August Monthly Special 2023

Top 5 Product Engineering & Innovation Leaders to Watch 2023

Company Management Description
James Grimes,
GID is a leading and top product development company in California, USA. We provide extensive and satisfactory product design and development services that includes our well-planned product prototype development.
James Chisholm,
Co-founder & Partner
ExperiencePoint is a world leading innovation capability-building company. The company's mission is to help people become better innovators so they can create self-sufficient organizations that adapt, thrive and shape what’s next.
Shivaprakash Nagaraj,
AVP of Engineering
Digit7 is a Texas based innovation company that builds advanced innovative digital products that holds 25+ patents, helping retailers reimagine the customer experience. The primary focus of Digit7 is to accelerate innovation simplifying retail experience, enhancing operational efficiencies, and maximizing the return on investment.
Azilen Technologies
Naresh Prajapati,
Azilen Technologies is a Product Engineering company. We pioneer in Engineering Excellence to build NextGen digital products. Our PRO engineering services are driven by agile methodologies induced within product lifecycle to catalyze the change and adapt to market innovations.
SPAN Digital
Chris Lyon,
SPAN is a technical strategy and software engineering firm. We conceptualize, develop, and deploy successful SaaS solutions. We synthesize insights from widespread market challenges into powerful software product offerings.