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Shaking the hygiene market, Bringing Dramatic improvements: Care4

thesiliconreview-ishan-sharma-founder-care4-2017Over the years, the hygiene industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth as hygiene products are increasingly being adopted into the lifestyle of the masses. Consumers today look for products that are strong, flexible and reliable for use. From the absorbency of diapers and the tear resistance of tissues to the quality of paper napkins and adhesiveness of sanitary products, consumers need guarantee on such characteristics. In addition to that, with the increased awareness and increasing purchasing power, customers are fast shifting from cloth or other traditional solutions to diapers. Thus, there is a need for diapering solutions that go beyond the basic benefits of dryness and go the extra mile to incorporate value-adding features such as softness and caring for the patient’s skin and hygiene. And FibrilText Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that takes care of this need. Mr. Ishan Sharma is the founder of this technical textile arm of the Ishan group and the brand “Care4”.

Care4 is a brand brought to life with an aim to provide the best hygiene products which are specially made for the Indian market at the most affordable prices. The company strongly believes that good hygiene is not a luxury and should be available for all, equally. At Care4, it is made sure that families around the country get access to products that are safe, rigorously tested, environmentally-friendly, and created specifically to care for one’s unique needs. Having strong roots in science and technology, each of its products is innovatively developed for delivering and meeting high standards.

A customer driven company

Care4 has received a massive response from the domestic as well as international market for its products, which has led it to be the India’s fastest growing hygiene company. Its aim to deliver the most affordable products with the best of quality has put it on the top of the competition and earned it a positive acceptance by the end customer. The company has invested aggressively in the past few years by setting up state of the art manufacturing units in Vietnam, U.K, and China, and is still expanding by further setting up manufacturing units in UAE and Russia. It is constantly working on innovative solutions to provide long term efficient and economic end products to the Indian customer.

Rendering trustworthy services of hygiene products

Baby Diapers and Adult Diapers are its products. The baby diapers are specially engineered with ultra soft and breathable material to ensure that the baby stays comfortable. Care4 Hygiene promotes the well-being, healthy growth, and development of babies through the provision of right quality of diapers. It strives to provide families with best hygiene products in the market at the most affordable prices.

Care4 has made a mark as a quality brand and enjoys a high customer loyalty by offering range of unique features. Millions of senior citizens have embraced an active lifestyle with dignity after using Care4 Adult Diapers. Doctors recommend adult diapers for patients with prostate disorders, piles, incontinence, urology problems, and diabetics. It is also used by patients who are paralyzed, bedridden or disabled. During old age, incontinence has become a common health issue which needs to be addressed timely with the right solution in order to prevent day to day lifestyle damage. So, Adult Diapers prove to be very important for any individual who is bedridden or has regular incontinence problem. In India, the incontinence problem with senior citizens is on the rise and the same has caused a rapid increase in the demand for adult diapers.

Commitment to excellence

Its experience, knowledge, skill and ability to deliver products which are manufactured using the latest innovation in the textile technology industry are the factors that have differentiated the company from the rest. Its ability to offer high-end and effective range has found huge support from its world-class infrastructure which spreads through a vast facility. Its manufacturing units are well facilitated with all tools and equipment which are essential for carrying out manufacturing work with a great pace.

Initially, the major challenge that Care4 faced in the hygiene industry in India was due to the lack of information and knowledge about the usage of these products. A major part of Indian population still has zero knowledge about the hygiene products available in the market and the ways of their usage, and Care4 took the tough challenge to educate its customers before providing them with its products. It is using all different types of marketing campaigns from radio, TV, Print, etc. to on ground activities like visiting the rural parts of villages and giving seminars on proper hygiene and ways to use these products.

Let’s meet the visionary behind Care4

Mr. Ishan Sharma is a textile engineer and holds a joint honors degree in Textile Technology and Business Management from the reputed University of Manchester, UK. Ishan Sharma joined the family conglomerate in 2011. The family owned business group has its core interests in Real Estate, Infrastructure development, Traditional Textiles, Retail and Technical Textiles and has a net worth of around 700 Million USD.

Technical textiles being the expertise sector of Ishan Sharma, he went on to start developing and expanding core business outside India by aggressively investing in the technical textile sector and setting up state of the art manufacturing units in Vietnam, China and U.K. The company has invested around 30 Million USD in the overseas manufacturing facilities. Seeing a gap in the market for hygiene products and the poor availability of affordable, good quality domestic manufactured products, Ishan Sharma knew there was an opportunity waiting to be tapped. Ishan Sharma is a dynamic entrepreneur who has a proven track record of successfully delivered products and solutions to the market.

“At Care4 we examine every ingredient, combination of ingredients and the safety of our products with the level of scrutiny we would want for our own babies. Our teams of technocrats review the latest research to choose ingredients that are best for your hygiene.”