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The future of facilities is here:BOS Technology helps you monitor your facility anytime, anywhere on any device


Traditionally, there is no compelling reason to connect a building’s automation systems to the internet. The lighting, HVAC, fire protection, and other systems will function on their own. The systems will read inputs directly and control the outputs to secure the building and keep it comfortable. Facilities are usually self-contained and their building automation systems allows the programs that work outside the facility to gather information and helps the controllers to have high-level goals. External programs will help you to make use of information for maintenance, data mining, optimization, planning, etc. IoT allows you to create new class of application that was previously considered impossible. The textbook definition of IoT refers the technology as an interconnection between the Internet of computing devices that are embedded in daily objects, this allows them to exchange data.

For many industries, value of IoT is in controlling and connecting what is not already connected and controlled. Contemporary practice includes buildings having a robust system of internal network that allows them to communicate to devices that perform useful functions. B.O.S technologies is a software company that specializes in building optimization with the use of the Internet of Things. They provide SaaS leveraging IoT devices to create commercial smart buildings. The company’s offerings gives you the control of your facilities management. BOS technology’s typical client owns or manages large facilities, large networks of facilities, or sophisticated facilities and experience rising cost of operations which B.O.S. addresses; for hospitals and healthcare there is an additional benefit as their solutions have applications on the clinical side helping reduce HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) that are both costly to the company and dangerous to patient.

John Lepak is the CEO of BOS technology. He spoke about the company in an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Usually optimization requires high computation power.  How do you meet the significant computation requirement? 

Often facilities have sophisticated equipment capturing data and that is already doing raw calculations but more usually this information is not being sent to the applicable party(s), it is kind of like a highway built to nowhere.  When this situation exists, we tie into this equipment, sensors, or BAS system to capture, parse, and repurpose the data, after which we disburse to the right people at the right time.   

Q. A real time platform could result in increased time expenditures without a correlating increase in productivity or value.  How can we overcome this hurdle?

Existing BAS systems are very complex resulting in fewer staff members adequately trained to use the system.  Our system is designed such that everyone from the facilities director to the janitorial staff can seamlessly navigate the interface.

Q. How flexible is your services for customization?


Partially.  We are working with HCA on some highly customized solutions and we are always looking to solve unique problems, but we are not the free Research and Development arm for other companies. 

Q. What are the important issues that can be addressed with your tools and solutions?

Right now we are in the middle of a Pandemic.  One of our solutions is uniquely positioned to allow Hospitals address COVID 19 capacity issues by creating new isolation rooms quickly and inexpensively; another benefit of proper environmental and differential pressure monitoring is that is keeps the hospitals safer for other patients and healthcare staff who are critical, particularly in this hysterical COVID 19 environment.  If we lose too many staff due to unsafe conditions our capacity is decreased and all the efforts to “flatten the curve” are lost. The same solutions used for the Pandemic dramatically aid in reducing HAI’s having fiscal and social benefits.  With considerations to the rest of our suite of solutions, Margins are thin for all businesses these days, with one of the only variables a firm has control over are its operating costs; we solve that.

Q. How do you deal with the never-ending change in digital transformation?

The rate in which the world and technology is changing is the reason companies like us exist.  Large legacy companies have a lot of talent and capital, but they are lethargic and expensive by nature.  B.O.S. is quick, innovative, and agile… we thrive in this kind of environment. 

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

The custom solution package with HCA for emergency and surgery rooms is very exciting.  This is fairly complex and addresses critical environmental conditions that must be met for safety of patients. We have begun to work with one of the largest steam systems manufacturer to augment their tech offerings. 

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

I think we are less than a year away launching a comprehensive solutions deployment with one or more of the largest Healthcare systems in the country.  We’ve also begun working with public school systems in the state of Florida which is a very exciting and large vertical for us.  In 5 years I believe our team will be enormous through organic growth or M&A acquisition event. 

“Predict failure on critical equipment before it occurs. Prioritize maintenance by knowing which equipment needs immediate attention.”