • Preventing data leakage, breaches and theft
  • Blocking malware and virus outbreaks from infected incoming data
  • Ensuring that confidential data does not reach the wrong hands
  • Effectively securing confidential data in and out of the organization
  • Tracking all data activity in and out of the organization
  • Simplifying all data exchange flows

RSAccess addresses the following pain points –

  • DMZ stores sensitive data which is not properly secured
  • External users are granted access to the internal network
  • DMZ servers can be used to hack into the internal network
  • Firewalls/VPNs are vulnerable to attacks
  • Port scan on a firewall reveals the internal network
  • SSL keys are held in the DMZ

Territory of Clientele
The company provides data security solution to different clients for wide range of industries including financial, healthcare, government and manufacturing organization. Safe-T takes pride in having clients such as: Bank Ha’Poalim (Israel’s largest bank), Banque Heritage, Temenos, LBG in Bank and Finance sector; Israel’s National Electricity Company (IEC), Israel’seGov institutions in Governmental Institutions sector; Ayalon Insurance, Hachshara Insurance Company, Analyst, Psagot, Excellence in Insurance sector; Iscar, ECI, Given Imaging, Plasan Sasa, Delek, Coca Cola in Large Corporations and eviCore, Florida Blue, Hadassah hospital in Healthcare sector.

Amir Mizhar, Founder and Chief Software Officer
Amir Mizhar lead Safe-T vision to deliver the industry’s best security solutions for enterprises while streamlining security into critical business workflows. Prior to founding Safe-T, Amir founded and lead eTouchware, acting as chief software architect for an innovative file sharing system with over 500,000 users. As founder and CEO of M-Technologies Amir leads the vision and creation of online collaboration tools, and online merchandising systems for retail markets. Developing commercial software programs since the age of 13, Amir is an expert ethical hacker and currently holds multiple patents in the area of data transfer over communication networks.

Shachar Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO
In his role, Daniel is responsible for overall vision, company’s strategy, day-to-day operations and growing Safe-T’s business and presence around the world. He brings to Safe-T more than 10 years of experience in various managerial roles in operations and project management. Prior to joining Safe-T, he was program manager at Prime-sense, Head of operations project managers at Logic and Project manager at Elbit systems.

Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Industrial engineer from Holon Institute Technology and MBA from the college of management academic studies in Israel.

Eitan Bremler, Co-founder and Vice President, Marketing and Product Management
Eitan is responsible for overall global Marketing and Product Management activities of Safe-T including product strategy and roadmap, product marketing, positioning, go-to-market and corporate marketing. Bremler brings to Safe-T more than 12 years’ experience in marketing, product marketing and product management roles. He has diverse technological, field engineering, product management and marketing experience including design, implementation and launching networking, collaboration, and security solutions.

Derek Schwartz, CEO Safe-T North America
Derek has over 25 years of leadership experience in aspiring global organizations delivering creative solutions to Enterprises. Specifically, Derek’s knowledge in Mission Critical Secure Data Transmissions at Cyclone Commerce, Axway and SEEBURGER as well as merging in acquisitions such as Tumbleweed will drive Safe-T to the next level in its business development. Derek’s networks stem from living, working and building businesses in Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Asia and South Africa.

“We provide innovative and leading secure data exchange and secure data access solutions, help our customers secure, manage, and broker all of their data and traffic patterns.”