10 Best Digital Marketing Companies to Watch 2021

Tangent – Solving digital challenges through product design, engineering, and conversion rate optimization


Effective digital design in today’s day and age is much more than just producing a pretty website. It has to be more sophisticated than that. Effective service providers that offer digital design will not just know how to put a good website together, they will also take a holistic, integrated approach to the client’s organisation. They will get to grips with what the client is all about, as well as their goals, mission and branding messages, and manipulate these influences to best effect in all aspects of the digital design process. Effective digital design will enable the user to easily navigate across a website or find the information that they need as quickly and simply as possible, whilst giving out the appropriate messages.

Tangent is one such company that is more than just pixel pusher; it is more than just caring. It's doing everything you can to deliver something great, setting high standards for themselves and expecting the same from the people around Tangent. The scale and scope of any project can sometimes seem daunting, but the firm will guide you through it and meet any challenges head on, together. The firm looks after all types of optimization in one place, making sure that all technical and on-page ranking factors are considered, as well as optimizing content and landing pages.

Innovation driven services and solutions

Digital product design and engineering: The firm helps future focused companies transform their existing digital products or launch brand new ones. It works in partnership to deliver customer-centric solutions, push technology boundaries and deliver value at speed through agility. Tangent works on complex digital problems that are mission critical to the clients and their customers. It delivers multilingual responsive websites, apps, portals, e-commerce sites and conversational interfaces. If it's digital, it can design and build it. It works in collaborative teams and place users at the heart of their process. All its projects start by interviewing customers to understand their needs and reframing their problems in a human-centric way. The firm brainstorms and sketches multiple solutions before building prototypes and testing them with users. It uses the insight gained from testing to better understand the user's context and deliver design solutions that are quick, easy and enjoyable to use. The delivery method can either be 100 percent agile or it can help you define scope upfront if you prefer working to a fixed cost.

Conversion rate optimization: By better understanding your audience and what makes them tick, you'll be better placed to reduce UX friction and distractions to improve your customer experience-and your bottom line. A small amount of investment in CRO compounds over time, leading to a significant uplift in revenue or leads. By not driving incremental uplift, you're giving those conversions away to competitors. By combining UX expertise with data and statistics, the company helps its clients to drive incremental growth from the same audience without increasing ad spends. Any effective strategy starts with data, and that's why they have invested in a team of highly-skilled data analysts and scientists. Rather than relying on hunches, the team establishes benchmarks, identify key behaviors and create visualizations which form the basis of all CRO projects.

Consultancy and research: Tangent helps businesses of all shapes and sizes identify and address some of the biggest digital challenges they may be facing. From membership organizations to global blue-chip companies, they know there’s no magic bullet to fixing your digital strategy. With the right mix of tools, research, and experience, they will provide you with tangible solutions and an actionable roadmap. Working collaboratively with clients is a key to the success of any digital project. Getting the insider view, an understanding of the big issues your people and departments are looking to overcome, and sharing the insight they’ve gathered by being part of the day-to-day provides them with an invaluable starting point. Tangent conducts research with your team, asks them to walk them through their processes, and even provide a space for them to lie bare some of their deepest frustrations. When it comes to stakeholder management, the firm will filter out the politics and stay focused on the key objectives.

The ardent visionary behind the success of Tangent

Oli Green is the Managing Director of Tangent. He is responsible for setting company strategy and managing the leadership team. Mr. Oli works across Tangent’s entire client portfolio and has experience working with a range of client sectors including Technology, Media, FMCG, Telecoms and Retail. He was included in the British Interactive Media Association’s (BIMA) Top 100 List and is a regular commentator on UK digital media and marketing. At 28-years old, Mr. Oli is the youngest director of a UK-quoted company after joining the Board of AIM-listed social video group Brave Bison PLC in December 2018.

“We reimagine digital products from all angles and need innovative people with a can-do attitude to make them come to life.”