10 Fastest Growing Compliance Solution Providers 2019

The Leading Global Provider of High-Value Business Services: TMF Group


Aiding Clients Operating and Investing Globally

Scaling to a different region and providing the same solution as the one offered by the regional solution provider is tough. But TMF Group helps its clients who operate internationally and ‘belong’ wherever they are in the world. It does this by making sure they are properly set up to do business in any country and compliant with local and international regulations. Its work includes helping companies of all sizes with business services such as HR and payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, global governance and administration services for capital markets, private equity and real estate investments.

In today’s environment, increasing business complexity means that a one size approach doesn’t fit all - and the penalties for getting it wrong are getting heavier. Operating in over 83 jurisdictions TMF Group provides its 15,000 clients with on-the-ground compliance and administration services so they can venture further. The company keeps things running seamlessly, giving them the peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture.

The firm’s people localize the global world to help businesses succeed, which in turn helps communities to prosper. It firmly believes that the only way to be truly ‘global’ is to put local first, which is what its team of 7,000 in-country experts do for businesses of all sizes, every day.

TMF Group’s history

TMF Group was founded in the Netherlands in 1988. Over the next 20 years, it expanded rapidly across the world culminating in 2011 in its merger with Equity Trust, an established global leader in trust and fiduciary services.

Today TMF Group operates in more than 125 offices in over 83 countries and employs more than 7,000 qualified accountants, lawyers, corporate secretaries, HR, and other professionals.

Today, TMF Group’s distinct in-country delivery model leverages local market knowledge and enhances regulatory compliance.

Who are its clients?

TMF Group serves clients of all sizes who belong to various sectors; everyone from a small start-up to a large multi-national. It works with 60% of the Forbes 100 and the FTSE 100.

What makes the Company different?

  • Knowledge: Based in a country, its independent experts understand the local market and all its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Flexibility: TMF Group can offer an individual and tailored service that is scalable in line with business needs and is invoiced in whatever currency or location the client prefers.
  • Control: Through the company’s worldwide network of wholly-owned offices, it can offer global reporting and one single point of contact to businesses operating across multiple regions; leveraging technology to combine its local expertise with transparency and risk control.
  • Speed: The firm’s local presence allows businesses to take an agile approach and enter new markets more quickly than their competition.
  • Range: TMF Group is the only global organization to offer a complete suite of complementary business services.

The Special Factors

TMF Group’s global business services have been recognized in three separate assessment reports from The Everest Group. All underpinned by a global governance model that provides clients with increased transparency and greater control of their own operations

  • A ‘Leader’ and ‘Star Performer’ including the most number of active deals than any other provider(Everest Group’s Multi-Country PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018)
  • A ‘Major Contender’ and ‘Star Performer’ citing the group’s strength in end-to-end payroll processing(Everest Group’s Multi-Country PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2017)
  • A Major Contender in global finance and accounting outsourcing (Finance and Accounting Outsourcing PEAK Matrix Assessment 2016)
  • Widest Geographic Coverage and Strong Language Capabilities (Multi-Country Payroll Platform Assessment 2016)
  • A Leader’ in multi-country payroll (Nelson Hall’s NEAT Evaluation for Payroll Services 2016)
  • A Major Contender in global payroll outsourcing and the strongest provider in Latin America (Multi-Country Payroll Peak Matrix Assessment 2015)

Compliance and Quality

  • TMF Group is committed to its global accreditations and compliance programme, which includes:
  • ISO27001, the international standard of data security and information management
  • Business Continuity Measures (BCM)
  • SOC1-ISAE3402 for its HR and Payroll services, ensuring the company has the right controls to mitigate risks in its processes
  • Compliance with local rules and regulations
  • A robust risk management framework
  • Know your client and anti-money laundering processes and services

The Leading Man

Mark Weil, Chief Executive Officer:

Mark joined TMF Group in May 2018 as CEO. Mark has held leadership positions in two of the world’s most successful professional services firms, Marsh and Oliver Wyman. Mark has a strong client focus and a track record of innovation in the client proposition.

“TMF Group is the global expert in local business. With a network of offices across over 83 countries, TMF Group has the in-country expertise and knowledge to help businesses (of all sizes) expand and operate both within and beyond their home markets.”