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The strategic cyber threat intelligence: Nucleon empowers your cybersecurity tools and start blocking threats before they become breaches


We live in a technologically evolved and a developed world where individuals depend on the internet to carry out all kinds of financial and personal transactions. The internet has become so accessible that cyber criminals take advantage of people’s constant connectivity to steal valuable information. Hacking and data breaches will continue to rise if people fail to identify the need for cyber threat intelligence. Many organizations are in need of help to overcome their security hurdles. Cyber threat intelligence will help such organizations to build defense strategies and frameworks to reduce attack surface significantly. The ultimate goal is to mitigate risks and protect the network.

Cyber threat intelligence will give an organization a deeper understanding of what is happening outside their network, and Nucleon is one of the forerunners in this segment. The company focuses on providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds from Nucleon provides a constant feed of threats relevant to specific clients and reverse reconnaissance technologies that fit for enterprise networks and other sensitive networks that needs to be highly secured. Their is a simple, open-source version of simplified cybersecurity feeds for SMB and home users. blogs and podcasts are very popular due to the fact they bring current subjects of cybersecurity for non-technical people. - ICCIN is a network aimed at allowing governments to participate for free and receive alerts about cyber threats. Threat Predictor from Nucleon is an on-premise appliance that filters out bad traffic in real-time and makes sure the network is safe.

In conversation with Roy Heller, COO of Nucleon

Q. There are other significant players in this segment. How is your company comparatively a better service provider?

Nucleon technology reduces the organization's TCO (total cost of ownership) on cybersecurity by providing intelligence to other tools on the network. Security teams not only face an ever-expanding threat landscape, but they also contend with a variety of operational challenges related to collecting indicators, prioritizing, and blocking threats proactively. Nucleon takes a holistic approach to streamlining reliable enterprise-grade cyber intelligence feeds by using a unique approach in cybersecurity to provide enterprises with the most current threats. Nucleon is using the latest technologies for AI and ML. Nucleon developed its own data awareness algorithms, which is known as Brain. Nucleon's autonomous brain can process, analyze, and learn about threats with minimal human intervention. Nucleon's advanced technologies and innovation allow our MSP and MSSP partners to stay ahead of the competition and realize the full power of proactive security using cyber intelligence, embracing the Future of Work today.

Q. Between ever-changing network, application needs, and high demand for data security, many IT leaders don't know what they have—even when they think they do. How do you manage to resist/serve the needs of a highly volatile market, or how do you stay relevant to the market need?

Nucleon is built on innovative technology that gives organizations the ability to block cyber-attacks based on predicting where cyber-attacks are going to come from and block the threats before they try to breach the network. Using Nucleon technologies, organizations at all sizes can complement their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive. Nucleon can predict threats based on methodology and tools that were developed. Nucleon uses its wide network of a patented technology called polymorphic sensors, and the polymorphic sensors are collecting information about cyber-attacks around the world, 24x7. All the attack's data is being transferred to a secure cloud application that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and other methods to identify details of the attacks. For example, learning who was targeted, from where and how, and get to conclusions that are actionable for the end clients. In simple words, Nucleon can autonomously learn about cyber attackers and block them before they are targeting the clients, this is done using highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that replace almost completely the need for human (slow) intervention.

Q. What is the contribution of AI and machine learning to cybersecurity?

Harvest A.I Power Into Your Cyber Intelligence. The explosion of data makes it challenging to collect intelligence about cyber threats for specific targets. Nucleon's unique methodology includes developing cutting edge technologies that can work autonomously locating new threats that have never been seen before. By using Nucleon services, Organizations can now have their threat intelligence team with a fraction of the costs. Nucleon complements cybersecurity teams by providing them with trusted tools to handle cyber incidents and future threats. All the data that is being collected by the different sensors is transferred into the main system, also known as Brian. Brian is a sophisticated cloud that was developed by Nucleon, and employing advanced machine learning technologies are used for further in-depth analysis and verification of attacks and malware. All analyzed data collected autonomously by the polymorphic sensors are forwarded and saved to the brain, automatically and in real-time. The data is stored in multiple databases and cross-referenced in different ways using different algorithms, to search for possible hidden relations between attacks and actors. This is all done entirely autonomously, resulting in a list of live indicators of cyber threats.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Nucleon is happy to announce the availability of providing IPv6 intelligence for those advanced users who are already working on the next generations of the internet and are using IPv6. Nucleon is happy to announce the support of the IPv6 threats range.

Meet the Leader

Roy Heller, COO: Roy is responsible for all the sales operations spanning Asia, Europe, and the USA. He, along with his team, enables Nucleon to continue to be the trendsetter of the industry.

“Let Nucleon do the hard lifting for you. We collect, Analyze, Learn and distribute the relevant threats for you. Just like if your organization had additional dedicated threat intelligence team.”