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Suhas Uppalapati, AmeriPro EMS President and CEO: ‘We Pride Ourselves on Providing the Highest Patient Care and Efficient EMS Operations’


“We provide sophisticated tech-enabled medical transportation.”

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Americans suffering from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in low-income communities waited for 10 percent longer for ambulances than those in high-income areas. Emergencies require immediate response irrespective of the financial status. Minutes and sometimes seconds can often mean the difference between life and death. Knowing that, AmeriPro EMS was set up to bring efficiencies with effective use of technology and analytics. AmeriPro is one of the fastest-growing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulance transport companies in the south-eastern United States, serving hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and critical care centers and providing general medical transport services. Using modern technology and state-of-the-art ambulances, AmeriPro provides an unmatched patient experience with ultra-safe, ultra-comfortable transportation and highly skilled staff. The company’s sophisticated, tech-enabled vehicles provide instantaneous wireless transmission of patient data and real-time safety monitoring of patients for the best patient outcome possible. This translates into reduced wait times for patients and increased hospital throughput and revenue capture.

Suhas Uppalapati: Interview Highlight

There are many other reputed healthcare institutions which are providing such services, what makes you comparatively a better service provider?

As the healthcare industry shifts towards a hub-and-spoke model, more strategic planning will be required. It’s a revenue play on the part of hospitals to create more offerings in remote communities, rather than expecting everyone to come to a single central location. We can help them to drive more patients, more volumes, and more value-based care, and more cost-effective care. Besides, we provide sophisticated tech-enabled medical transportation. We have invested in the latest cutting-edge technology to provide premier patient experience through stringent quality control measures, driver safety tracking software and efficient communication platforms with receiving facilities. This allows for seamless high-quality patient care from the moment of request to patient intervention and increases the patient experience while providing solutions to our healthcare partners.

Medical emergencies highly rely on time. How efficient is your medical transportation?

AmeriPro is built to empower and enable EMS technicians – the quality of service has been a core fundamental and focus of the company. By focusing on proper EMS fundamentals, we have been able to achieve a strong reputation of high-quality care, ease of use by customers, and high operational efficiency.

Besides, we have invested in the latest industry technology to reduce hindrance stressors on EMS technicians and allow employees to focus on efficiency and proficient clinical practices.

AmeriPro EMS is not just like any other service provider, it is saving lives. How do your services outshine the competition?

We pride ourselves on providing the highest inpatient care and efficient EMS operations. We strive to transport our patients to and from their destinations on time and with their safety in mind.

Most importantly, we offer emergency management consulting that is focused on comprehensive emergency management plans and related disaster, homeland security and business continuity planning, training, and exercise services, including active shooter planning. Our team of planners, subject matter experts, exercise developers, and trainers are prepared to help you with your emergency preparedness, homeland security, and business continuity requirement.

Are there any new healthcare services getting ready to be launched?

  • Mobile Integrated Health: Our commitment to partnership means we understand the challenges hospitals face with throughput, patient satisfaction, readmissions, and high utilizers of emergency services. This is why we developed such successful programs such as our Mobile Integrated Health (MIH). Our specialized MIH program can be implemented to assist hospitals that are strained by substantial monetary penalties for patient readmissions costing
  • Reduce over utilization of the Emergency Department for non-emergent patients
  • Reduce readmission rates and potential/actual penalty expenses
  • Utilization of EMS to support community health needs and fill gaps in care

Leadership | AmeriPro EMS

Suhas Uppalapati, President/CEO: Suhas Uppalapati serves as the Chief Executive Officer of AmeriPro EMS. He is a seasoned business leader with experience in various industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, Real Estate, Strategy Consulting, and Technology. Mr. Uppalapati owns multiple businesses, held several senior executive positions, and served on prestigious boards. He has gained significant experience applying an outsider’s perspective to companies across a range of industries and creating disruptive changes through technology and data analytics.

Mr. Uppalapati received an MBA from Duke University, an MS in Computer Science from George Mason University, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University in India.

Larry Richardson, Executive Vice-President/COO: Larry Richardson, Executive Vice-President, serves as the Chief Operating Officer of AmeriPro EMS. He gained extensive experience in EMS, quickly rising through various ranks from paramedic to director; holds numerous EMS certifications. While working in the EMS industry, Mr. Richardson grew increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies, resistance to change, lack of technological advancement, and antiquated care infrastructure.

Mr. Richardson received an MBA from the University of Georgia and a BS in Management concentrating in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from Clayton State University. Importantly, he’s a former U.S. Marine.