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A trailblazer in the blockchain segment with path breaking solutions and services Vietnam Blockchain Corporation


For businesses around the world, it must be quite clear now that the blockchain will revolutionize the processes and operations for various segments and government agencies. One of the main hurdles in blockchain adoption is that it requires time and effort. Moreover, people need to acquire to new skills to make the most out of the blockchain adoption. Blockchain is faster and more secure than the rest because the records from it cannot be stolen or changed. Blockchain is now being used beyond cryptocurrency, and it is expected to continue to create jobs for people.

Blockchain will have a wide range of applications, and Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is a firm that is dedicated to building blockchain-based solutions. The company is already providing its blockchain solutions and services in many fields, such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply chain, E-commerce, Sharing Economy, Agriculture, Fintech, Public Services, and Smart City. Some of their notable projects include Blockchain-based traceability for exporting mango to the USA, Smart Ballot in TECHFEST 2018, Donation tracking on Blockchain platform, Blockchain-based credit valuation solution, and Blockchain solution to address worker right challenges, and Study on the Innovations and Challenges in the Digital Traceability towards Safe, Fair and Sustainable Food Supply Chains in Asia.

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation was founded in 2016, and it is based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

In conversation with Do Van Long, CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Q. What is the current perception on blockchain technology? How do you ensure trust between people from all over the globe who do not know or trust each other?

It used to be hard for people to trust Blockchain technology at the very beginning; however, after tons of projects and benefits for the society, the current perception of blockchain technology seems to be higher and more positive. According to many reports, users who are considered as suppliers, providers, consumers, or stakeholders, investors and so on mainly agree that applying blockchain technology into their companies or organizations is a great idea to develop. It is undeniable that the suspicion always exists among people, especially when cooperating with each other. Understanding this, we usually use blockchain technology's key advantages to ensure the trust between our customers. The basic advantages of Blockchain technology are decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency.

Q. How do you manage to make adoption/implementation of blockchain easy as different countries and regions around the world have their own government regulations and own collective objectives?

Designed to suit a few specific localities: Choosing adequate and suitable "fit-for-purpose" traceability information is challenging. Finding the balance and similarity between many regulations and collective objectives in different countries is not easy, but it works in this situation. We try to build projects that can be widely applied and suitable for many areas, such as blockchain-based digital traceability for agriculture products on food safety and supply chain. To be more specific, we chose to build the architecture structure basement based on very common rules and then deploy, scale, and upgrade the projects to be more applicable.

Q. Whenever a groundbreaking technology emerges, the developer community needs time and resources to accommodate the new demand. Do you have the required blockchain dream team?

Yes, we do. We realize that despite the growing interest in adopting this technology, the current state of implementation of blockchain technology solutions is still very new in Vietnam. The country still needs a large adoption of blockchain in various industries and human resource training to develop solutions based on this technology continuously. Figure out this soon; we started to cooperate with many qualified universities and institutions in Vietnam, to realize and support many potential individuals, including professors and subject experts. Additionally, we also run the Blockchain and IoT Research Labs at University to be more proactive in this issue.

Q. Blockchains are very helpful, however, this technology can be detrimental to your business because of its own specific set of security issues. How do you manage to protect the clients’ interests and tons of data collected?

VBC has been researching and applying plenty of cryptography algorithms to ensure the privacy of users' identity and their data. We also proposed a new efficient E2EE to structure and store private information. This method helps us protect our users' privacy but still aligns with Blockchain technology's key characteristic - transparency.

Q. How do you market your services?

The most important key is ensuring our quality performance to all customers, competing Based on our Value, Not Price. Being recognized as a Trustworthy Company with national and international Certifications and Awards is also an effective way to approach the market, we believe that the news about us will be a big plus point in users’ views. As with other brands, we also use online marketing strategies and run various programs and campaigns to keep in touch with our customers. Finally, we also prefer to have a more frequent appearance by giving the solutions based on our blockchain technology to support society, not only market our services but also turn our mission come true: “powering Vietnam as a blockchain country.”

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Besides current services and projects, we also have a plan for many new ones, as an example: Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC) is studying the application of Blockchain to record the health check results of Covid-19, a project called "SARS-COV-2 TEST Certificate" (Shortname: "COVID Check"), which allow users who have undergone a test to record the results transparently and publicly on VBC Blockchain system for the evidence of virus checked safety for working back from Social Distancing activities. A blockchain certificate is also one of our new services to provide the true online learner proofing from this COVID time.

Meet the leader behind the success of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Do Van Long - CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC), has 19 years of experience in executive management roles, C-level and Chief Technology Officer for E-commerce, Travel, Hospitality, and Finance. He specializes in creating innovative enterprise solutions related to ERP, CRM, SCM, Financial solutions, Business Intelligence, and now Blockchain Services & Business Strategy development for Agriculture, Logistics, Supply Chain, Fintech & Smart City. To realize VBC’s vision on making Vietnam become a Blockchain Country & Expert Hub, he has worked mainly on blockchain business strategy development in Region, researched on digital transformation trending, expanded blockchain technology knowledge to the community, and connected VBC to most of the business partners and Universities/Institutes along with Vietnam for blockchain education. He also has created blockchain lab projects for feasibility studies, then increased their productivity to the market. As a result, VBC proudly to be known as one of the leading Blockchain Corporations in Vietnam and Region, also build “very first” blockchain products for both economy & society around the world.

“We aim to power Vietnam in becoming a Blockchain Country & Expert Hub.”