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Syniverse – Leveraging a Future-Proof Network Architecture for Mobile Communications Providers


Having a mobile phone has become a large part of our everyday life. Many underestimate the value a phone truly holds when it comes to the information it stores. Your phone has your entire life on it.  Mobile security is a measure one takes to protect against a wide range of threats that seek to violate your privacy and seek to take any other information stored on your phone. These attacks on your mobile device are to take your private information such as bank information, login information, and other data.

Syniverse is the world’s most connected company, revolutionizing how businesses connect, engage, and exchange with their customers. For decades, it has delivered the innovative software and services that transform mobile experiences and power the planet. The company’s secure global network reaches almost every person and device on Earth. Its communications platform is industry-recognized as the best of its kind and each year, it process over $35 billion in transactions, revolutionizing how goods and services are exchanged. Which is why the most recognizable brands — nearly every mobile communications provider, the largest global banks, the world’s biggest tech companies, and thousands more — rely on Syniverse to shape their future.

State-of-the-art Mobile Security Products and Services Delivered

Consumer Mobile Marketing & Customer Experience: Syniverse has mastered mobile messaging, helping businesses around the world engage with their customers in a more meaningful way—boosting revenue and building brand loyalty for the long term. Its full-service, end-to-end solutions can make it a reality and deliver the best possible experience to your customers every step of the way. From idea to implementation, the company has all your messaging needs covered. Its omnichannel services can coordinate your customer engagement strategies across departments and give you a complete view of your customer and their preferences.

Mobile Security: Syniverse suite of mobile security solutions provide secure connectivity with the reach of mobile, the flexibility of software-defined networks, and the security of a private network. That empowers you to offer customers wireless and cloud connectivity access for enterprise and IoT applications. And it’s all backed by its extensive knowledge and expertise in the next evolution of network security. With Syniverse identity and authentication, you’re operating with pristine, precise information about your customers, protecting them across the entire mobile experience while securing trust in your brand. Manage consent, monitor interaction and stop fraud before it starts—keeping your business and your customer information protected. 

Mobile Network Operator Solutions: Exceptional network performance is essential to exceed growing customer expectations and overcome fierce competition. And achieving peak performance means successfully managing complexity, delivering reliability, and ensuring security. Syniverse ensures you have capacity when and where you need it, for both average and peak periods. The company can support a geographical topology for all regional network nodes, as well as onsite redundancy and strong security infrastructure. All while providing continual maintenance, persistent monitoring and solid contingency plans, so traffic's never disrupted.

Outsourcing and Consulting: Your roaming business is full of untapped opportunity. The company’s experts will help you unleash it. With Syniverse’s Roaming Management Services, you can enhance customer experience by preventing roaming bill shock and expanding your coverage, and streamline your operations to maximize revenue.  The company’s experts can craft a successful end-to-end mobile engagement strategy, from current-state assessment to execution and analysis. And they will track it all against business goals and integrate departments throughout your company.   

IoT and Emerging Wireless: The public internet was never designed for security, and every day—as millions of more “things” connect to the internet and travel the globe—it jeopardizes your data, privacy, and reputation. Syniverse solutions protect IoT connectivity from the threats of the public, bypassing it entirely, and shielding all the assets it puts at risk. Syniverse delivers complete cellular connectivity through a single source. Global reach that covers more than 200 countries, flexible device provisioning, and robust analytics are just the start of the unparalleled power you possess with Syniverse.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Andrew Davies is the Chief Executive Officer of Syniverse.  Prior to joining Syniverse as CFAO in June 2020, Mr. Davies served as the CFO of Sprint Corporation from July 2018 until the closing of its merger with T-Mobile USA. Before that, he spent four years serving as Group CFO for Amsterdam-based VEON. Prior to joining VEON, Mr. Davies spent more than a decade with Vodafone Group holding various financial leadership positions in Japan, Turkey, and India, before being named CFO of Verizon Wireless in the U.S., which at the time was a joint venture between Vodafone and Verizon Communications.

Mr. Davies started his career with KPMG in Wales before serving in elevated senior finance roles with GE, Honeywell, and the Caudwell Group in both the U.K. and the U.S. Mr. Davies graduated with an honors degree in mathematics from London’s Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine. He is an Associate of the Royal College of Science and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

“We reach more people and devices than anyone on Earth, empowering you to transform how you connect, engage, and exchange with the world.”