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SQ Digital – Providing world-class digital marketing solutions and helping SMEs to navigate this fast-paced world


With the emergence of the IT Sector, businesses across different industry verticals have changed their ways of management, sustenance, and communication. Digital opportunities have been spreading like forest fire giving birth to e-commerce and opening doors wide for tons of business online. The importance of digital marketing for small business and large is rapidly growing as the internet and it springing up with a new mechanism to explore every day is only making the space larger for the business sector to progress. Digital Marketing has opened a plethora of opportunities to reach, interact with, and identify your customers better. It's the most economical, better, and direct way of getting your target audiences, contrary to the traditional marketing and advertising that involves a substantial monetary flow. Digital Marketing Services has only created a more extensive scope for existing businesses to expand their horizons and reach a larger customer base or target specific customers as per needs. This ever-growing market is now open for small, big businesses, and everyone who wishes to capture the audience online.

SQ Digital is one such firm that has been an agency with a heart for helping SMEs to navigate this fast-paced world for over two decades. The firm takes pride in the relationships between its team members and with the clients. At SQ Digital, they go below surface level: they know, care for, support, and respect each other. Likewise, its relationships with clients are built on trust, transparency, and genuine empathy.

Top-notch digital marketing services and solutions offered by SQ Digital

Content Marketing: Content marketing is the most effective way of attracting the attention of potential customers. It not only helps you to build trust and authority within your industry, but it also contributes to indirect and direct sales. As one of the first organic search marketing agencies, the firm has been writing high-quality content from its base in Lancaster since 2000. Before it begins your digital marketing campaign, it will spend time carrying out in-depth audits on your existing content, as well as the content produced by your competitors. This approach puts them in the best position to identify a content strategy that makes valuable use of data and insight. For a successful content marketing campaign, the company believes your content needs to be part of a consistent and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This means working closely with other online marketing disciplines, and it has everything you need under one roof. The writers at SQ Digital are experts in creating the perfect tone of voice that ensures brand continuity, user engagement, and meets the criteria set out by SEO. That's a good use of heading structure and uploaded with the correct HTML structured text.

Social Media Agency: From its base in Lancaster, its social media experts create targeted and highly effective campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, based on customer personas that tell them where your typical customer spends their time online. This includes remarketing techniques, which puts your ads in front of potential customers who've already shown an interest in your products by visiting your website. The firm also will target new audiences to increase your visibility across different platforms. With social media so easily accessible, how your brand comes across online is more important than ever. SQ Digital's social media executives work closely with the content team to ensure your latest content, from blog posts to company news, is pushed out on the right platforms at the correct times. The firm dedicates time to social media optimization to improve your social media platforms, build your presence online, and increase the number of likes and followers to your account.

Digital PR Agency: A well-implemented digital PR strategy can provide valuable exposure designed to boost your company's reputation alongside creating brand awareness. Digital PR works predominantly in the same way as traditional PR, but rather than exclusively focusing on offline mediums such as newspapers and magazines, the company also focuses on marketing your business through online channels. The firm places a lot of emphasis on fostering valuable relationships with a network of industry experts relevant to your sector. They recognize the value this can bring to your business by reaching out to these critical influencers with engaging and creative content. Whether you're promoting a new service, raising money for charity, or celebrating a significant milestone, SQ Digital's skilled outreach and PR experts will carefully craft an exciting and newsworthy story as part of your digital marketing efforts.

The visionary leader behind the triumph of SQ Digital

Vilayet Essa is the Co-founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SQ Digital. Along with his brother Husen, he co-founded SQ Digital in 2000; it was among the first SEO agencies to open in the UK. With over 20 years in the digital marketing industry, Mr. Vilayte is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with clients. Leading a team of sales and account managers, he is responsible for ensuring all the clients are happy, utilizing his decades of experience to create, implement, and oversee successful digital campaigns. Mr. Vilayte is also an expert in SEO with a remarkable skill for identifying clients' opportunities to increase website traffic, improve rankings, and generate more business.

"We gather valuable information about your business and use it to help you get the most from your digital marketing."