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vCom Solutions, Inc. – Providing revolutionary IT Spend and Lifecycle Management services


Not so long ago, the idea of budgeting and planning around technology expenses was not as important as today; the costs were a lot simpler and did not involve monthly fees, pay-per-use, or multiple tiers of charges. Today, tracking technology expenses has quickly become necessary to invest in new initiatives and keep operational costs. However, while we don't have to look so far back to retrace the TEM beginnings, it's an ever-evolving field. Telecom and mobility were the first communication technology types that needed tracking because of its cost structure and its widespread use across businesses. The tech industry is continuously changing, and technology expense management is transforming with it, which means that the market regularly has to adapt to innovations and modernization.

vCom Solutions, Inc. is one such company that centralizes and streamlines administration throughout the IT lifecycle, including management of procurement, inventory, usage, tickets, and invoices. Cloud-based services are available on any device.​ vCom Solutions is a Telecom Expense Management Firm that helps multi-site companies reduce and manage their communication costs. In 2005, vCom Solutions was ranked as the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. IT teams use vCom to simplify planning, procurement, operations, and expense management throughout the technology lifecycle. Save money, save time, and gain insight into any network, mobile, cloud, collaboration, hardware, or SaaS technology.


With cloud-based vManager software, you get a consolidated view of your communications to spend across all your inventory and carriers. Access vManager securely from your desktop or mobile device, and get ready to make smarter decisions about your communications environment. vManager's interactive graphs and charts show your monthly spend analysis and trends across your enterprise, including spending by type, location, and carrier. Quickly see your usage analysis to ensure that you're maximizing your communications investment. Create custom reports for further visibility into your spend and inventory. vCom's professional services team will meet with your IT leadership team to better understand your business drivers, IT priorities on an annual and quarterly basis.  It ensures a proactive approach to discussing and evaluating technology trends to help you achieve your business goals and position IT as a business driver.

Technology Architecture Design: vCom's team will collaborate with your IT team to put together a blueprint of your current technology architecture. Based on your business goals and strategies, the firm helps to design a new architecture that enables achieving those goals. Leveraging vManager's ROI Calculator, its team of technology solutions executives will evaluate new technologies' benefits to ensure a sound investment strategy.

Vendor Score Card: The company's customers gain access to Vendor Scorecard that compares provider performance in Sales and Sales Support, Sales Engineering, Implementation, Technical Support, Billing, and Dispute Management. When leveraging the built-in RFP process, the Vendor Scorecard is normalized to enable comparison of different providers, to enable you to make the best decision for your business.

RFP Management: By leveraging vCom for managing any solution design, customers gain access to a formal RFP process that enables them to benchmark, compare, and thoroughly analyze a solution before selecting a finalist. This process that typically costs tens of thousands of dollars is included as part of its managed services and allows organizations to leverage vCom's expert resources to do the heavy lifting. vCom will work with your IT team to identify the most relevant factors to your business and the weight of those factors to evaluate service providers and compare them comprehensively. This normalization process helps with the effective comparison of different proposed solutions to help narrow down the best provider possible.

The pre-eminent leader behind the legacy of vCom Solutions, Inc.

Gary Storm is the President, Founder, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of vCom Solutions, Inc. Mr. Storm has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 15 years. Before founding vCom Solutions in 2001, he was the former President and CEO of Networld Communications. Mr. Gary was instrumental in shaping Networld into one of the leading next-generation voice and data equipment providers. Under his leadership, Networld made the Inc. 500 list the 62nd fastest-growing private company in America. He successfully led Networld's second round of funding that enabled Networld to introduce its Hosted IP Telephony service, which was later spun off into a separate company, CallTower. Prior to Networld Communications, he held sales positions with Nortel Networks and Williams Communications.

Mr. Gary is on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Northern California and also The First Tee of the Tri-Valley. He is also on the Board for COMPTEL. Mr. Storm received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley.

"Our managed services provide end-to-end IT lifecycle management for greater productivity in every area of your technology spend."