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Taking agriculture intelligence to the next level: AgEagle


Imagery technology has flooded the agriculture industry for years but has struggled to prove useful in the broad suite of tools for farm management. AgEagle was created to pioneer, innovate and advance aerial imaging data collection and analytics technologies capable of addressing the impending food and environmental sustainability crises that threaten our planet.  Its daily efforts are focused on delivering the metrics, tools and strategies necessary to define and implement intelligent sustainability and precision farming solutions that solve important problems.

Since its founding in 2010, AgEagle has grown to become a trusted partner to major food manufacturers and precision farmers seeking to adopt and support productive agricultural approaches to better farming practices which limit impact on its natural resources, reduce reliance on inputs and materially increase crop yields and profits.  It serves them through sales and leasing of its proprietary, rugged fixed wing drones and its proprietary FarmLens data capture and analytics solution.

​In 2019, it began implementing a defined technology expansion strategy that has since resulted in the market introduction of ParkView -- a proprietary aerial imagery and data analytics solution designed specifically for assessing and supporting sustainability initiatives involving municipal, state and federal public parks and recreation areas; and the introduction of HempOverView, a proprietary web- and map-based technology solution designed to aid U.S. state and territorial departments of agriculture in efficiently optimizing oversight, compliance and enforcement of the new hemp cultivation industry fast emerging in America.

​While its business is powered by technologies that allow us to soar above the Earth's surface, its belief systems and core values are firmly rooted in making a positive difference in the lives of those it serves, partners and shares the world.

AgEagle’s Analytics Solutions

FarmLens: To date, FarmLens has processed more than 2 million acres of crops, analyzing data from over 50 countries and 53 different crop types, and creating 11,000+ comprehensive crop reports. 

Used as a PC-based system or on any mobile device, FarmLens is one of the industry's leading drone-enabled agricultural intelligence solutions that identifies areas of concern in crop fields and rapidly returns reliable health maps, tailored for agricultural applications.  Whether using one of AgEagle's proprietary fixed wing drones or another type of drone, FarmLens can stitch and process images from nearly any drone equipped with a near infrared sensor.  Its integrated image processing and analytic services save time and eliminate technological hassles and costly computing requirements.    

Park View: Leveraging the underlying drone-enabled imaging technology and deep analytics capabilities of FarmLens, ParkView has been adapted to empower municipal, state and federal parks and recreation agencies to utilize aerial imagery and sensor data to better inform green infrastructure maintenance, irrigation cost management and natural resource preservation, among other sustainability objectives.

HempOverView: The innovative HempOverView platform, powered by AgEagle, elegantly marries the simplicity of a web-based data collection and management app with the power of map-based aerial imaging technology. State administrators and growers are now able to connect, share, maintain proactive communications and collaborate on developing best practices for hemp cultivation registration, compliance and enforcement. Benefits include lower program management costs, new revenue channel development, real- or near real-time remote oversight of hemp fields, and much more. 

AgEagle’s Core Values

​AgEagle is consciously fostering a corporate culture in which its core values are deeply ingrained in its identity and serve as a compass to guide its decision-making and business-building processes.  They represent its personal mandates and the source of AgEagle's drive and distinctiveness, thoughtfully weaved into its organizational fabric to influence how it thinks, works and acts.

Meet the Expert

Michael Drozd, PhD, Chief Executive Officer: Michael assumed the role of AgEagle''s new Chief Executive Officer on May 18, 2020.  For the past three decades, Michael has earned distinction as an accomplished business leader with a proven reputation for business building, market development, product commercialization, entrepreneurship and innovation.  Prior to joining AgEagle, he was recruited by a Denver-based private equity group to serve as the CEO of their Hemp Companies (renamed RYTE). RYTE’s holdings include a sizable hemp farm as well as a major CBD extraction and ag processing facility, along with an IP portfolio.  During his tenure, Michael launched RYTE Brands as a diversified portfolio of CBD companies through acquisitions and led the Company’s first acquisition, Moksha Chocolate.  In addition, he recruited a world class leadership team, optimized CBD extraction to create one of the highest quality CBD crude oil extracts at scale, and helped launch a consumer-facing brand.

Michael received dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Duke University in 1989 as an AB Duke and General Motors Scholar.  He earned his Master’s in Optical Engineering from Cambridge University (England) attending as a Churchill Scholar.  He also received a Master’s degree in Engineering-Economic Systems (Business / Engineering Management) from Stanford University and was a National Science Fellow. He received his Ph.D. from Duke University in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1997.  

“We are trusted to help the world's growers and urban green managers proactively assess and manage the health of commercial crops and green infrastructure.”