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Securicy – Simplifying Data Security and Privacy Controls to Help Organizations Meet Regulatory Requirements and Industry Expectations


Business organizations today create, aggregate and store massive amounts of information from their customers, including behavioral analytics, usage data, personal information, credit cards and payment data, health care information and more. The increase in enterprise data collection over the past decade, along with the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches, has led to significant developments in the field of Information Security Management for IT organizations. Information security management describes the set of policies and procedural controls that IT and business organizations implement to secure their informational assets against threats and vulnerabilities.

Securicy is one such information security management platform for businesses selling to large enterprises. The Securicy platform uses industry-leading best practices to generate information security policies and automatically create implementation tasks. Securicy acts as your command center, providing access to the tools, resources, and advisors your business needs for building and maintaining security compliance. Its information security management platform guides companies as they establish and maintain the robust security programs needed to sell into enterprises and highly regulated industries.

Leveraging Robust Information Security Management Products and Solutions

Securicy’s Business Continuity Plan Builder: It guides companies through creating and activating a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan. This gives businesses the tools to be prepared in the face of unexpected events, navigate an ongoing crisis, or quickly respond to the disruption in their operations. Businesses that are prepared for “whatever comes next” are more likely to react quickly, mitigate emerging risks, and avoid catastrophic damage to their organization. You can create employee groups, like engineering or marketing, and assign policies that they need to read and sign off on. Easily launch your security awareness training program and assign courses for your employees to complete. In Reporting Center, you can monitor employee task completion and policy sign off.

Security Command Center: Easily prove security program compliance to your clients, executives, investors, and stakeholders. Reporting Center allows you to easily view reports or export PDFs personalized for your audience, based on your selected frameworks and regulations (including SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more). Use your internal Security Dashboard and reports to track employee sign off on policies, implementation progress, compliance status, or your security awareness program. Get customized policies compliant with your industry or regulatory requirements. Start by answering a series of questions about your business — its automated Policy Builder will do the rest. Policies are the foundation for the customized information security and privacy compliance program that Securicy creates for you, based on your needs and industry best practices.

SOC 2 Hub: Pursuing SOC 2 certification can feel overwhelming – from understanding and capturing every control to executing implementation tasks and finally, managing the audit process. With Securicy, you get a SOC 2 command center that puts you in complete control of your compliance success. Your SOC 2 compliance relies on a foundation of information security and privacy policies. Securicy’s SOC 2 solution saves your countless hours researching and writing policies. The platform auto-generates a complete set of company-tailored policies that meets the Trust Services Criteria used in SOC 2 assessments. Securicy assesses your current security measures and business infrastructure, helping you identify gaps to reaching compliance with the SOC 2 standards. With its integrated Information Security Gap Analysis report and step-by-step, you’ll gain clarity on the timeline and resources required to meet requirements, address identified vulnerabilities, and reduce security risks.

HIPAA-Compliant Security and Privacy Program Designer: The foundation of HIPAA Compliance Fast Track is a custom-generated information security and privacy program, with comprehensive internal policies, procedures, and controls. The Securicy platform develops a tailored set of critical components based on privacy regulations (HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and CCPA) and information security best practices (SOC 2, CIS). Its security experts can provide additional guidance to make sure your program meets the unique needs of your business. As part of a gap analysis, Securicy will also develop a plan including practical technical recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified and reduce security risks to get you quickly moving toward accomplishing your goal.

The Leader Upfront

Darren Gallop is the Chief Executive Officer of Securicy.

“Securicy is built by people that have experienced the challenges of implementing information security best practices. We understand what it takes to meet the ever-increasing demands of customer and regulatory-driven security requirements.”