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The First Real-Time Rating Agency in the World Dedicated To Complex Financial Products TheMarketsTrust


“We believe our vision which focuses to make more transparent financial system will protect our investors, whether they are big or small.”

In the past decade, the investment industry and the huge technological environment have witnessed radical changes. The industry has to cope with a need for cost efficiency that no one has ever seen, an increased burden of regulatory rules, and the disruptive impact of new technologies.

Founded in 2014, TheMarketsTrust aims to bring state of the art technology to the investment industry by focusing on business and operational risks minimization and IT costs reduction. With the new technologies and proper tools at hand, the company is solving both regulatory and cost issues.

Bringing Back the Trust to the Market

Based in Luxembourg, TheMarketsTrust was set up to assess the credit risks of all types of corporate; from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises. TheMarketsTrust’s ratings are produced on a daily basis, which is a unique attribute of the company’s innovation. The ratings also include an index that reflects the sentiment or perception of the end users.

TheMarketsTrust-Index is extracted from all type of news as well as social media. All the methods of the company are nonintrusive and always rely only on publicly available data that are collected from more than 20,000 different sources.

Recognized by five major institutions as one of the most promising technologies, TheMarketsTrust was recently approached to integrate its technology on the Ethereum blockchain, via smart contract. Also, as a wonderful recognition from the Peers for contributing to worldwide Branding, TheMarketsTrust has recently bagged 2 awards - Regtech 100 and Regtech 50.

Today, based on custom software and open-source, TheMarketsTrust is one of the best companies specialized in high-tech and sophisticated solutions on risk-analysis.

Overcoming Barriers

There is no denying that the road to success has got numerous turns and bumps. Every new-born company has to overcome hurdles and challenges; hardship and struggle are the keys.

Just like every other newborn company, even for TheMarketsTrust, getting funding was a challenging task. Also, during the initial days, the company was using AI technology which was not reliable as today where most of the existing frameworks have improved radically.

The current requirement and challenge for TheMarketsTrust are to integrate its solution into a new lending platform for the small-cap market. Using the Ethereum blockchain and efficient risk assessment of the underlying contract, the new platform will boost the adoption of the distributed ledger technology with real social impact by allowing the financial inclusion of all corporate.

Being a new competitor in the industry, TheMarketsTrust doesn’t have a full customer support. The 4-years-old company is relying on an external provider and has made the choice to use the cloud and the managed services, as much as it can. By going to an external source of support, the company is now focusing more on its capabilities on the core business and development of the services.

The Company Culture

Earning the trust and respect of consumers across the world is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of the actions. From writing a single mail to the design of a good product, everything is equally critical and contributes to the trust of the company.

In every success story, the culture of feedback plays a crucial role, and TheMarketsTrust has implemented it. Every Friday, employees gather and express their concerns which help the company to maintain the perfect working environment inside the workplace.

Even though TheMarketsTrust is still a start-up, the company has implemented a corporate chart where each employee is able to accumulate some extra-time of up to three months and then participate on any social event for a period of 6 months.

Forging the Future Roadmap

TheMarketsTrust has made their services available worldwide by making it accessible via cloud APIs. Furthermore, the integration of the company’s offering within the blockchain has disrupted the current credit lending industry, which makes TheMarketsTrust more open to working with current industry by anticipating the major foreseen impacts.

TheMarketsTrust have developed a new scoring model for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For serving SME’s by providing them with a lending service, the new scoring model by TheMarketsTrust is going be integrated into a new credit marketplace.

This new platform is targeting 5 million entrepreneurs in the US and 5 million in Europe. The company believes that by Q3 of this year, the complete plan will be ready to have the MVS. Also, the company is looking for additional partners, and institutional investors to support the commercialization of the new platform.

Meet the Marvelous CEO

Evangelos Papadopoulos is the CEO of TheMarketsTrust. Evangelos started his career as a developer and has accumulated over 28 years of experience including 18 years in finance where he worked as IT architect, and project manager for Major Exchanges. He has managed projects up to a budget of €50M and virtual teams up to 250 people.

Evangelos has been passionate about science and technology. He began programming at an early age of 13 on Texas instrument calculator computers, computer assembly language programming, ZX-80, Commodore 64 and Atari. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering, a DES in Computer Science, a certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF Wilmot) and an Executive MBA (PLD14) from Harvard Business School.

Evangelos is married to Rusiko who is a Constitutional Lawyer and is the father of two daughters, Elizabeth and Stephanie. He loves music and is also learning to play the piano. Evangelos is devoting his free time to family life and has recently adopted two cocker spaniels.

“The customer is central to our approach and all development is customer-centric. Our products are carefully designed and customized for professionals who search state of the art solutions for their financial, regulatory and compliance concerns.”