30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2021

Syrinx Consulting – Committed to Deliver Robust, Scalable, and Flexible Software Solutions


Syrinx is a developer-owned and run, custom software engineering firm with over 80 full-time engineers located in the United States. With concentrations in enterprise application development, big data, IoT, eCommerce & payments, mobile apps, and much more, its two main delivery models are agile sourcing and custom project delivery. Syrinx's software development team is comprised of experts who understand, integrate and bring to life agile, scalable technology and business solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company has spent the last 20 years building great software for its clients and working with the latest technologies.

Best-in-Class Software Solutions Delivered

Enterprise Application Development: Applications today are more connected and distributed than ever. It's not uncommon to have a handful of external connections per application in order to swap data or stay in sync with other systems around the globe. In order to help secure and manage these APIs, Syrinx works with many off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Its clients look to them for help in planning, developing, and implementing distributed solutions securely and seamlessly. The company also bundle best in class testing to speed up and improve quality of both design and delivery.

Mobile Payments and e-Commerce: The mobile payment market for goods and services, adopted globally, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The most obvious evidence of mobile payments' growing popularity can be seen in the sheer scope of consumer spending. Syrinx stands out in mobile payments and e-Commerce services by incorporating omnichannel demands, synchronization across in-store devices and a rich set of features that optimize your entire business from front-end customer experience to back-end logistics and inventory. The company builds apps with instantaneous information exchange amongst devices and all relevant databases; with synchronization built into the very foundation of the apps; and as such apps delight users with an intuitive, independent usability. Mobile payments and apps will revolutionize the way your business operates.

Mobile Development: Syrinx mobile development team is comprised of experts who understand the technology and work directly with your firm to create and deploy the unique, targeted app or apps that are ideal for your organization. And they understand that it's not just the technology that needs to function; its integration, agility, scalability, inventory, marketing, and customer experience factors too.

Strategic Resourcing: It is the company’s most agile and popular entry-level service. Sometimes you want specific skillsets you don't possess in-house; or you have to deliver on-time and on-budget a mission-critical short-term project. Syrinx stands out from the crowd with a pool of highly-vetted talent whom they retain on-staff, and are made available for on-site client engagements. Its consultants are amongst the top talent in the industry and the majority of its clients end up working with them for additional and on-going projects long after the initial scope.

Syrinx excels at assisting customers implement modern JavaScript frameworks into their existing or new applications. It has several consultants experienced with ES6, React.js, Angular.js, Angular2.0 and Node.js, that can seamlessly fill any gaps on your engineering team.

The Relentlessly Reliable Leader

Andrew Gelina serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Syrinx. He brings over 20 years of software architecture and development experience to his role as CEO of Syrinx, where he is responsible for the strategic direction, technology focus, operations management, and growth of the firm. He is also an experienced intellectual property technical expert for patent litigation. Prior to joining Syrinx in 2003, Andrew helped build Web Technology Partners into a leading software engineering consulting firm before selling it in 2000 to, the global online career and recruitment resource.

He also worked closely with Microsoft to scale its .NET platform to Monster's huge transaction volumes. Andrew has also worked in several other areas of technology leadership, performing technical due diligence for companies considering acquisitions and selling professional services. Mr. Gelina graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received a bachelor's degree in Operations Management. Andrew is a member of the CEO Roundtable of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

“We’re at the forefront of innovation for building software solutions that keep pace with the changing state of business and technology.”