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Time-Tested Solutions for Any Situation: ETI Software Solutions


Our philosophy remains the same. Smart Technology. Smarter People.

A global leader in communications technology and services for 25 years, ETI Software Solution's mission is to deliver the tools telecom providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently, helping reduce operating costs and ensuring optimal quality of service.

Today as broadband service providers seek to provide superior customer experiences, ETI has moved to the service assurance realm, introducing its Vision360 product line. The Vision360 suite offers a comprehensive yet modular, integrated solution that empowers CEOs to CSRs to proactively address subscriber-facing issues to operate more efficiently.

ETI launched its first product in 1993, and soon developed an extensive array of products for the control and management of broadband technologies. The development of ETI products mirrored the technological advances of the telecom industry, resulting in long-term customer relationships. Soon ETI was the established leader in automated provisioning, mediation, and activation software for video, voice, and data over a wide range of technologies, with expertise in IPTV integrations and FTTH networks.

With over 150 deployments throughout North America, ETI was positioned for even more growth and in 2014 acquired Netmania, the preeminent developer of ACS TR-069 device management technology. Netmania was involved with one of the first providers in the world to adopt the TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol and continues to manage millions of devices across the globe as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The merger gives ETI a technological edge in device management and created a world-wide presence, strengthening ETI’s customer base in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Deep dive into the solutions offered

Customer Churn

Based on recent Gartner survey data, customer experience has become a high-priority, CEO-level area of focus. Improving customer experience is at or near the top of the list of KPI’s for both private- and public-sector enterprises across all industries. In this business, consumers call the shots. And after all the time and money you spend acquiring new customers, how do you keep them from leaving? How do you reduce your churn rate?

The key is to empower your customer service representatives to access work-force management, outage management, installation and trouble ticket information from one main platform, easily arming your front line problem-solvers with vital information.

Consumers come to you because of product and price, but they stick around based on their interactions – their journey - with your company. At every touch point there is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty or to negatively impact your churn rate. ETI’s Vision360 ensures that your front-line personnel drive greater efficiencies, help assure the quality of service and enhance the customer journey. Are you confident that your CSR’s have the tools and real-time data to help your customer? With Vision360, your team can easily and quickly handle most customer-affecting issues, including:

Monetization Strategies

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of network operations and technology challenges and lose sight of the ultimate goal of a service provider: to make money. Monetization is more than a ubiquitous catch-phrase – it’s a vital part of remaining competitive. And ETI is the intrinsic part of any monetization strategy.

You have invested in infrastructure and now you want results. Your most valuable asset is your network but how can you optimize it to enhance your bottom line?

The company’s Vision360 suite provides solutions for telecom and cable companies that are looking to create new revenue streams using their existing assets. Its solutions provide the technical foundation to add new services like VoIP and IPTV, analyze data to uncover upsell opportunities, provide intelligence for smarter decisions and improve overall efficiency.

Technology Chaos

You have multiple systems that do not talk to each other after years of adding new technologies and services. Manual provisioning combined with human error leaves customers frustrated and you losing days of billable service.With each new technology and vendor that gets plugged into network comes another set of exceptional processes that need to be handled. If left unchecked, all these one-offs can lead to anarchy with the technology driving and shaping the business … rather than the business driving the configuration and management of the technology. Vision360 puts your business in control and keeps it there.

How? By analyzing needs and then simplifying processes by eliminating duplicate workflows and automating them to ensure accuracy and faster turn-up. Because Vision360 is pre-integrated to over 70 different voice, video and data technologies, it can take disparate systems and pull them together into a cohesive and effective platform.


Platform Migration

The digital revolution is in full swing and service providers are grappling with the many different facets that affect an upgrade. Whether it’s the complexities of BSS/OSS integrations into hybrid networks or deploying new services without harming the customer experience, a move to digital can be risky and time-consuming.

Customers are hungry for faster, more powerful bandwidth across multiple connected devices - even cities are becoming smarter. You need to keep up with demand, utilize new technologies and upgrade to all IP services to remind competitive.

Of paramount importance is the need to minimize service downtime and to ensure that, when brought back online, end-user services are equal or better than before. The more mistakes that are made and the longer the downtime, the more likely it is that a customer will shop your competitors for an alternative. Don’t give them a reason to churn!

Network Expansion

Consumers have a big appetite for data services. And as that demand increases, so do the demands placed on your network. Growing your network to add new services or to increase bandwidth and keep up with the competition requires time and money. Each stage of a fiber build is fraught with challenges. Whether you are a greenfield, operational or mature network, there are inherent issues with fiber management and expansion, activation and billing, work orders, service delivery, and customer satisfaction.

ETI has solutions that can improve your go-to-market time, control costs and track, plan and analyze expansion alternatives.

ETI has built an extensive collection of pre-integrated interfaces for every technology, from HFC to DSL to FTTx, IPTV, and softswitch. This means that there is no custom, one-off work; your network additions can be easily implemented and turned up quickly, without disrupting daily operations.

It also offers network management tools that can predict growth areas, estimate costs and calculate capacity – making network growth a science instead of the best guess.

Company Merger

There were more than 2 dozen mergers and acquisitions in 2017, affecting service providers in all tiers and industries. From a technology standpoint, a merger at the least represents uncertainty but most often results in vast changes to network operations and technology.

Knowing how to harness your data to make actionable decisions is what will set you apart from the competition and positively affect your sales and marketing efforts, your operations and your bottom line. But a merger, while challenging, gives operators a golden opportunity to eliminate silos, phase out legacy systems and streamline processes.

How? It's simple. The less complicated the network, the easier it is to manage. Vision360 allows you to consolidate the management and control over multiple, disparate network elements and CPE with a unified frontend that hides all the gory technical details from your CSRs. This is easy to step to take and will have an immediate payback in terms of easing operational complexity.

The man behind the plan

Pete Pifer, Chairman and Interim CEO of ETI Software Solutions, founded the company in 1992 with the mission of providing world-class operational support software and unparalleled customer service to empower telecom providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch, sell, bill and provision voice, video and data services. Pifer’s vast experience in this arena has made him an industry visionary. Before founding ETI, he was President and Chairman of EASICOM, Inc., a developer of software for automated rating and call processing. He was President of the Microwave Associates Communications division of M/ACom, Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts. This division’s products were microwave and satellite equipment for television transmission. His principal customers were cable TV companies and broadcasters. Pifer was a member of M/ACom’s merger and acquisition team, where he helped the company grow from $50 million to $450 million in three years. Prior to M/ACom, Pifer was an executive with Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., a Cisco company engaged in providing telecom systems for industry and defense. From 1972 to 1977, he was Division Manager, Satellite Communications, and was responsible for developing and marketing satellite equipment for data, voice and television transmission. Pifer is a graduate of Ohio State University and Harvard University Business School. He is active with FTTH Council, NTCA, SCTE, APPA, and other industry trade associations.

"People" is the first word in our business philosophy ... and the last. Our business - any business - is people.