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Talend – Changing the Way the World Makes Decisions through Its Data Integration and Data Integrity Platform


Maintaining data integrity is important for several reasons. For one, data integrity ensures recoverability, traceability (to origin), and connectivity. Protecting the validity and accuracy of data also increases stability and performance while improving reusability and maintainability. Data increasingly drives enterprise decision-making, but it must undergo a variety of changes and processes to go from raw form to formats more practical for identifying relationships and facilitating informed decisions. Therefore, data integrity is a top priority for modern enterprises.

Talend is one such company whose Data Fabric is the only platform that seamlessly combines extensive range of data integration and governance capabilities to actively manage the health of corporate information. This unified approach is unique and essential to delivering complete, clean, and uncompromised data in real-time to all employees. It has made it possible to create innovations like the Talend Trust Score™, an industry-first assessment that instantly quantifies the reliability of any data set.

Revolutionary Data Integrity Services Delivered

Data Integration Service: It can be challenging to collect the right data from diverse sources, and an even bigger challenge to do so at the speed your business demands. Talend provides a unified approach that combines rapid data integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks to ensure trustworthy data every step of the way. Data integration is at the heart of the entire Talend Data Fabric platform. Convenient self-service tools make it easy to ingest data from almost any source, and integrated preparation functionality ensures that your data is usable from day one. From the rapid ingestion of data to a cloud data warehouse to the most complex multi-cloud projects, Talend Data Fabric can meet your needs.

Application and API Integration: With Talend, you can share services and trusted data across internal departments and external groups with user-friendly APIs. Streamline DevOps and lower operational costs by implementing APIs and microservices, which teams can reuse to build new projects, instead of reinventing the wheel each time. Talend Data Fabric gives you everything you need to meet the real-time demands of the business with APIs and event-driven architectures. Use a single, unified platform for API development, application and data integration, and data quality to increase team productivity and deliver solutions to market faster. Talend helps you increase your business agility, so you can respond faster to business opportunities or threats.

Data Integrity and Data Governance: Poor and uncontrolled data can compromise your ability to make sound business decisions and build better digital experiences. Talend helps you fight data chaos with a unified platform to discover, federate, and share trusted data to all the people who need it, so they can spend their time on revenue-generating tasks. Because data is useless until it’s clean, compliant, and accessible, data integrity and governance are essential capabilities of the Talend Data Fabric platform. Improve data trustworthiness with automated quality checks and browser-based, point-and-click tools for sharing and capturing legacy knowledge from business users. Whether you’re modernizing your cloud data infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance, or developing your internal data marketplace, Talend Data Fabric can help.

Talend Trust Score™: Talend is the first and only company to combine data integration and data integrity in a single platform. Bring together people, data, and machine learning technology to easily access, monitor, and fix your data. The Talend Trust Score gives you at-a-glance visibility into the reliability of any dataset, so you can put healthy data at the center of business, move faster, and make better decisions. Talend gives you a complete picture of the health of data across your company, with clear intelligence on where your data came from and how it’s been used. Instantly assess whether data is reliable based on a unique combination of data quality, data popularity, and user-defined ratings — and, if not, diagnose and resolve the issues.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Christal Bemont is the Chief Executive Officer of Talend. She is a seasoned executive with a demonstrated track record in defining and leading sales and go-to-market strategies to significantly scale cloud businesses. Previously, she spent 15 years at SAP Concur, most recently leading its $2B business organization as Chief Revenue Officer. Prior to her CRO appointment, Christal was Senior Vice President and General Manager of SAP Concur’s Small, Midsized and Nationals (SMN) business unit. Early in her career, Christal served in a number of capacities focused on operational and technical roles at Motorola, Extensity, and Clarify.

“At Talend, our purpose is to change the way the world makes decisions. We take the work out of working with data and make data useful for all organizations.”