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Smarter digital transformation::SiriusIQ automates your business processes with cutting edge solutions


“SiriusIQ – Pairs Massive Automation with Human Subject Matter Expertise to Drive a New Level of Productivity”

Automation is a labor-saving technology by which a procedure or process can be performed with minimal human interaction. Automation is commonly used to achieve a higher production rate and better productivity. It also contributes to the efficient use of materials, improved safety, lesser factory lead time, and better product quality. Higher quality of output and increased productivity has been the primary justification for automation. Better process controls the automation offers drastically reduces scarp. One of main reasons to automate industrial operation is for worker safety. Automated systems can most of the time remove workers from the workplace to safeguard them from the hazards of the factory.

SiriusIQ is a Delaware based company that focuses on next-gen AI with workflow automation that streamlines business processes, conversations, analytics and more. SiriusIQ is in the business of delivering sophisticated data-driven solutions, usually in 80% less time than traditional approaches in development and deployment. With its platform at the core, SiriusIQ uses an agile approach termed ‘Aggressive Incrementalism’ to deliver critical path milestones in quick bursts in an ever-widening landscape of capability. SiriusIQ is the culmination of years of experience of the company’s founders in building very high performance, massively scalable data driven solutions. With background in finance, retail, energy and healthcare the founders crystalized their learnings in a set of patterns that are the foundation of the SiriusIQ platform and with the breakneck in advances in cloud computing, the same patterns can now be delivered to customers to create their own high performance data solutions in record time.

Ali Shadman is the CTO of SiriusIQ. He spoke about the company in an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Do you think modern organizations are failing to effectively streamline their operations? How is your company helping to fill the void?

Streamlining operations is a critical part of all well-run businesses. The challenge is the legacy of systems and processes that have been around for years and have become too brittle to change. We have embraced this challenge by upending how systems are built. SiriusIQ builds systems where exceptions are first-class citizens. With the ‘exception first’ approach, we can create smaller functioning solutions that are able to grow and expand dynamically as ‘exceptions’ are handled. Not having to design and plan a solution in its entirety first, gives our customer agility and confidence to move forward breaking silos and innovating new processes.

Q. How has AI transformed the process automation segment?

Many organizations are captive to their long established ‘tried-and-true’ processes and tooling. While the approach may have been ‘modern’ a decade or so ago, reality of how cloud computing has evolved simply renders many of those processes and tools obsolete. SiriusIQ designed and built its platform on pure cloud technology while instantiating the patterns of performance using AI as the catalyst. For AI to be transformative in process automation, solutions embedding AI must have an operational model core that can be evolved as well as data in the right shape and form to feed AI algorithms. We have seen too many organizations fail in using AI in this context because they were not prepared with solid plans for these fundamental requirements.

Q. There are many other reputed companies in the market catering such services, how are you a better service provider?

SiriusIQ is different: we are not a services company; we are a ‘solution acceleration’ company. We have used our patterns to build a solid technology core that can be used to connect and orchestrate products and IP from the cloud. Built as an exception-first, model-driven engine, we can significantly shorten the time-to-value for our customer’s investments in a real and meaningful way.

Q. Explain how your services are ready to deal with the ‘never-ending change’ in digital transformation?

‘Aggressive incrementalism’ coupled with exceptions as first-class citizens are the key!  Our solutions are designed to deliver value incrementally – quickly. We embrace uncertainty using our model-driven core to pivot and navigate through changing requirements to deliver results that are aligned with the reality of the situation and enabled by cloud technology.

Q. How efficient is your quantum class computing platform? Explain.

‘Quantum class’ is how our core technology has been described. The engine operates within the same layer of Microsoft Azure that Microsoft’s own services operate at. Its operational governors continually monitor and adjust the engine, so it works within the maximum allowed limits of Azure. Unbounded, SiriusIQ’s engine can spin up millions of tasks in seconds and move billions of objects and terabytes of data between connected systems. The governors are required to ensure that connected system and third-party components are not overloaded which happens from time-to-time and if it occurs, we work collaboratively with our partners to provide the required fixes or updates to ensure limitations are understood and minimized, so they understand limitations of their software better and are able to provide the required fixes and updates.

Q. Larger the network. Bigger the issues. How do you deal with the security concerns with automated workflows?

We implemented our core engine using complex high-performance, enterprise computing patterns; including security. Every micro-service in the engine is secure by design and while we do not want to go into details, we can share that every line of code, every data object flow and every thread of execution is instrumented and we are able to detect the smallest anomaly or unforeseen condition in real-time in the telemetry stream.

Q. What are your plans for the future development of your company?

One item that is on our near-horizon plans is the addition of ‘domain models’ in the core engine. Domain models describe patterns and behavior around key vertical business processes. At this time, we are working with industry experts in healthcare to capture information in that domain and are about to kick-off the same for financial services.

Stalwart behind the success of SiriusIQ

Ali Shadman drives strategy and execution of product direction, partner eco-system and IP acquisition. Prior to SiriusIQ Ali, drove the digital transformation of DXC’s Workplace & Mobility practice. Ali has had a number of senior executive roles in the industry including SVP Business Cloud for Infor and VP/CTO for HP.

“SiriusIQ is on a mission to revolutionize how machines can both improve the way people work and the overall wellbeing of our planet”