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An award-winning full-service digital marketing agency for attorneys: Trighton Interactive


Today, law firms have more options than ever for marketing their business. Traditional forms of marketing, such as advertising through magazine, newspaper, radio, and TV, may seem ideal; however, digital marketing has proven to be much more effective. According to a study by MDG Advertising, 70 percent of consumers prefer to learn about products and services through content as opposed to traditional advertising methods. As the internet has become a go-to for individuals in search of legal services, law firms must adapt to these changes and enhance their online presence. Digital marketing for law firms can be an effective way to reach a larger audience, engage directly with clients and prospects and create brand awareness. Law firms of all sizes can benefit from marketing their business online and creating a social media presence. Trighton is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida, providing first-class internet marketing services to clients across the country. At Trighton, they leverage their internet marketing expertise, based on more than 20 years of successful SEO experience and results from partnering with businesses, to improve your website’s visibility and thereby increase your leads, business, and revenue. Get started today with a free website SEO analysis and recommendations for improving your website’s performance.

Get your firm to the top

Trighton specializes in SEO for successful law firms. The team of internet marketing experts makes sure clients achieve top rankings in Google for the most competitive keywords in the most competitive locales. With Trighton’s powerful SEO strategies, your firm will out-rank competitors in search, gain credibility, and increase profitability. Trighton optimizes your site’s architecture, implement hyper-local targeted keywords and phrases, create relevant, high-quality content, use social media and review sites to enhance visibility and credibility, develop a dominant presence in local search, and build powerful links to your site. Then the experts use advanced analytics to continually improve performance, attract new high-value clients, and give you the sustainable growth you want.

Successful attorneys across the U.S. trust their law firm website design and internet marketing to Trighton’s team of experts because of its experience and expertise. Trighton’s award-winning, custom-designed websites rank at the top of Google, generate high-quality leads, and result in increased revenue for your firm. With a high-performance responsive website from Trighton, you can get ahead of the competition and stay there. If your website is outdated, difficult to use, or unappealing, prospective clients will quickly leave and find your competitors. If your site engages them with a sophisticated design, excellent functionality, and consistent messaging about your firm’s expertise, they are more likely to stay on the site and contact you. Of course, even the most exceptional website is only useful if people can find it when they need it. That’s why Trighton integrates comprehensive, advanced SEO into every website they design. Trighton’s clients’ websites rank high in Google, engage prospective clients and generate high-quality leads.

A story to be told

Trighton’s experience of partnering with attorneys to improve their web presence and marketing ROI has shown that relying on one or two tactics does not produce the long-term, sustainable growth you want. Trighton’s proven goal-oriented process of integrating a high-performance website with advanced SEO and a winning combination of digital marketing strategies will ensure you achieve not only high rankings in Google and more high-value clients, but will ultimately, allow you to take charge of your firm’s marketing and plan for sustained success. Creating and distributing fresh content relevant to your law practice is the gold standard for attaining high rankings in Google. With high-impact content from Trighton, your firm will gain enviable authority online, attract and engage prospective clients, and sustain profitable growth. Join the leading attorneys across the U.S. who trust Trighton’s team of experts to create and distribute winning digital content for their firms.

If your website is languishing in Google while your firm’s growth stagnates, it’s time to upgrade your content. Most attorneys want to publish new content and update their websites but are far too busy helping clients and managing their businesses to do so on a regular basis.

Meet the leader behind the success of Trighton Interactive

Jody Resnick, Founder and CEO of Trighton Interactive, has been helping companies build their business online since 1999. His experience on both the “client side” and “agency side” of digital marketing brings a well-rounded, innovative perspective to Trighton’s strategic planning process. His collaborative relationships with clients, coupled with his understanding of their goals and the strategies needed to reach them, gives clients a huge competitive edge. Passionate about technology and marketing since his childhood days of “selling” his parents on the idea of an Atari game system to keep him from getting bored, Jody has developed expertise in digital marketing and business development through education, experience, and professional development.

“We love beautiful websites with great functionality, but if site visitors don’t convert into clients for your firm, then we’re not satisfied.”