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Sinequa – Helping the World's Largest Organizations Provide Their Employees with Relevant Information and Insights via Intelligent Enterprise Search


The significance of Enterprise Search continues to grow rapidly.  Let me explain the reasons and how management should address this topic. In terms of work productivity and the development of Digital Workplace environments there is probably nothing more important than to provide employees with the necessary tools and work environments to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. However, in the course of time companies introduce new applications without knowing or taking into consideration that work becomes increasingly difficult for their employees who are supposed to benefit most from them. This is the case for instance with ECM (Enterprise-Content-Management) technologies and cloud solutions, to which in particular small companies have turned and which have been flooding the market during the last few years.

Sinequa is one such firm that serves both large and complex organizations with the most complete enterprise search, ever. Customers employ their intelligent search platform to connect all content (both text and data), derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context. This solves content chaos and informs employees through a single, secure interface. They get the knowledge, expertise, and insights needed to make informed decisions and do more, faster. These organizations accelerate innovation, reduce rework, foster collaboration, ensure compliance, and increase productivity.

Leveraging Industry-Leading Enterprise Search Products

Intelligent Search Platform: Today, data-driven enterprises don’t fully achieve this. They rely on employees to bring context to the data to become informed. This requires employees to give extra thought and effort to evaluate the available options and make the right decisions. This, in turn, results in poorer corporate performance. To take the burden off employees and become truly information-driven, organizations need four enterprise search capabilities: secure access to all enterprise content, interpretation of content in a specific context, continuous learning, and intuitive presentation. Help employees across your enterprise find the insights they need to move your business forward with the Sinequa Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform. By combining a collection of analytical features into a unified whole, they’ve built a platform with unlimited potential that can scale across use cases and user types. Sinequa intelligent search platform provides these capabilities and more. Sinequa provides automation to help interpret meaning from various content ingested by its platform. The platform combines natural language processing technologies to remove the noise and produce clean and enriched information.

Sinequa Intelligent Search for Microsoft Azure: These days’ large organizations know they must amplify their focus on digital transformation to survive and thrive. As a result, the adoption of intelligent search has become increasingly critical. Business lines are generating unprecedented amounts of digital content. Pressure is building for IT departments to make sure employees can get the information they need to make informed decisions. Sinequa for Azure ensures employees always have the information they need to perform at their best regardless of their role. It supports multiple applications, each of which is tailored to the specific user’s needs. Designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft Azure, the platform is configured to streamline everything from deployment to backup. The architecture and code are tuned to Azure specifications, to ensure an optimal experience for administrators and end-users.

Sinequa Integration for Teams: The digital workplace is going through a transformation like no other. Employees need to be more productive than ever as they increasingly rely on digital work environments to do their job. Sinequa helps employees discover knowledge and turn it into relevant insights, right within Microsoft Teams. The ability to quickly find relevant information and content is critical for making informed decisions, and ultimately delivering value to the business. Sinequa has extended its powerful search technology to Teams to help enterprises elevate productivity and collaboration - all in one place. The Sinequa platform offers a single access point to content and insights that live within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem. This serves as a foundation to provide relevant search results, precise analytics, and accurate robust machine learning. It helps to handle complexity beyond what’s possible with a more traditional approach.

Alexandre Bilger | CEO

With over twenty years of experience as a top executive within enterprise software, Alexandre has a proven ability to build and lead high performing organizations. In addition to being a thought leader, he is passionate about cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing and natural language processing. Prior to being appointed CEO of Sinequa, Alexandre co-founded and was Chief Technology Officer of eFront, a data-processing software vendor specializing in the financial industries.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines. Alexandre is a champagne and travel enthusiast with a genuine passion for Japan.

“We bring meaning to your data, turn it into information that enables more informed decisions, accelerates innovation and increases efficiency.”