December Special Edition 2021

Take Command – Accelerating the Adoption of the Health Insurance Reimbursement Model


Healthcare reimbursement describes the payment that your hospital, healthcare provider, diagnostic facility, or other healthcare providers receive for giving you a medical service. Often, your health insurer or a government payer covers the cost of all or part of your healthcare. Depending on your health plan, you may be responsible for some of the cost, and if you don't have healthcare coverage at all, you will be responsible to reimburse your healthcare providers for the whole cost of your health care. Typically, payment occurs after you receive a medical service, which is why it is called reimbursement. There are several things you should know about healthcare reimbursement when you are selecting health insurance coverage and planning your health care.

Take Command is one such start-up, which is on a mission to improve the healthcare system, starting with health insurance. Pragmatically speaking, the company helps employers reimburse employees for individual insurance instead of offering a traditional one-size-fits-all group plan. The company believes this model can empower employees (when they have the right support) to be savvy healthcare consumers and have a transformative impact on the entire healthcare system.

Leveraging Best-in-Class Health Insurance Reimbursement Solutions

HRA Platform: The software will walk you through step-by-step designing your custom HRA. If you need help, one of the company’s HRA experts will be happy to get on the phone with you. Whether you reimburse your employees manually or use its new AutoPay feature, the software will give you peace of mind with clear reporting and easy-to-follow instructions. Update your employee roster, review claim amounts, download past reimbursement statements, and so much more. The reimbursement statements within the portal will help you understand who you are reimbursing and for how much. The company helps your employees shop for insurance. Their dedicated teams of licensed insurance agents are available to help your employees’ research and find an individual health insurance plan. Quickly get clear insight with its overview dashboard and easily manage your details online with access to features roster management and reporting tools. Design your HRA online with its software or connect with one of the design consultants to discuss and create the ideal HRA that fits your budget and your company’s needs. You don’t need to know all the answers. Its dedicated account managers and customer success team are available to help you and your employees get the help you need.

AutoPay" (beta): The new AutoPay option enables employers to take advantage of ICHRA and all its benefits without asking their employees to pay premiums out of pocket and wait for reimbursements. It has one simple monthly payment that covers all of your reimbursements for insurance premiums (and medical expenses) for all of your employees. The platform will manage the payments for your employees’ health benefits, reconciling their premiums and allowance with your payroll. The enrollment Team’s entire focus is to provide you and your employees with the best possible insurance shopping experience. Its dedicated team of licensed insurance agents can help research and find great individual health insurance plans. Your employer will reimburse you directly for your reimbursement claims. Each month, Take Command Health will deliver a reimbursement statement to your employer so they know exactly how much to reimburse you. Double-check with your employer on the timing and process of the tax-free reimbursement. Medicare is a qualifying health insurance plan that can be reimbursed through both ICHRA and QSEHRA, though the requirements vary slightly. With ICHRA, an employee must have Part A and B or Part C to qualify for participation. If you are eligible or about to become eligible for Medicare, Take Command has an official enrollment partner who can help you enroll in Medicare coverage that is reimbursable through your employer’s health reimbursement arrangement.

The Pre-Eminent Leader

Jack Hooper is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Take Command.

“We are pragmatically idealistic. We believe a clearer path to health insurance is possible, and we believe creating that path is our primary purpose.”