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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2019

The One enterprise platform built for an agile analytics lifecycle: Datameer


Integrate. Transform. Explore. Operationalize.

Datameer is obsessed with making data the most valuable asset in any organization. It believes that when people have unconstrained access to explore massive amounts of data at the speed of thought, they can make data-driven decisions that can wholly impact the future of any business.

Founded in 2009 by Big Data veterans, Datameer is the trusted big data platform for data-driven companies like Citibank, RBC, Optum, Aetna, Anthem, National Instruments, Vivint and so many others. Unify fragmented data from across the enterprise into a single, trusted view. Understand and control how data connects together. Unlock ground truth insights in seconds, not days.

Platforms Offered by the Firm

Integration of Raw Data

There is no second-class data source because firms bring together structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. With more than 70 connectors to the most common enterprise data sources and an SDK and REST API, Datameer lets you load data from any source with ease. Getting started is simple since there are no schemas or advanced modelingrequired, simply follow a wizard-led integration process to get any raw data integrated fast. Select from any number of data sources, from low to high volume.

Datameer’s connectors and schema-less architecture enable users to access live data without requiring them to pre-load or create a copy of the data separate from the source data system. Upload files, import an entire dataset or use data links to pull data as frequently as you need it. The firm’s cloud-native infrastructure scales to your needs.

Transforming your raw data with no code

Enrich and curate any data using a spreadsheet-like interface. Datameer empowers data engineers, business analysts, data science and IT to work together to create secure, curated datasets from raw data to feed any analytics initiative. Transform, blend, and enrich raw big data with zero coding, zero cubes, and zero context changes.

Go faster with 270+ built-in functions because every data set is different. That’s why Datameer offers a library of over 270 functions to help you get data prep done, ranging from basics like de-duping and normalizing to sophisticated functions for extraction, text analytics, sessionization, and geo-location mapping. If you still want to code, you can use the firm’s SQL interface or write your own functions in Java.

Visually explore your data on-the-fly

Say goodbye to complex modeling, rigid multi-dimensional schemas, and difficult tools. Datameer’s visual interface is simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. Empower everyone to discover insights. Drill down and up. Drill across and back. Change any metric. Switch to any attribute. Filter on any value. Look at massive amounts of data from every angle with just a few clicks.

Get answers from all your data instantly because there is no need for predefined indexes. Datameer is known for its schema-less architecture, dynamic indexing, and rapid micro-scans that helps in loading data instantaneously. Analysts can slice data using any attribute and aggregate any value with immediate results.

Get answers from any volume of data

The company’s architecture keeps going where other SQL and OLAP engines give up. Get sub-second response times on millions or even billions of rows. No need for pre-compute and extra storage. Datameer scales efficiently to support a large volume of users.

Datameer delivers trusted datasets anywhere; feed any analytics initiative whether it’s further discovery, reporting, or machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence initiatives. Simply follow a wizard-led export process to deliver your data to existing BI tools, data warehouses or analytics solutions.

Build and operationalize “data pipelines”

No more ETL. Use its no-code interface to not just rapidly build analytic pipelines over the largest volumes of data. Automate incremental data imports from your databases. Automate the transformation of single data sets or a series of connected data sets. Ship the data to your data warehouse or BI and data science tools. Build hundreds of these “data pipelines” in an environment that gives IT the governance and oversight they need.

The Champ of the Company

Christian Rodatus, CEO:

As CEO of Datameer, Christian Rodatus has over 20 years of experience in big data and analytics. His international track record for building and scaling go-to-market organizations includes leading global field organizations for Teradata and working with some of the most sophisticated customers in strategic data management.

He also spearheaded the in-memory database revolution at SAP during the global market introduction of SAP HANA and led the analytics business through a process of rapid product innovation. Rodatus most recently served as executive vice president at Enlightened, the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings.

“We build the platform that powers the world’s most data-driven companies. We believe our entire future will be revolutionized by data. The real innovations will happen when we stop only asking the data ‘what happened’ and start asking it ‘what if?’”