30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2021

Providing a Quicker Path to the Cloud: Skytap


Cloud computing is perhaps the most flamboyant technological innovation of the 21st century. This is because it has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology in the domain. This adoption has been fueled mainly by the ever-increasing number of smartphones and mobile devices that can access the internet. Cloud computing is not just for organizations and businesses; it’s also useful for the average person as well.

Considering the numerous benefits that cloud computing offers to organizations, a fair case can be made that cloud computing is increasingly becoming the new normal. Cloud computing is helping the society to cope with future problems such as managing big data, cyber-security and quality control. In addition to this, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and many other capabilities are becoming available as services through cloud computing.

Skytap is one such company which is a global cloud provider that accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with robust cloud-native development and services. Skytap Cloud makes it easy to build, run, and evolve these hybrid applications by rapidly migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, enabling modern development practices, and integrating new cloud architectures. It powers multi- and hybrid-cloud strategies through secure connections to other clouds and on-premises data centers. The technology accelerates application development, simplifies management, and reduces IT costs, enabling hundreds of customers worldwide to modernize at the pace of their business.

Next-Generation Cloud Services Offered

Skytap on Azure: With Skytap, your traditional workloads — AIX, IBM i, Linux on IBM Power, and x86 — can run natively in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. This means your organization can take advantage of core cloud infrastructure capabilities, including capacity on demand, self-service provisioning, high availability, and disaster recovery (HA/DR). With Skytap on Azure, your business-critical applications are on the latest IBM Power hardware, procured and maintained by Microsoft. You can minimize the latency between traditional workloads and those running natively on Azure. You also can enhance traditional applications to extract more value from your data with Azure services—including advanced analytics, AI/ML and Azure SQL—and more easily integrate traditional and Azure native applications.

Skytap on IBM: It enables your DevOps and test teams to instantly create unlimited copies of complete data center environments, eliminating configuration drift. Skytap environments integrate with your existing Power DevOps tooling, as well as IBM UrbanCode so you can take advantage of modern software development practices to accelerate software delivery, improve the quality of your applications and increase business agility.

Course Manager: You can no longer rely on in-person instruction and physical labs and classrooms to meet the software training needs of your teams and customers. Course Manager allows you to provide a wide range of flexible, scalable, and easy-to-provision training options. A great product demo is more than just a feature walkthrough. It’s a chance to build credibility. Customers want to see hands-on demos and realistic POCs that are customized to their needs. Course Manager lets your sales team quickly provision self-guided demos that customers can experience at their own pace. It takes just a few clicks to provision a fresh demo environment from a known state, for a consistent experience every time. The environment can then be tailored to the customer for maximum impact. Easy-to-use templates enable your sales teams to build customized demos for every meeting—without requiring IT support. Custom-branded demo portals provide for a more personalized experience.

The Resilient Leader Upfront

Brad Schick serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Skytap. He has over 20 years of engineering leadership and founder experience in enterprise and consumer technology. He is a software industry veteran with a proven team and corporate leadership skills. Mr. Brad has successfully led product development through all lifecycle phases; from conception to operation. Demonstrated ability to define and achieve business goals and build high bandwidth teams. He is a senior-level software architect with extensive technology experience and deep knowledge of scalable distributed systems. Passion for hands-on problem solving and software development at all levels.

“We are the best cloud service to support AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power together with x86 workloads.”